Big Butts Like It Big 7


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Big Butts Like It Big 7


176 Mins.

Brazzers/Jules Jordan Video

THEMES: Big Butts, Anal Sex, Forced Sex


STARS: Phoenix Marie, MacKenzie Pierce, Aletta Ocean, Monica Santhiago, Emma Heart, Bobbi Starr (Bonus Scene)


Chicks with big asses apparently like big cocks shoved roughly up their asses. At least that seems to be the reality pushed here. There is a rough edge to the action here for sure. It’s also a hard core anal DVD with some seriously big asses. The set ups are pretty good and the anal sex is fucking awesome. Big butts are on display as well. In the opening scene, Phoenix Marie plays a rock star with a diva attitude and a sexy ass. Her band mates get sick of her shit and give her a thorough attitude adjustment. It is her first DP and it’s super hot. Great opening scene. MacKenzie Pierce tries to steal from Johnny Sins and ends up getting her big ass fucked. This is a little rough and way hot. Aletta Ocean is a hot stripper who gets ass fucked in the alley after work. Great action here. Monica Santhiago doesn’t speak much English, but her greek is great. Lastly we get Emma Heart as a time-traveling cop who gets split open by two hard cocks. Hot and dirty to the end this scene is really fun to watch. Overall this is a great movie if you enjoy big asses and hot anal sex. Bonus points if you like things a little edgy and maybe even a tad rough.

Phoenix Marie, Scott Nails & Jordan Ash

Phoenix is the lead singer in a band and when they go in for a photo shoot, she is clearly the star while the guys fade to the background. Uncomfortable with this sort of attention, Phoenix becomes a complete diva in a month’s time. We catch up with her throwing a fit in the dressing room. The band tries to talk to her about her singing and get bitched at instead. They decide that she needs to be taken down a peg and shove big cocks down her throat. She doesn’t resist, but there is plenty of slapping and rough play for people who are into that. After filling her mouth, they bend her over and start working on her ass. Phoenix takes it in the back door really, really well and shows off great energy. They have her in position for her first DP and she handles the two big cocks like a total champ. After sucking both cocks clean she have them shove them right back in. There are some great ass shots on display here in addition to the obvious appeal of watching two dicks stretch her tight holes. There are some great shots with her feet up over her head and then some standing DP. Phoenix really goes all out and gets her holes totally slam fucked. With one load fired onto her pretty face she gets taken from behind for a final round of hard anal until the second was paints her asshole and pussy.

MacKenzie Pierce & Johnny Sins

MacKenzie is pissed at her boyfriend who is lost and refuses to ask for directions. She wiggles her way down the street in short cut offs and a skimpy top. MacKenzie finds a store with a map, but has no cash. When she tires to take it, Johnny takes her into the back room and punishes her for trying to steal. He shoves his cock into her mouth. She says no at first, but then just settles down and sucks like a good girl. MacKenzie says that she doesn’t have anal sex with her boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from bending her over and fucking that ass good and hard anyway. Nice leg and ass shots to go along with the hot anal sex. With her big tits hanging for the camera, MacKenzie takes it deep in the ass and really pays for her bad attitude. Lots of A2M here and while she’s choking on his dick, MacKenzie is getting fingered in her little butthole. The main attraction here is her big ass and the way it stretched to take his cock. Hot eye candy and great ass shots along the way make this a perfect, semi-rough butt fuck. Johnny shoots his load all over her ass and then makes her scoop it up and eat it.

Aletta Ocean & James Deen

James goes in to a hot club that has only one rule. You don’t touch the dancers. He gets an eye full of Aletta and begs her not to spread her ass in his face. That’s his weakness. Well naturally she dances for a while and eventually bends way over and gives him something too good to refuse. Naturally he gets tossed out and is just pissed enough to meet Aletta out in the alley after she gets off work. No force here, she is totally down with sticking her ass up in the air so that he can do all the things he couldn’t do in the club. He eats it for a while and then lets her suck his cock. The focus is on the ass here as she gobbles knob while spreading her cheeks for the camera. He stands her up against the dumpster and pounds her sweet ass from behind. Aletta has a great ass and apparently likes the way it tastes on his cock. The A2M shorts are naughty, but the eye candy is super sweet here. She rides in RCA with her whole body on display and her whole hand nearly in her pussy. If you like deep anal with a lot of finger play at the same time then she provides plenty of that. The alley is kind of fun and her big black boots add some clothing appeal, but mostly this is a hot anal scene that ends with a big load all over her stretched sphincter.

Monica Santhiago & Kieran Lee

Monica shows up at Kieran’s door looking for help. He can’t understand a word she is saying, but when she mentions money and shows him her card, he gets it. She’s an escort and he decides to take advantage. Nice spanking shots here as he pulls her in and slaps her ass through her shorts. As the ass comes out, we get some really good butt shots. Kieran isn’t taking it easy on this working girl, fucking her face until she drools all over the couch. She lets him rub his sack all over her face while fingering her asshole on a reach around. Her ass is all juiced up and ready for some serious fucking. This is a pretty good scene and has a lot of choking and spitting for those who like it rough. It’s my least favorite of the movie, but the shots of Monica on her back with her legs spread and his dick balls deep in her ass are pretty fucking great. There are some good butt shots to go along with the intense anal, but it is still the weakest scene in a strong bunch. He creams her ass and she scoops it up like a good girl.

Emma Heart, Mick Blue & James Deen

This scene is a hot XXX version of The Teleporter in which Emma Heart is chasing some bad guys through time and space. She’s got James dead to rights and wants the combination to his briefcase. When he won’t give it up, she smothers him with her big ass. It almost works, but Mick Blue pops in and now they get to play with the naughty cop. They spank her big butt and make sure she knows she is about to be taken down a peg. Emma is put on her knees so she can suck cock and she does a really good job down there. The guys switch places and James fingers her from behind while she drools on Mick’s pole. They get her going at both ends with one fucking her from behind in doggy while the other beats her face with hard meat. Slipping a cock into her ass, James takes out his frustrations a few inches at a time. When one dick is not enough, the guys pin her between them and fuck both hot holes at once. Emma’s big ass is nicely displayed and she takes every inch with ease. The guys finish up with a couple of big loads for her face before leaving her cuffed and dripping with cream.

Bonus: Bonus Scene (Bobbi Starr) Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Trailers


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