My Wife’s Been Robbed


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My Wife’s Been Robbed


124 Mins.

Black Ice

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Wife Watching, BBW

DIRECTOR: Tony Flush.


STARS: Brittney Delight, Jeanne Amos, Kendra Star, Mariah Cherry, Syvally Sweet,


This is supposed to be amateur cuckold footage. Nothing really amateur here though. The girls are new I guess, but the guys are the same old stand ins. There is a built in audience for this kind of movie. It’s an interracial flick with black dudes banging these wives and girlfriends. Some of the scenes have the women getting so into their new lovers that they mildly humiliate their men. If that is the angle you like then you might find something good here though it is far from extreme cuckold stuff. Sexually the movie is moderately hot at best. Some of the girls suck dick pretty well and the fucking isn’t bad. The biggest problem is that the women just aren’t all that hot. None of them are real stunners and a few are rather forgettable. Two of them are BBW or BBW-lite. I don’t mind that at all, but if that is not your thing then Mariah and Jeanne may not turn your crank. I did like Jeanne’s oral skills. Overall there just isn’t that much here to recommend. Average sex with slightly below average looking women just doesn’t make it great. Add some points if you like watching new chicks in light cuckold action. There are better movies with similar themes though.

Brittney Delight & King James

Brittney is supposed to be Dino’s girl. They are supposed to be swingers and that is supposed to make things interesting I suppose. Things have been getting a little boring behind closed doors so they want to add some spice. She has no trouble at all sucking black dick in front of her man. Dino just sits back and admires her skill set. He’s got a modest cock and she takes it pretty deep. They pull her up on top and she shows off a nice enough ass while rocking her hips and taking him deep. The camera gets in close during reverse cowgirl and she shows off a very nice little pussy. They finish up with a shot on her face. This one started out OK and kind of fizzled out.

Jeanne Amos & Bobby Black

Jeanne is a thick girl who might just be a BBW in some people’s book. Before hooking up, she shows off her ability to make her ass shake. Jeanne gets naked and then they tell us why they are here. Her man has been messing around with her friends, so it is only fair that she gets to mess around with Bobby. He doesn’t waste any time, kissing the thick brunette until she is more than ready to go after his cock. It takes him a while to get hard, but once he is all the way up, she easily takes him to the rood. Good skills here. Bobby goes down on her and she looks about half interested until he figures out the right spot. Honestly she seems to enjoy sucking his cock a lot more. Bobby starts fucking her and Jeanne’s man tries to see tortured by the site. They are certainly slapping together loudly and she has enough around the middle to jiggling and rolling from pussy to neck. When she turns over, Jeanne seems to be disinterested in her man totally, even slapping away his hands when he tries to touch her. In this position her big ass is really on display and it gets spanked enough to be visibly pink. They play up the fact that she’s way into the new guy which I suppose adds some appeal here. Her oral skills are really the most interesting thing about this scene. That and the BBW appeal because in reverse cowgirl she is definitely more than thick. He ends up shooting all over her tits so that she can scoop it up and lick it from her fingers.

Kendra Star & Dizzy D

Chad brings Kendra in for a little fun. They are married swingers and she has needs that he can’t always meet. Dizzy is going to see if he can lay it down this leggy brunette. She doesn’t wait long before taking his cock into her mouth. It’s balls deep in seconds. The camera moves around behind her for some big ass shots. The ass stays on display during cowgirl. Kendra does a great job of selling this. I’m not sure what she’s not getting at home. Maybe her man is super tiny or can’t get it up. At any rate, Dizzy is giving her something that she likes. Her boots are kind of sexy and when they cut to Chad he just has that “aw shucks” look on his face. I guess he doesn’t mind watching his girl get plowed. That’s true love baby. He ends up shooting his load all over her ass.

Mariah Cherry & Bobby Black

Mariah is so anxious for cock that she is already started on the dick when Kyle and the camera show up. She is a full sized BBW who enjoys the moderately sized chocolate stick in her mouth. As she sucks the camera drifts back to show her immense cheeks. Bobby reaches around, spanks them and tries to get his fingers in there. His tongue hits home from behind and has her panting for cock. Mariah owns a really nice set of big tits that she plays with while he eat continues to eat her. He moves between her legs and fucks her hard enough to really get the flesh shaking. If you like energetic BBWs then there is much to like here. If not, then you may want to look elsewhere. They add some spice to the mix as she lets Kyle know that this guy is doing something for her that he can’t. She does things like suck it straight from her pussy and is much louder with the new man. Add that bit of cuckold humiliation to the BBW appeal. Kyle plays a lot of these moping cuck characters lately and this time he watches his super sized girlfriend enjoy a new cock until it explodes all over her face.

Syvally Sweet & Sean Swipe

Syvally is a Portuguese girl with some Filipino in her. They are swingers and she wants to try black. Sean is happy to give her something new. This girl can hardly wait to get naked. She looks good with the clothes off and her shaved little pussy creams easily for his tongue. She returns the favor, working him up in her mouth very quickly. Nice looking blowojob footage her as she learns to suck a new dick. I love the doggy footage, but it ends quickly so she can ride it. Facing the camera she shows off her body nicely as she rocks her hips back and forth to keep her pussy full of hard cock. There isn’t much interplay with her man here, but she is the cutest girl in the movie so that carries the action. He bangs away until he is ready to pull out and spray down her sexy little ass. This isn’t a perfect scene, but it has some appeal to be sure.

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