Interview Request List: How Did I Do?


Since I put out the call for interview requests and made a list of the people that you wanted me to interview I figured I would do a little report card to see how I did.
Jules Jordan: No Go. Always the most requested guy on the list. I saw Jules a few times, but as usual he was on the move. I have a feeling that if I ever do interview Jules, is is going to have to be away from the show in Vegas.
Rocco Siffredi: No Go. Hey, he wasn’t even in Vegas. I can’t take all the blame for this one.
Skeeter Kerkove: No Go. I looked around for two days and never saw Skeeter on the floor. Not sure if he would have done it or not. I sent a few emails, but never heard back on that one. We’ll have to see if we can set something up back in LA.
Max Hardcore: No Go. I don’t think this one is ever going to happen. Since he had me taken off the screener list at Legend and banned from his stuff, Max hasn’t been too keen on even speaking to me. I’ll still do it though. He is a pioneer and I think it would be a very interesting interview.
Jack Napier No Go. I did stop by the West Coast booth, but didn’t see Jack there. I hear he is a really nice guy and maybe I can get in touch with someone at WCP about screeners and interviews soon.
Mr. Marcus: No Go…BUT….At least there was contact this time. I actually met Marcus at the show and we talked for a few minutes. Though he wasn’t camped out any booth long enough to do an interview in Vegas. We’ll work on getting one done this year though.
Chico Wang: No Go. Once again we talked a bit, but no interview yet. This year would have been good, but I think it’s going to have to be back in LA.
Joey Silvera: No Go. I saw Joey briefly, but he was very busy and kind of buried in the Evil Angel booth. The invitation is still out there if Joey ever feels like talking.
Mark Davis: I saw him walking around a few times, but didn’t get to talk to him. I wonder if the offer from the Davis fan is still open to have her blow him while I interview the man. That would sure but fun.
Jim Powers: No Go. I didn’t actually see Jim this year. I’ve always felt that Jim is totally under-rated and it would have been great to interview him the same year he went into the AVN Hall of Fame. I’m not sure what will happen with reviews and screeners and such, but I’d still love to sit down with him at some point.
So for the guys I went a whopping zero for ten. Nice work eh? So who did I get on the male side? Patrick Collins, Robby D, William H, Sal Genoa, Brad Armstrong and the owner of Ghost Pro. I know these aren’t the names on the list, but I think you’ll be pretty happy with the results when I get them up.
Allie Sin: No Go…I never even saw what booth Allie was in. Sorry about that guys.
Keri Sable YES! Got one y’all. Thanks to Erik Everhard and despite some serious attitude from someone in the RLD booth I got to interview this cute little blonde. I think she’s working towards the “next big thing” status and this interview was a lot of fun to do. Great recommendation guys.
Kaylani Lei: No Go. I got a picture of her with the Best Feature trophy and really tired to get Kaylani (Along with all of the other Wicked Girls.) They were a little too busy when I got there so I was unable to get her. I’m more sorry than any of you because I really wanted to sit down with the most beautiful woman in all of porn.
Ariana Jollee: I didn’t quite catch up with her at the Sin City booth. She was in another booth, but I was not allowed to interview anyone in that booth. Sorry. I did ask. Maybe we can get one with her soon.
Mason: No Go. I don’t even know if she was at the show. I’m told she is willing to do an interview so perhaps we can get one really soon.
Jenna Jameson: No Go. I didn’t even get to talk with Jenna. Another year without an interview. Hopefully soon.
Tera Patrick: No Go. No way I was getting close to the Vivid booth so a Tera interview was not in the cards. I’ve got a line on a possible phone interview with her, so there is still hope.

Ashley Blue: No Go. The big block was up around that booth. Sorry guys. Hopefully all this silly stuff will blow over and we can see if Ashley is a funny in person as she seems in her flicks. (And don’t we want to know what she thinks of certain contract girls?)
Taylor Rain: No Go. I didn’t see Taylor this year. After Erotica LA, I doubt very seriously that she would have had a clue who I was to give the interview anyway.
Chasey Lain: No Go. I didn’t get a chance to even ask on this one. Sorry guys.
Teagan Presley: Yes! I got this one guys. She won a RRCC award and was very generous with her time as she posed after the interview.
On the girls I got two out of ten. Not great, but better than the men. Who did I get? Mari Possa, Jesse Jane, Devon, Luci Thai, Chanel Chavez, Felix Vicious and a half dozen other girls. It was a good year for interviews and we’ll try this list thing again next year. Perhaps with some luck I can do better than two for twenty.

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