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Movie Type: BDSM

Minutes: 154

Company Name: Harmony Films

Director: Tanya Hyde

Themes: Assless Chaps, Corsets, Interracial, Latex, Leather

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Aletta Ocean, Cindy Dollar, Claudia Rossi, Lucy Belle, Mandy Saxo, Ree Petra

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

There are a total of four scenes on Aphrodiziac. The first girl featured is Aletta Ocean. Her boobs are looking even bigger than they normally do, perhaps thanks to the corset she’s in. She plays a dominatrix and gives a little solo action to start. She encounters a guy strapped to a cross and proceeds to abuse his leather clad package, but not with real authority. Her blow is quite fervent, as she essentially bangs her own face. A black guy in a mask also gets some good head. He taps away at her puss in both cowgirls before the double penetration. The guys follow this with some additional vaginal sex. The white dude comes on her ass crack in a big way. They cut to a shot of the black guy doing her butt, missionary style. Apparently, they cleaned up the cum, as there’s no sign of the previous spraying. The second cumshot on her puss is very good. She may have been dressed in dom fashion, but Aletta was as much a fuck toy as she normally is.

Gotta give Tanya Hyde credit for using strange contraptions in her movies. Ree Petra’s entire body is covered by a latex tarp as she lays on the ground. Then, the air is essentially vacuumed out so her figure and big boobs are as emphasized as ever. The only hole in the latex is the one that exposes her mouth and nose. Claudia Rossi comes in and seats herself above Ree’s mouth so she can be pleasured. After this, Ree finds herself in a chair with stirrups. She’s wearing a gas mask, but little else. Claudia lathers up Ree’s puss and shaves it. After some eating from Claudia, they get out a dildo with a hose attached to it. Strangely, the end of the hose is fastened to the gas mask. The dildo has some very pronounced ridges on it and the ripples it creates as it’s thrust into Ree‘s puss allow for some nice visuals. In the second part of the scene, Claudia is suspended upside down by her ankles. She gives a fairly sloppy blow and Ree eventually joins her, leaving him moist for the upcoming vaginal sex. Claudia also does some anal in doggy and missionary. Ree gets into 69 while he’s pumping away at Claudia. This allows him to pull out and come directly onto Ree’s face. What looks like a great cumshot is ruined because the color – and not for the first time in the scene – is suddenly altered.

Each scene has a title. This next one is called “Cabaret.” For far too long, we get to see a girl with tassels pasted onto her tits do some less than entertaining dancing. It doesn’t help that she isn’t hot and has a few too many tattoos. Fortunately, she won’t be having any sex. That’s reserved for Mandy Saxo and Cindy Dollar. The latter looks incredibly hot this time around and Mandy also looks stellar in her corset. After seating herself in the lap of the same black guy from scene one, Cindy gets rubbed and fingered. Some weak blowing is interspersed with shots of the cabaret dancer. Mandy hasn’t been much of a presence thus far, but her, Cindy and the black dude leave the theater they were in for a private room. Conveniently, there’s a white dick protruding from a glory hole. The sucking commences, but neither girl does anything worth raving about. They have both their holes penetrated, but never in the same shot. Each of the guys does a nice job of coming on the ladies’ holes, but the black fella’s load is particularly massive.

Two white guys in cloaks lead Lucy Belle to the very same black man we’ve seen previously. Her hands are tied behind her back and she is forced to blow all three cocks. In terms of oral, I’ve seen much better from Lucy. She doesn’t go nearly as deep as she’s capable of. With her hands freed, her pussy is tapped by all of the guys. While having sex, she’s constantly got her mouth plugged with cock. The positions she gets into are doggy, missionary and reverse cowgirl. She also makes use of a contraption (which is suspended from the ceiling) that allows her to get fucked in a seated position. Each of the guys gives her a fairly hefty load to the mouth and face. In comparison to her other work, Lucy seemed rather subdued here.

I found it very difficult to enjoy this movie because there are too many quick, sudden cuts used. One second, a white guy’s fucking a girl. In the very next second, it’s not unusual to see the black guy in his place. I also don’t like the length of the scenes. Sure, these chicks are all quite good looking, but not so much that they need to be in such long vignettes. Tanya Hyde’s got some decent ideas, but she needs to learn how to maximize the impact of the sex. The oral in Aphrodiziac is often quite weak and the girls don’t assert themselves like they should. I could see this appealing to a broader audience beyond the BDSM crowd, but not until Tanya loses the hasty cuts and the goofy color change effects. Most importantly, she needs to figure out how to get the best from the girls, not just the guys.



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