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I don’t want to drag out the whole “Lori/Felecia” thing, but a few of you were kind enough to share your thoughts, so I’ll post those now. Still no word from “Lori” since that first brilliant volley.

E Writes “Rog, I think Lori dosen’t like you. Let me just say this, she sounds very fat. You can’t please them all Rog.”

Rog Replies- I don’t know if she’s fat. In fact, I wonder if “she” is a she at all. I know I can’t please them all, but at least I know I have a devoted fan in Lori.

L Writes “I just plain wouldn’t. But you may be lending her more credence than she’s worth by posting such an involved stream of crap.”

Rog Replies- I know, but if I just ignore it think of the fun we miss. Besides, Lori took the time to write and cares SOOO much about my well being. I felt she needed a fitting response.

MC Writes- “…after reading your response to nutjob e-mail stalker Lori (who I’d guess
is Felicia herself) I got to thinking — your blunt honesty in your reviews
probably nets you plenty of choice comments from those who disagree with
you. As I learned years ago working in retail, you always hear from the
unhappy people but the ones who like what you do rarely say a thing. So
rather than being a freeloader who just reads your stuff and doesn’t say
anything, I want to take the time to say good job and thanks.As for Lori, your response was dead-on. Once someone tells her what a
dictionary is and helps her look up a few of the bigger words that she
doesn’t understand, her head will probably explode in a fog of confusion
anyway. The rest of us will enjoy your comments, but sarcasm is probably too
much for Lori to grasp (with her limited interpersonal skills and all).”

Rog Replies- Thanks for the support. Yes, the honesty thing gets me in trouble, but most people understand. Skeeter and I have mended fences, I’ve become rather friendly with Thomas Zupko and even Alexa wants to interview with me now. That just leaves Max Hardcore and some Felecia supporters who really have a problem with me.

I think we can wait now to see if “Lori” writes back. Thanks for the great input everyone.

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