List #79 December 9, 2002


With Analyze That in theatres this weekend, here is a list of Robert DeNiro’s best comedic turns.

4. Wag the Dog- Understated, but perfect. Great movie and a really solid turn by Bobby.

3. Analyze This- DeNiro’s long history of playing very scary mob guys made this character real, scary and funny as hell.

2. Meet the Parents- Playing it semi-straight opposite Ben Stiller, DeNiro is just believable enough to give us perhaps the funniest movie of his career.

1. Midnight Run- I take it back, Midnight Run is not only his best comedic performance, but also the funniest movie of Bobby’s career. He and Charles Grodin couldn’t have been more perfect.

No points for Analyze That or Showtime which were both disappointments. Also no points for movies that were so scary that we laughed nervously (Cape Fear, Good Fellas) or for performances that weren’t supposed to be funny like “The Fan.”

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