The Final Tony T Emails


Final Word on Tony T/Balls Deep 8

OK it’s time to post the last few emails about this and then let it go. I still have nothing personal against Tony and will happily meet and interview him in Vegas. I just reviewed his movie. He is the one that wants to go around hitting people. Here are the highlights from the mail bag this week. And yes, there is one that supports Tony’s movie and I want to make sure that gets in here as well.

Bryan writes:

Dear Rog:

What a shame, after all the great work you do, which is so helpful to all of unabashed “Raincoaters” out here, that you have to deal with this illiterate, idiot, Tony T, who’s so myopic and impressed with his sorry directing, that he can’t see the woods for the trees! Let’s all hope that the wise folks at Anabolic see this jerk for who he is, and give him the toss, pronto! Meanwhile, with his type, running-about, ‘best watch your back in Vegas! Or (maybe)?, better yet, see if he’s got the cajones to let you interview HIM! If you do, you might want to check Convention Services there, for a possible “Rent-a-bodyguard,” for a couple of hours!

Keep up the good work!


Rog Replies: Thanks for the support Bryan. I don’t blame Tony for disagreeing with the review. It’s just my opinion. It wouldn’t be the first time a director disagreed. It wouldn’t even be the first time someone at Anabolic disagreed. It is the first time someone from that company has ever pulled the violence card. Hopefully he will calm down and we can have a discussion in Vegas. Short of that, maybe I should be taking bodyguard applications just in case. Any takers?

MC Writes:

Hey Rog,

The angry letters you get are always a blast. I didn’t realize Anabolic had fallen so far that they’re reduced to hiring teenagers with anger management issues to direct for them. Right about now I bet they’re wishing they’d made an effort to keep Lex, Erik Everhard and Mike John around. It’s just a total joke that anyone would react like this to a bad review. “i told u to keep my name off ur sites”…are you shitting me? Tony, this is America, dude — free speech. You’re working in the public domain, putting a product out there in front of 280 million people who all have different opinions. Some people are going to think that your movies suck, and they’re going to tell people. If you can’t handle a little criticism, you’re probably in the wrong line of work.

Rog, you’ve almost always had good stuff to say about Anabolic/Diabolic flicks. Their stuff is usually so good that even movies with a little of the “freak show” shit you don’t really like still score pretty high with you. So considering the way you ripped Tony’s movie, I’ve got believe it blows major goat testicles. I’d say you made your criticisms pretty clear; it was actually a fairly long review for a movie you didn’t like.

Maybe instead of threatening to do whatever when he meets you in Vegas, Tony ought to think about sitting down with you and politely asking for a few tips on making better stroke flicks. But if he’d rather be an e-mail tough guy who threatens people in internet shorthand, more power to him. And if he’s serious that Anabolic doesn’t care about him sending out these kinds of e-mails to people…maybe they should start caring.


Rog Replies:

I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. Hopefully Tony is just what everyone says he is, an “emotional kid” who is being passionate about his movies. As for the length of the review, trust me, it felt even longer when I was watching it. I’m not really sure what the “official” Anabolic stance on this is because I haven’t spoken with either Chris or Gregg. They have never been angry with me before no matter what I had to say. I would imagine that this is just one guy blowing off steam. He wouldn’t be the first.

And finally….

Bell writes:

Now that the dust has settled between you and Tony T., it’s time for me to chime in on the outrage over Anabolic’s latest release, Balls Deep #8.
As someone who might purchase 1-out of-every-25 DVDs he rents, this disc floored me as a refreshing twist when compared with the boring field of other selections sitting on the shelf of my local shop. I absolutely deplore the “same-ole-same-ole” point-of-view action we get in most so called P.O.V. movies, but this effort interjects a unique “you are there” angle which makes this DVD more than watchable. The director is able to shift gears from voyuer to participant in a matter of seconds allowing the viewer to step through the screen and become a part of the action. Nothing is too staged or scripted. As a matter of fact, the director seems to plot scenes through the lens of the camcorder as they happen. While this constant chatter seems to be an annoyance to the reviewer, this spontaneous direction adds another layer to the freshness of this release.
If Anabolic is trying to distance this already legendary line from its initial efforts featuring Lexx Steele, this is a good start despite your take.

Rog Replies:

Thank you for the response on this movie. I am happy to hear from someone who did like the flick. Tony’s reaction aside, I was certain that Balls Deep 8 would appeal to some people. It obviously hit a chord with you and I am sincerely happy to hear it. I appreciate the input and I am sure that Anabolic/Tony T do as well. After all, my review is just one opinion. I never said it was anything more. If only Tony had been so eloquent in his response.

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