Response To Robby D Interview: Jules Jordan Writes….


Some of you may have read my Interview with Robby D from Vegas this year. In it, he asks some questions about what gonzo directors “really direct.” In response to that, Jules Jordan (who was personally named in the interview) had this to say.

Jules Jordan Writes:

Rog, allow me to answer robby d’s question of “What does he (Jules
Jordan) direct?”. Obviously robby is stating that gonzo directors are not true directors, but uses michael raven and nick andrews as examples of “real” directors, while I respect their works, I must say that most gonzo directors do as much directing as feature directors, possibly more than some. Robby shoots gonzo, perhaps he is not a true “director” or does he shoot features? hmmm….

Let me state that I am a true director, I in fact select/book the talent used in my productions, select/book the locations, supply and pick the wardrobe/toys, I direct my camera angles, assemble lighting, shoot my own camera, instruct performers with what to do/say/react etc. come up with the concept (directing?), shoot stills, edit the final product, screen the final product.

Sorry I am not a “director” of some fake ass dialog or bullshit pyrotechnics, if thats what you consider directing, take your show on the other side of the hill. If you think directing is making a black dildo talk and dance around, I got news for ya!, btw, if your gonna do that, why dont you at least employ some black performers?,
otherwise you might be considered racist. Robby also goes on to
criticize other production companys for copying his works, robby, look at your teen america series, give me a break, are you raiding my closet and toy chest?

I would say in the truest sense I am as much a director as anyone, true maybe robby d has gone to film school to learn how to direct, but there is no school for porn directors to learn how to be real perverts.


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