Asa Akira is Insatiable


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Asa Akira is Insatiable


223 Mins.

Elegant Angel

THEMES: Asa Akira, Anal Debut, Gang Bang, DP, Facials, Dirty Talk



STARS: Asa Akira, Manuel Ferrara, London Keyes, Erik Everhard, Prince Yashua, Toni Ribas, Jon Jon, Eric John, Hooks, Rob Banks, Broc Adams, Prodigy X, Jason Katana & Arnold S


OK, it may be time to start getting some hardware engraved for Asa Akira, Mason and this flick as a whole. Yeah, that probably just gave away the bulk of the review, but you can run right out and buy your copy right now. The timing of the release of this movie probably isn’t a coincidence. It is a fantastic stroke flick from start to finish with exquisite tease footage, intense sexual energy and a whole lot of firsts for Asa Akira. Fans who have been waiting to see Asa take it in the ass, do a gang bang or get DP’d will have all of their dreams come true in one spectacular stroke flick. Every scene in this movie is worth watching more than once. Even if you aren’t an Asa Akira fan, you are going to love them all. The movie shows off Asa‘s beauty and her sexual skills perfectly and allows Mason to show off a bit as well. The opening gang bang is the best example of this. The dimly lit porn theater is a great setting for the wonderful filth that follows. With well paced action and a sexy, dirty feel, it is the perfect combination of Asa and Mason. The action itself is super hot and the repeated cumshots at the end are fucking perfect. That’s just the first scene. Asa hooks up with Manuel for her first anal and it is well worth the wait. His huge cock works her over, but she takes it all and does so with great energy. This is probably my favorite scene of the movie and one of the best anal debuts of the year. Prince and Jon Jon double up on Asa in an athletic scene that features some really filthy talk. Erik Everhard and Toni Ribas also double up on Asa for her first DP. It’s blistering hot as well. London Keyes shares Manuel with Asa in another scene you won’t soon forget. The women get sweaty, out of breath and totally rock that big cock. There isn’t a bad scene in this movie and if anyone isn’t in love with Asa Akira when it’s all over then you’re missed the boat. This flick gets Mason a nomination for best director (single movie and body of work) and should earn Asa a Performer of the Year nod, maybe even a win. Yes folks, it’s that fucking good.

Asa Akira Gang Bang

Setting the mood right away, Asa strolls down a dark street and slips into a seedy porn theater. The men inside are old school raincoaters, staring lustily at the screen and jerking off discreetly. Asa appears and opens her coat, exposing her perfect body. The men begin to stare at her as she slowly slides her hands into her panties. Eric John is the first to make a bold move and grab her sweet flesh. When she responds well, others join him. Asa finds herself surround by cocks in no time and begins to suck them. It’s still a little dark, but she cranks the heat up so quickly that everything is perfectly set up. Anyone who has ever seen Asa suck dick knows just how fucking hot she is with her mouth. Taking on these guys just seems like second nature for her. The guys take turns on her mouth, some of them letting her suck and others taking a more forceful approach. More than just a blow bang, this scene kicks it up a notch when Asa bends over and gets her pussy filled by strange cock. The guys start to intensify the fucking, pounding Asa‘s tight little pussy while her mouth stays busy as well. One at a time they just blast her full force. The cum shots start and they are awesome Asa begs for seed and gets covered from pussy to face. The guys keep pumping her as the hot jizz dries on her sexy body. She rubs her pussy and chokes herself while getting off on the guys calling her names. This is pure fucking filth in the best sense of the word. As gang bang finishes go this is as good as they get and this scene alone is worth making this DVD part of your collection forever.

Asa Akira & Manuel Ferrara (Anal)

Before her anal debut, Asa does a candid interview that is very interesting. Then she teases by the pool. Starting off in a bikini Asa shows off her tight body. Next she uses a couple of different butt plugs to get things all warmed up back there. By the time the scene starts things are already at a boiling point. Manuel starts on her tits, but soon moves to her ass, pulling the glass plug from Asa with his mouth and letting her suck on it. They start fucking right away and she is screaming that she is cumming almost from the start. Everything moves fast at first, fucking, sucking, cumming and screaming. Their heat sort makes for an unusual scene rhythm at first, but once they get going, it’s an express train to strokesville. His big cock is a stretch even for her pussy, but she loves the way it fills her. With her leg pulled up to her chest, she lets him into her ass. This is a moment a lot of fans have been waiting for and Asa does not disappoint. Manuel doesn’t take it easy, slamming up into her ass form below while she screams out for more. Stuffing the dick into her mouth, Asa does A2M while ramming fingers into her freshly fucked butthole. The energy here is fantastic, with dirty talk and deep, hard strokes in mish and spoon. I’m totally in lust with Asa so you guys know that I’m digging the eye candy, but I think everyone else will too. The big load he fires on her face is perfectly captured by the camera and her mouth. Manual sprays her down and then slams her ass until she has one last screaming orgasm.

Asa Akira, Prince Yashua & Jon Jon

After a sunning bit of tease in the LA River made famous in Grease, Asa is already naked as she gets down to business with Prince and Jon Jon. She gets right down on her knees and starts sucking like the perfect slut. Asa takes a big cock with both hands and jerks it into her mouth as her twat is being licks and prepared for some deep dick action. With energy to burn this is another scene that starts out in high gear and just keeps getting better by the second. She rides hard in reverse cowgirl, never letting the second cock free from her mouth. They use her flexibility really well during this scene. Asa pulls her leg way back and just gets slammed silly. She is working fingers into her ass as well, making sure that all three of her hot holes are getting at least some attention. They have her standing for a while when Prince lifts her up to his face. That’s some high flying sexual acrobatics. Prince busts all over her pretty face and then turns it over to Jon Jon who pounds away while she is begging him to shoot his load. He paints her face and the smacks her lips with his cock while she makes herself. Cum.

Asa Akira, London Keyes & Manuel Ferrara

Since Asa is submissive, the action in this three-way suits her perfectly. It starts with Asa and London Keyes hooking up for some serious lesbian loving. Asa crawls between her friend’s thighs and buries her face. It looks like she’s trying to tongue fuck her uterus she’s in there so deep. Returning the favor, London proves to be quite skilled with her tongue. I’m not a huge fan of girl on girl action, but this one would have been just fine as a veggie plate. Manuel joins them though and things really take off. His cock looks enormous in her hands and mouth, but Asa loves it as only she can. London gets on top of the dick and shakes her big sexy ass while she gets drilled. Since Asa is so often the submissive one, she has a really good time helping London be a good little slut. (Including some finger up that asshole.) With the girls taking turns on the dick, the action comes fast and hard. There is a lot of choking here as well as plenty of super deep strokes into two very wet pussies. Some of the best footage comes later when the girls are fighting over his cock. They do some dueling deep sucking before Asa takes a stunning ride in reverse cowgirl. The girls get fucked silly long before Manuel unloads into Asa‘s mouth. Not wanting to hog the cream she takes it right over to London and spit it into her mouth. Holy fuck this scene is hot.

Asa Akira, Erik Everhard & Toni Ribas

This final scene is going to be Asa‘s first DP, but before we even get there it’s time for another white hot tease sequence. Damn she’s so good looking it hurts. Asa starts out by enthusiastically sucking Toni’s cock while Erik pulls her pussy onto his face. With two hard dicks so close to her mouth you know that Asa is going to suck them both at some point. She also crawls around the floor like an animal in heat. The guys get her into position at the couch and start fucking her pussy and mouth simultaneously. The energy here is super high. Asa has to bring her A game to keep up with both Everhard and Ribas. They are out to destroy her in the best way possible and she matches every stroke. There are some great shots of Asa with her legs pushes over her head while she jerks Erik’s cock and takes Toni balls deep into her delicious little pookie. The way she keeps sticking her ass out we all know that it’s about to nailed as well. It finally happens and she screams out like it’s the greatest thing she has ever felt. Even though this is a DP scene, some of the best footage comes with Erik in her ass while Asa sucks Toni. We just get to see so much more. When both guys are working her at once, she just rolls her hips and takes every inch. Asa waited a while to take it in the ass, but she hit the ground running. Erik drops his load first and with it still running down her chin, Toni fucks her from behind until his balls also explode all over that pretty face.

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