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I just wanted to dive into the mailbag a little bit this weekend. Please feel free to comment on these, ask questions, suggest topics or whatever else you like.

R Writes: Hi Rog,

I read your reviews regularly, and own a fair number of ‘high-rated’ DVDs. I just wanted to say that I concur with you 100% that many of today’s flicks are far too long. No matter how well done, there reaches a point when one says, “Is this ever going to end — enough already!” So, you are absolutely correct. I prefer a good, well-shot scene with hot sex that lasts, say, 20 minutes to one that drags on for roughly one hour. At that point, no matter how good it is, I find myself frequently feeling bored overall, and have lost my enthusiasm. Keep up the good work/commentaries/reviews.

PS: Audrey Hollander is about as hot and nasty as they get…somewhat overlooked, it seems, but man is she a fantasy or what?

Rog Replies:
Thanks for writing R. I am happy to know that my issues with the longer cuts haven’t found me totally alone. There have been a few of these 45-minute scenes that manage to keep up the intensity, but most of them can’t quite make it. It isn’t anyone’s fault really. It is just really difficult for performers to keep up that kind of intensity and have it last on screen. As I like to say, if Jules Jordan can’t pull it off, the likelihood of a less skilled director doing it is minimal at best. As for Audrey, I agree. She is one of the hottest girls working right now. Her scenes are always excellent and there is something about her that just fucking turns me on. Sadly I have been told that due to a close association with a certain production company, Audrey isn’t really happy with me or the site and won’t agree to an interview. Oh well. In this case I honestly say that it is my loss. Thanks so much for reading the site and for writing.

Kel Writes: Hey
what do your ratings mean ???
I searched your entire site , could not
find anything that indicated what
A , B , 9 8 7 or any of the other ratings
mean. is A good or bad , is 9 better than A ?
Having noway to gauge what A , B or 9 means
makes the ratings useless.
Could you please add a legend of some kind
that defines and gives the ratings some meaning.

Rog Replies: Thanks for writing. I get the question every once in a while and really should add it to the FAQ page I guess. There are two different rating scales that I use. For VHS tapes, the movies are rated on a 1-10 scale with 10 being best. (And +/- to indicate half-steps.) A 10 would be perfect on that scale. (Though I think I’ve given a few 10+ scores.) The DVDs are rated on an A-F scale with A being best. (Again, +/- indicate half steps.) The DVDs are also rated on a number of different aspects. Overall rating, female/male performer appearance, picture quality, DVD extras, plot/acting and sex. So if we have to compare, then an A for a DVD would be in the 8+-10 range on a DVD and so on. I hope that helps clear things up. If not, please write again and I will try to clarify things more.

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