Tony T’s Second Email


Here is the response, posted for confirmation only. Reply at will anyone who wants…(Again, this is posted exactly as he sent it.)

no thats not wanker it is me TONY T and let me clear something for u anabolic and diabolic got nothing to do with what i send u and neither they will care am my own man and i am responsable for every word am sayin so u can go play all ur little games on the net and just keep pissing me off more thats fine i told u leave me alone and my movies and i told u to keep my name off ur sites but it looks like u won;t thats cool u can post that email too i don;t give a fly fuck and fuck everybody out there that have to say anything about my action and if ur a man lets handle it like a men but it looks like ur just a fuckin bitch behined a computer

and for the record u will see me in vegas and it ain;t gonna be funny

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