Ironhead 3, Tyler’s First For Mercenary, Ready To Storm Store Shelves


Rog Says: If any woman can direct a blowjob series, it would be Tina Tyler. She always gave some of the best on-screen head in the biz.


CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Featuring over 10 female performers and the debut project of Mercenary Pictures director Tina Tyler, the third installment to the IronHead series blows, and sucks.

Which, in the case for the all-oral title released on April 8, is a good thing. Katja Kassin, Sativa Rose, Avy Lee Roth, Mya Lovely, Jackie Diaz, Jamie Sweet, Gia Jordan, Eve Lawrence, Lori Alexia, Eva Angelina, Nicki Hunter and Jackie Moore appear in IronHead 3’s excellent all-oral scenes, Tyler, a noted adult director, said.

“IronHead 3 marks the first time I’ve, not only directed, but shot my own product,” Tyler added. “This really was all me, from taking the still pictures you see on the boxcover, to giving the talent towels and wipes to clean up with after the scene. I really was a one-person crew and it was such a great feeling, creatively. The scary part was that it all rested on me. I get all the accolades if it’s good, but also take all the blame if it’s not. As for the outcome, all I can say is that I surpassed my hopes for the movie, but I’ll let the consumer judge for themselves.”

Lexington Steele, owner of Mercenary Pictures, said IronHead 3 is the intense, high-quality b.j. title that he no doubts Tyler could create.

“I’m very pleased with the direction Tina’s taken with IronHead 3 and where she plans on taking the IronHead series,” he said. “Her experience in this industry shines in this title, as I’m sure it will in her future Mercenary productions. I’m sure the consumers and fans will take notice of her efforts and recognize her talent.”

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Mercenary Pictures is one of the premier producers of gonzo, interracial and ethnic adult entertainment and is the only place to find titles directed by and starring the company’s owner, AVN and Venus award-winner Lexington Steele.

What’s your history in the adult industry?

I started as talent in 1992 and have enjoyed a more than a decade in front of the camera. My career has crossed genres from high end features to gonzo, to interracial, to fetish, to bisexual and transsexual.

When did you decide to take up directing?

In 1998, I got the bug. At that time, it was a lot more difficult for a woman to get a directing deal, so I decided to create my own product and finance it myself. It was a huge risk, as I really could only afford to do one title and I had no distribution deal. The latter problem was solved with a meeting at OGV with Bob East, one of the most genuine and honorable men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He gave me a deal and I made my first movie, Tina Tyler’s Favorites, Blow Jobs. I had my then husband and his best friend shoot it (on high 8, no less), a mainstream photographer did the lighting and the stills and I did the casting, locations, craft service, wardrobe, sitting behind the monitor, getting the press out to the set, performing (in the final scene) and check signing. Thankfully, it was well received and I went on to make two more titles in the series.

Seeing as how there’s not too many women directors, how do the female
performers who work for you take to you?

Female directors are lucky. The women I’ve been fortunate enough to have shot all seem to want to bring their A game to the table when they know they’re working for another woman. I’m not sure why that is, but my speculation is that female directors have a more non threatening way of comuincating to female talent.

Do male performers treat you differently than how you’d seen them treat
male directors?

Absolutely! I’ve never seen male talent ask to see Antonio Passolini’s tits.

What’s your approach to shooting a blowjob that a guy wouldn’t take,
and what do you see in the scene that a guy wouldn’t see?

For me the act of fellatio is power… female sexual power, control and seduction. For a guy the turn on is different. Whereas I’m looking to explore each woman’s individual style and vibe, a male director may have one particular style he’s looking for (the one that turns him on most). There’s going to be more variety in my product.

About how many blowjob scenes do you shoot in a week?

I shoot 10 to 15 a month, that breaks down to… ummm… errr… you said there’d be no math!

How do you keep it so that it doesn’t get repetitive for you?

Again each new woman infront of my lens is new experience waiting to happen. For me the joy is giving her an environment where she feels her sexiest and capturing it as it comes out of her.

How’s your experience been directing for Mercenary?

Hands down the best company I ever been associated with! I couldn’t ask for a better situation. Lex has an incredible head for business and I’m learning so much from him. It wonderful to know that your ideas are welcomed with enthusiasm. It was certainly different for me shooting my own camera. That was probably the most daunting thing about it for me, but also one of the most exciting. I look forward to many more years with Mercenary.

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