Your Sister’s A Cocksucker



Your Sister’s A Cocksucker
MOVIE TYPE: Vignette
55 Mins.
White Ghetto
THEMES: Blowjobs, Cock Biting, Fem Dom
TARS: Roxxxie Rose, Peyton, Coco Velvett, Britney Stevens, Tina Tink, Piper Brady, Riley Shy, Kelly Skyline


This is a collection of BJ scenes from a couple of different movies. Most of the scenes are cut pretty tight, but we can gather enough to figure out the themes. More than one scene takes place in an office and there seems to be some power struggle fantasy play at work. Other scenes feature some femdom and lots of cock and ball biting. That is probably a limited niche that cuts down on the overall heat a bit. Further limiting the appeal is the mediocre (at best) collection of women. They just aren’t that hot. Of course the guys are even less appealing. Small dicks, big guts and serious wood problem plague nearly every scene. With all that working against it, what’s good here? Britney Stevens gets her mouth around a big cock and she’s always worth watching. Kelly Skyline is cute and her humiliation talk is funny. In between there may be a BJ or two that you like, but I couldn’t wait for this to be over.

Tina Tink

Tina is angry about some workplace issues. She is sucking on her boss and abusing him with her hands and mouth. He has a rather small cock and gets his balls tugged on really hard. She verbally humiliates him and chastises him for trying to hit on her at work. Holding him hostage with her teeth on his meat, she gets a new contract and a promise of more respect at work. Lots of dirty talk here as she continues to tease him with her tongue and laughs at how easy he is to control. His tiny cock is really easy for her to handle, but this is more about the humiliation and biting than the blowjob itself. There is some brief eye contact as she runs her tongue over his head and spits on his meat. The popshot ends up all over her glasses with some dirty talk to help him get off.

Britney Stevens

We join Britney with cock already in mouth. She’s kneeling naked before a clothed man in front of some bars so there could be a jail theme at play here I don’t know. There is always some value in watching this filthy girl suck cock, but the camerawork is just spotty enough to be noticeably poor. It loses focus and ends up in some unflattering positions instead of staying focused on Britney’s face and busy mouth. The facial isn’t bad. I like Britney a lot, but this is not one of her stronger efforts.

Piper Brady

Piper is already sucking a rather small dick when her scene starts. She has her tits out and is working the head with her mouth. This is an uneventful BJ with no eye contact, little energy and virtually no stroke value. He cums on her ass, but this is a total waste.

Coco Velvett

Coco is in position to give a POVE BJ and does so without a whole lot of effort. She doesn’t say a word, using her mouth to dutifully suck instead. The lack of energy really makes this one just seem to drag. She gives his short cock a hand job that at least adds some variety to the dreary action. She shoots a pretty good load on her face which I guess might be enough to keep you around to the end.

Kelly Skyline

Pretty blonde Kelly is slowly licking a cock and teasing the guy about being a computer nerd. She starts biting him and threatening to remove his balls. OK, a little edgy but she is still cute enough to make her worth watching. The scene is so poorly edited that we hear him say “action” at one point. The humiliation is light and she is cute the action is kind of fun. He ends up shooting a load on her chin and she keeps up the talk as she wipes it from her chin.


Tattooed Peyton is trying really hard to make a small cock get hard in her mouth. It’s a futile effort and quite honestly a totally boring clip. She doesn’t look at the camera and if the guy can’t get hard after this much sucking then he really shouldn’t be doing this at all. Making matters worse, she pulls away thinking he has already cum. Clearly this girl doesn’t want to be there and taking the actual load on her lips doesn’t improve her mood.

Roxxxie Rose

Things pick up a bit in this one. Roxxxie isn’t great looking, but at least the guy can get his dick hard as she bobs her mouth on it. She uses no hands as she gets most of his dick sown and shakes her big tits with every stroke. As she gets closer to the end, she grabs it with her hand and jerks with serious intent. With her lips closed tightly she gets her cheeks sprayed down. This has some serious stroke value for being the best BJ of a bad lot.

Riley Shy

Riley is a biter in this scene, clamping down with her teeth as she sucks cock. That might limit the appeal a little, but at least she’s cute. He pinches her nipples and that makes her suck all the harder. The facial shot is pretty good too. At least the movie ends on a high note.

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