Mail Bag: Response To Balls Deep 8 Review

Before I even print this email I want to let everyone know that I do not know for certain that this came from Tony T himself. I made a few calls to see if was perhaps a friend of mine making a joke or if that prankster Wanker Wang was jerking my chain. So far nothing leads me to believe it is a hoax.

I did not alter this email in any way. It is printed exactly as it came to me. The only thing I have done is change the type so you can read it better and remove the email address.

“Tony T” writes:

thats tony t the guy that u called a mother fucker in ur review

ok check this out mother fucker u don’t know me and i don’t know u but i feel like ama hurt u
just for the fact the u calling a mother fucker fuck ur opinios because they don’t mean shit because u r no body mother fucker u just a peace of shit sitting behined ur fucking computer jerrking offf like a little sucker that u are have no life so mother fucker u think am listen ur fucking opinoin just let me tell u your about to get slaped if i ever see so u better run when u see me because ur getting slaped and if u ever fucking reviewed one of my movies agian u fucking looser am really going to hurt u

and let me tell u something else for ur own info. that movie that u don;t fucking like is the best seller and i reached the 20,000 pieces so u full of shit and u can suck my mother fucking dick u bitch ass mother fucker
and again u r getting slaped if i see

I’ve been in bed with the flu for two days so I’m too tired to really write much of a response. (I leave that any of you who want to send me a comment.) I will add what I wrote back to Tony though. In the review of Balls Deep 8 I did not call him a “mother fucker.” I said it (the scene) was better if muted the “mother fucker”, but clearly the MF in question was the scene, or the movie but not him. At any rate, this is not the sort of response I usually get from anyone associated with Anabolic or Diabolic. I doubt very much that this is within any sort of company policy, but I guess I will find out in a few weeks when I visit them in Vegas.

That’s all for now. Email any comments to

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