Boobwatch (Wicked)


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Boobwatch (Wicked)
95 Mins.
Wicked Pictures

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
THEMES: Lifeguards, Big Boobs
STARS: Alektra Blue, Jayden James, Lisa Ann, Carolyn Reese, Rebeca Linares, Danny Mountain, Tommy Gunn, Dane Cross, Chris Johnson


I would hesitate to call this a parody, though it has the look of one. I would even hesitate to call it a feature. Instead it is a vignette comedy with a few laughs, lots of red swimsuits and a running in slow motion gag that get beaten into the ground so many times you might want to check the soles of your shoes when you’re finished. Alekra Blue is the leader of this troop of goofy lifeguards who protect citizens on cook outs, in bathtubs and at the gym. The funny set ups work sometimes (The Carolyn Reese dialog is hilarious) and fall flat at others, but the sex is pretty good every time. Alektra Blue gets two scenes, the better of which features her sharing cock with Rebeca Linares. Rebeca looks great here and is the perfect addition to any backyard BBQ. The Carolyn Reese scene isn’t quite as hot, but the dialog is awesome between Dane Cross, Tommy Gunn and the sexy blonde lifeguard. Lisa Ann provides special mouth to mouth when she saves Rocco Reed from the bathtub sharks. Yes, it’s that kind of a movie folks. Did I mention that the girls run in slow motion?

Alektra Blue, Rebeca Linares & Danny Mountain

Alektra saves a bad BBQ from “burnt weenies” by kissing Rebeca and grabbing Danny’s cock. Yeah, it really is that quick to the punch and cheesy, but hey, let’s roll with it. Rebeca doesn’t seem to mind at all that the strange lifeguard is sucking her man’s dick. In fact she gets right down next to Alektra and doubles up on the meat. Grabbing a condom Danny fucks both his girlfriend and the friendly lifeguard. I know that Alektra won “Hottest Body” last year, but it would be pretty tough to argue against Rebeca as an example of physical perfection. Danny fucks both girls and even enjoys a little kiss from Rebeca as Alektra sucks the juices from his rubber covered dong. There are some great ass shots when the girls switch places. Rebeca has truly been blessed by the “booty fairy.” Alektra must agree because she keeps her face right down there close for a great view of the action until it is time to take a taste and then get in position to take things home in reverse cowgirl. The girls make out while Danny jerks off, finally unloading all over their fine racks. This is a good opening scene with a few smiles and some really strokeable sex.

Jayden James & Tommy Gunn

There is a fly at the gym that is really bugging Tommy Gunn during his workout. When he swallows the winged pest, it is up to Jayden James to rush (in slow motion of course) to the rescue. Mouth to mouth quickly becomes mouth to cock as the busty brunette does her job. Tommy isn’t about to complain about having this hot chick jerking him off with her mouth. She knows how to use those big tits as well, wrapping them around his dick and pumping up and down. Now fully recovered from his fly incident, he bends hr over and fucks her from behind. Jayden straddles him on the work out machine and rides in reverse cowgirl. The camera moves up and down her body capturing the action down below and the lovely sight of her bountiful bouncing boobs. She is very energetic and vocal as usual, taking what Tommy has with ease and a great deal of enthusiasm. He ends up shooting all over her boobs and then watching as she licks up the final few drops.

Lisa Ann & Rocco Reed

Apparently Rocco’s bathtub is a haven for sharks. When he slips in for a nice bubble bath, busty MILF Lisa Ann is the only one who can save him. He tries to protest her presence, but changes his mind when she mentions sex. (Well duh) Dropping faster than Charlie Sheen’s sanity index, Lisa gets that dick in her mouth and isn’t about to let go. Great eye contact as she orally pleases that modest member until it’s time to condom up. Riding like she can’t get enough, Lisa pumps up and down until his dick pops out. Since boobs are in the title you can imagine the loving way her magnificent rack is displayed during this rather energetic boff. He rolls her into spoon and bangs away. Good close up shots here as manages to stay in long enough to leave her out of breath. (Nice heels, those must be great for running slow motion on the sand.) He fucks her in mish for a long time and then cums all over her nicely trimmed bush.

Carolyn Reese & Dane Cross and Tommy Gunn

Dane doesn’t believe Tommy’s story until Carolyn appears to save Dane from the dangers of splashing water. The dialog before this scene is genuinely hilarious and worth watching. She saves him and then fucks him. It’s absurd, but totally hot. Tommy gets to stick around and join the fun. Dropping to her knees she sucks both dicks, using her hands nicely. The car is the perfect height for her to bend over and get fucked while still sucking dick. She rides one dick while bouncing her boobs. The sex here is good, but not as good as the other scenes. Too bad, because the dialog was crisp and really good. Dane shoots all over her pussy while Tommy blasts that smiling face.

Alektra Blue & Chris Johnson

Chris wants to enjoy his pool, but Alektra insists that he needs a lifeguard. Why you ask? Well his dick ain’t gonna suck itself. She takes care of that just seconds after pulling her suit down to let her boobs breath. Nice two fisted action as she sucks and strokes his dick. Mounting up for a good hard ride, she shows off that body nicely. (Check out the shoes again.) The squat fucking here is really good here and you can see how she got named best body. Those legs are pretty fucking spectacular. I have always found Alektra to be a little mechanical and cold during her scenes. There are moments where she breaks through that in this scene, but mostly it’s nice eye candy with average energy. Milking the cum onto her tits, she drains his dick and says good bye.

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