Fans of Felecia Up In Arms Over Polls


I don’t usually put emails up on the site, but sometimes people say things that really need to be up, just in case……This came after I got an email from this fan two days ago asking why Felecia wasn’t included in the voting. I guess I didn’t reply quickly enough. Thoughts, comments, agree with him? Shoot me your comments.

Felecia-Fan Wrote

“Roger Who?

I sent you an email, which I received no reply for, regarding Felecia. I have gone through your reviews and now know why Felecia was not included in the female performers category. You have consistantly written derogatory comments about her and have personally attacked her, unjustly. She’s not even included in the star bios section. You don’t have to reply to me because obviously you are busy or you are just too stuck up. Felecia is a personal friend of mine so your derogatory comments and personal attacks will be dealt with, accordingly.
You some pointed words here, “derogatory”, “personally attacked” and “unjustly.” Only the last one is really up for debate, though one could argue the second as well. If you think I’ve made an unjust comment you are welcome to point it out.”

Rog Replies

I think it’s funny that you would think I’m too “stuck up” to answer. Is this junior high school? Oh wait…it continues…

I realize she is a personal friend and I’m sorry if you don’t like some of the things I’ve said. As far as being “dealt with” well that sounds like a threat. If you’ve got something to say, why don’ you say it.

Thank you for taking the time to write


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