Fuck Sasha Grey


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Fuck Sasha Grey
161 Mins.
Evil Angel


THEMES: Anal Sex, DP, Interracial Sex, Rough Sex, B&D
TARS: Sasha Grey, Claire Adams, Tony T, Brian Pumper, Rico Strong, Steve Holmes, Brian Surewood, Kurt Lockwood



Superstar Sasha Grey gets her own movie and she gets Belladonna behind the camera. That’s a pretty awesome combination for smut fans. Sasha is gorgeous and her sexual energy is nothing short of incredible. Belladonna is no slouch in that area herself and knows how to bring out the best in her talent. It is a series of fantasy scenes starring the beautiful brunette at her filthy best. Every hole is on the menu and Sasha makes sure that they get properly stuffed. She starts out by fucking a human sized teddy bear. It may seem a little odd, but it ends up being really fucking hot. In the second scene, she plays doggy for Kurt Lockwood. He does his best to give her the bone and gives us plenty of B&D appeal. Sasha takes more than one cock in two scenes in this movie. First she becomes the hot and slutty middle in a big cock sexual Oreo. That scene is really hard to beat for filthy heat. Steve Holmes and Brian Surewood double up on Sasha in an insane asylum later in the movie. There is a serious lesbian B&D scene that isn’t really interesting to me, but kinky and well shot nonetheless. Sasha Grey provides plenty to love in this flick. She is gorgeous, nasty, sexy, dirty and has a smile on her face at the end of every scene. I’m really impressed by her as well as Belladonna. Great direction here with some fun fetish action, hot sex and just the right about of dirty, crazy stroke appeal. Sasha Grey is a superstar and we should all want to “Fuck Sasha Grey.”

Sasha Grey & Tony T

Sexy as hell in pigtails, Sasha wakes up and has a special moment with her oversized teddy bear. (Tony T in a bear suit) She pulls out his cock and starts sucking it. The bear stays silent, letting Sasha work her throat magic on his throbbing meat. He grabs her throat and starts slapping her face. The rougher he gets, the more she likes it. Mounting up she finds comfort in his big furry arms and with his dick shoved deep into her tight little pussy. He rolls her into spoon and rams his prick right up her ass. This is solid rough sex with tons of great energy. The close up shots are fantastic here as she rides in RCA and slams her hips down to take every inch. With plenty of kink factor to go around, Sasha takes it perfectly and turns around for the facial. What really makes this scene work is the smile on her face. Her eyes are literally sparkling as he unloads on her pretty face. It is as if she has just lived through her greatest fantasy.

Sasha Grey & Kurt Lockwood

In a cage like a good puppy, Sasha is ordered out by her master and put on a leash. He has a toy bone that the brandishes while she pants and plays along perfectly. The fantasy play is a lot of fun, but also very serious. Sasha is a great dog who looks fantastic with her ass high in the air. After eating her pussy, Kurt puts his cock into her mouth. They try to test her oral skills, but lets face it, she can swallow a dick twice as big as this modest member. He really likes ass play so she finger fucks his puckered pooper when she isn’t tongue fucking that mangina. That’s just too much of Kurt’s ass for my liking, but it proves that she is an obedient pet. Kurt uses the bone to keep her pussy full while he continues to play with her. Moving it to her asshole, he fucks her pussy with his dick for a little toy-assided DP. This naughty little puppy loves it up the ass and she rubs her clit while getting slammed between the cheeks. She likes having her head shoved into the ground and talking dirty while getting pumped. He puts her on the ground and cums into a doggy dish so she can eat it up like the good little bitch she is.

Sasha Grey, Brian Pumper & Rico Strong

Sasha likes to play rough with the brothers. Rico finds her in an alley and brings her to Brian who is more than happy to help double up on her tight little holes. They stuff her mouth with cock and she reacts quite nicely. Bending her over, they give her some standing doggy and keep her throat totally stuffed. Great close up shots of the action and even better energy as she takes both big dicks with relative ease. Her ass gets split in two while she gags on a fat black pole. The guys double up on her, pumping both lower holes full of cock. This is a great scene, but the lighting could be a little better. The standing DP is really hot as they hold her in the air and let her drop down hard. That tight little ass stretches around strange dicks as she revels in her slutty behavior. They finish her off with a couple of facial shots that leave her smiling and covered in cum.

Sasha Grey & Claire Adams

Mistress Claire uses Sasha as her own personal sex toy. She has her on a leash and slaps her hard across the face. The fetish action is heavy here as Claire stands on Sasha’s chest and crushes her with her boots. For the first time in the movie, the action kind of drifts off for me. Claire squats over Sasha and rubs her pussy just inches from her face. She also shoves Sasha’s head into the toilet and makes her lick the rim of the bowl. They break out a huge strap on and put it onto Claire’s thigh. Sasha obediently squats over the fake dick and impales herself on it. Great toy play here as she somehow takes it all and keeps begging for more. Continuing with the torture, Claire breaks out a toy that gives Sasha’s delicate little pussy quite a shock. Fetish takes over again and as Claire sticks an enema hose into Sasha’s ass and fills her up. There is some hot stuff here, it’s not my cup of tea.

Sasha Grey, Brian Surewood & Steve Holmes

Locked up in a padded cell, Sasha is at the mercy of a couple of creepy orderlies who happily abuse her mouth. The lighting and visual style are very interesting here. Perhaps not the greatest for pure stroke value, but kind of cool. The face fucking is hard, fast and a little brutal. Sasha responds to that as she always does, by gagging, taking it deep and begging for more. The mouth is not enough so the guys take off her straight jacket and decide to use her lower orifices as well. She gets pulled up and dropped down onto a shard cock. The standing reverse cowgirl opens her pussy up for the camera and leaves her struggling as the big dick bottoms out. Now fully naked, Sasha has to lick ass, get cock slapped and still get stuffed like the dirty little slut she is. They fuck her from behind on the dirty floor. This is a hot and horny scene with plenty of style and massive perv appeal. There are some great shots of her squat fucking like her pussy is on fire and she needs dick to put it out. Sasha starts sucking balls and taking cock deep into her throat. Her eyes roll back into her head as she gets skull fucked. They feed her seed and then put her back into her jacket until they need her again.

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