Adult Superstar Jenna Jameson Targets Dvd Counterfeiters



She Vows to Track Down and Prosecute Those Who Are Pirating Her Sexy Films Like “I Dream of Jenna” and “Bella Loves Jenna”

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA ” (February 23, 2005) ” Tired of being ripped off by counterfeiters who sell bogus copies of her sexy DVDs, adult superstar Jenna Jameson has launched a campaign she hopes will result in prosecutions and even jail terms.

“There is a group of fraudulent replicators who are selling pirated copies of my videos on DVD to adult stores in the United States and other countries. They are compromising my product, cheating my company out of revenues and leaving my fans with inferior goods,” said Ms. Jameson. “I’ve had enough and I’m going after them.”

For starters, Ms. Jameson is offering an incentive to adult retailers in the U.S. that purchase merchandise from counterfeiters: If they ship any such bogus goods to her, and tell her where they bought them, she will replace the pirated DVDs with legitimate product at no cost. “Plus I’ll be offering other perks that I’d just as soon keep under my hat for the moment; but I can assure you the retailers will be very pleased.”

She said that while her production company, ClubJenna, Inc., is losing some revenue as a consequence of the counterfeit schemes, “the main reason I’m doing this is because my fans are getting really annoyed when they open a package and find only one DVD when their should be two, or play something that has lousy quality. The customer needs to be protected, and I want to do my part to help. We are going to pursue the counterfeiters to the full extent of the law, and I hope that a couple of these guys end up in jail.”

Howard Levine, national sales director of Vivid Entertainment, which distributes ClubJenna DVDs, said that to date he has confiscated more than 1,000 knockoffs. “We are making progress and we won’t stop until this illegal practice ceases,” he said.

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