All Star P.O.V. (Blu-Ray)


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All Star POV (Blu-Ray)


144 Mins

Digital Playground

DIRECTOR: Jules Bart

THEMES: Euro Babes, POV, Anal Sex


STARS: Black Angelika, Honey Winter, Jasmine La Roughe, Abbie Cat, Cathy


Digital Playground brings us some hot POV from overseas. The women are really good and open to just about anything. For a Blu-Ray, the picture quality really isn’t up to par though. The lighting doesn’t look right and I wonder exactly what they were going for. If you can get past the shaky camera work and questionable lighting, then there is some great stuff here. The girls hare hot and the action is non-stop stroke fest. Black Angelika is super hot and she finishes out the movie in fine style.

Abbie Kat

Abbie tells us that she is horny today and as if to prove that point, she rubs her hands up and down her sexy body. The camerawork is pretty shaky as she strips and plays with herself. Something odd is up with the lighting too. As Abbie drops to the floor to suck cock things just don’t look quite right. It is off by just enough to ditract from some pretty hot cowgirl. This chick rides with great conviction. I think she likes it just a little bit. If you can just overlook the picture and lighting issues, this is a hot scene. Hopefully the technical problems are clearned up in the next scene. Nice shot right in the mouth to the end fun for now.

Honey Winter

Hot blonde Honey is cooking in lingerie. The lighting is still pretty bad, but she is so distracting that I’m not going to think about it for a while. The guy plays with her ass and she turns around to drop to her knees. Great eye contact as she sucks and strokes his big hard dick. Nice action here, but the ass shots are really fun. Wow this babe is built from the back. He plays with that ass for a good while before moving to a more comfortable location. Unfortunately she camps right in front of a big window for some badly washed out video. I can’t tell at this point if they are intentionally going for this look or not. If so, STOP immediately. At least the butt shots are still great as she turns away from the camera and rides really hard. He bends her right on over and fucks that super tight asshole like he owns it. Watching her back up on his dick with her ass is truly a treat. The cheeks are perfectly shaped and she looks tight as can be. Best of all she happily opens up her mouth for a big load at the end.


Busty Cathy likes showing off her tits through her fishnet body stocking. Her body looks great on display, especially when she spreads her ass and shows off her tight holes. Warming up with a fat dildo, she licks the head and then shoves it up inside of her. The action here is good, but the lighting and camerawork are still distracting. Cathy likes the taste of real cock more than the fake one and it really shows. The camera is close when she gets into cowgirl and works her pussy up and down on the prick. Cathy turns around and shows off her ass. It is a little bigger than the last girl’s, but just about as perfect. Good energy here and great eye contact whenever she has his dick in her mouth. He ends up shooting his load all over her tongue. Another good one from a girl built for fun.

Jasmine La Rouge

In a sexy maid uniform Jasmine is doing more than just cleaning. She starts stripping almost immediately and puts her big tits into his hand. Staring into the camera, Jasmine gives us the best blowjob action so far. Her eyes are gorgeous and she sucks like she’s totally hngry. Since the dick isn’t enough she also devours his balls with incredible enthusiasm. Mounting up for cowgirl, Jasmine uses her shwaved pussy to keep him happy. I wonder what she charges for special polishing like this. He rolls her onto her baack and fucks good and hard. It seems she is happiest with a cock in her mouth. The look in her eyes as she tries to take him to the root is just incredible. During the doggy, the guy pulls out to opoen her up with her fingers. If you like close ups, enjoy the mish because her moves the camera from her face downto her nicely filled love box with great regularity. The pop shot this time around is really good with Jasmine staring right into the camera as she sucks out every last drop. Damn.

Angelica Black

Gorgeous Angelica is posing on her bed with her big tits spilling out of her tight top. She does a little interview and shows off. If you waited for the final scene you will be happy you saved a big load for this hotte. She gets herself warmed up with some hot figner play. I wish the camerawork were better because this is some serious eye candy. Once she stops playing, this gorgeous girl starts sucking and that’s fucking awesome. Nice eye contact from time to time to go along with the gorgeous face shots. Licking high and low, she gives his cock plenty of special attention. Check out her hot ass when she turns away from reverse cowgirl. Her ass is still on display in doggy thought she looks like she is about ready to just grab his cock and shove it right up her own ass if he doesn’t hurry the hell up. When she isn’t busy fucking, she flicks her tongue over the head of his cock and sucks the juices right off of that thing. She takes a nice big load on her face to cap off a spectacularly hot scene.

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