Heat On Demand: A New Video On Demand Service

DEEP STAR Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


For More Information, Contact: April Storm at 818-717-5355 april.storm@deepstarmail.org

03/03/05 ” LOS ANGELES: The heads of two of today’s most successful adult studios have announced the formation of a new broadcasting entity, DEEP STAR Broadcasting Systems, Inc. DEEP STAR’S first offering will be a new VOD service branded, HEAT On Demand.

The principals of DEEP STAR are John Chambliss, CEO of Simon Wolf Productions and Richard Arnold, CEO of Pure Play Media.

Chambliss will direct the programming operations for HEAT on demand and serves as President of DEEP STAR. No stranger to the competition, John directed all of the VOD and satellite programming for CSB (NOOF) for five years. He also worked directly with Jim Kohls (former President of Hustler) to redirect the initial casting approach of BARELY LEGAL to focus entirely on new young girls, and a number of his big Simon Wolf features have premiered on Playboy Television.

Arnold, who also heads Canadian-based Software Entertainment LTD, an organization focusing on the licensing of broadcast rights, was President of Private North America, a subsidiary of Private Media Group which is a publicly traded corporation (NASDAQ-PRVT), where he established Private’s North American based operations. Richard will direct the business operation of HEAT on demand, and serve as Chief Executive Officer for DEEP STAR.

Bill Furrelle heads the affiliate sales program for HEAT On Demand. Having previously served six years as Vice President in charge of sales for Playboy, where he developed the company’s extensive Video On Demand strategy and deployment, Bill now serves as Senior Vice President of Affiliate Sales for DEEP STAR.

Michael Ninn, CEO of Ninn Worx and considered to be the most creative director in the world, having won more AVN (Adult Industry) awards than any other film-maker in history, has developed the unique and stylized “look” of HEAT on demand and serves as Creative Director for DEEP STAR.

HEAT on demand will offer a number of distinctive features, designed to make the platform truly unique among current VOD offerings, including: (1) all of its titles will be offered in both Spanish and English; (2) every performer I.D. in every program it delivers is actually validated by the authorizing governmental agency; (3) a supporting website will be offered in both English and Spanish; and (4) its greatly expanded content selection of seventeen uniquely different program categories is designed to capture both existing adult viewers, plus the constantly expanding “mainstream” market.

Chambliss summarized the programming strategies he’s developed for HEAT on demand. “Today’s television audience is constantly shifting, and while we’re targeting the traditional adult viewer base, we’re also focusing on the continually expanding ‘cross-over mainstream audience’ with additional categories designed to reach this relatively new market comprised primarily of Couples and Women who are starting to embrace adult entertainment.”

Arnold described the company’s unique approach to acquiring content. “I am a believer in the old ‘United Artists’ concept, wherein studios share in the revenues their productions earn, and we have implemented this policy with HEAT On Demand. Until now, the other major adult content aggregators have refused to provide anyone with such a percentage, and we are finding the reception to our plan very positive.”

Robert Herrera, CEO of Illicit Pictures, a studio specializing in the production of programs for the worldwide television market agrees. “It is very gratifying to know that someone has finally recognized the importance of producers and directors as the ‘life-blood’ of domestic adult television … and is expressing their appreciation by handing us an actual percentage of the profits they derive from our work.”

HEAT On Demand is initially offering twenty-five hours of premiere content, with a 50% monthly refresh and sub-packages designed for maximum versatility to accommodate every MSO’s needs.

In addition to offering content from Ninn Worx, Simon Wolf Productions and Pure Play Media, the new service will also feature an array of productions from Illicit Pictures, Private Media Group, with special presentations from Showtime superstar Seymour Butts and world renown photographer Suze Randall. Additionally, Chambliss and Arnold are now negotiating with a host of other studios and independent producers and directors who wish to become a part of HEAT On Demand.

The new VOD service will also be supported by a unique website, www.HEATondemand.com, which will be presented in both Spanish and English, and feature a monthly program schedule, plus critical ingredients designed to sell each program being offered ” trailers, artwork (front & back), clips, photo galleries, synopsis and cast lists … all in both Spanish and English.


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