BatFXXX: A Dark Knight Parody



BatFXXX: A Dark Knight Parody


221 Mins.

Bluebird Films

THEMES: Comic Book Fantasy, Aphrodisiacs,

DIRECTOR: Nicholas Steele,


STARS: Nick Manning, Paul Chaplin, Madelyn Marie, Anna Lovato, Krissy Lynn, Isis Love, Tory Lane, Alexa Nicole, Persia Pele, Carolyn Reese, Bobbi Starr, Dani Jensen, Phoenix Marie, Yurizan Beltran, Katie Kox, Jenny Hendrix, Brynn Tyler, Nika Noire, Jazy Berlin, Brooke Haven, Brooke Banner, Dylan Ryder, Mason Moore, Madison Fox, Jamey Janes, Andy San Dimas, Blake Rose, Kristina Rose, Breanne Benson, Scarlett Fay, Mina, Delta White, Cindy Behr, Jasmine Black, Kaia Kane, Rio Lee, Stacye Saran,


We have seen Batman done the campy way quite well. Bluebird is going after the modern telling of the Dark Knight with Bat Fuck. With Nick Manning and Paul Chaplin playing the Dark Night and the Joker, we have a full blown war for the heart and soul of the city. This is a much darker Batman than Vivid gave us and it works. It is serious with a decent story (Though it seems a bit frantic and thrown together at times.) The female leads are pretty great. Madelyn Marie plays Kat Woman and does some great fucking in costume. I know that I’m not the only one who digs that aspect of this movie. She looks great in the tight black suit and I couldn’t be happier. Krissy Lynn plays Robina and is really sexy. She is super cute and has a lot of sexual action. There is a lot more that they could have done with her, but she is still one of the highlights of the movie. Isis Love plays Bat Babe and looks great in her mask, but really isn’t given much to do other than fuck. The cast for this movie is huge in large part because almost every scene is an orgy. That makes things interesting on some levels, but a little dull on others. I’m personally not a huge fan of orgy scenes to the overdose of group gropes wore very thin for me. If you feel differently then the sex in this feature is right up your alley. For me, the group sex theme is what hurt the overall movie. There are some great characters here (Maybe too many) and the individual dynamics would have been a lot of fun to watch unfold. Bat Fuck, Joker, Robina, Kat Woman, the possibilities go on and on, but when they become just faces, dicks and pussies in a crowd it sort of loses its focus. As such, picking out a single female as the sexual highlight of the film is nearly impossible. A few of the orgies make sense from a story standpoint, but I think I was hoping for more in terms of individual chemistry, comic book fantasy appeal and non-orgy strokeability. This is huge production in every sense of the word. It’s an epic feature with a monster cast and at nearly four hours long have more than enough sexual energy to get you through a few days’ worth of porn viewing.

Kristina Rose, Blake Rose & Nick Manning

It is really good to be a masked crime fighter apparently. After roughing up some bad guys, Bat Fuck frees a pair of hot flight attendants played by Blake and Kristina Rose. They demand a little Bat love and he gives it to them in the dark warehouse. Give Blake some credit here because she is teamed up with one of porn’s hottest babes in Kristina and does a fantastic job of matching her heat. The dim lighting is a bit of a downer, but there are some really nice shots here. Blake has a lovely, smooth pussy that swallows cock greedily while Kristina watches on. Nick gets into character, growling as he likes to do as he pounds away on Kristina from behind. There is some serious dirty talk coming from Kristina’s mouth both during her turn on the dick and while she watched Nick slam fuck her hot friend. We don’t have to hear Nick scream until the very end when the girls jerk a load out from him and he screams out about dropping “Bat Loads.” Holy pretentious jag-offs. Still hot scene from the babes.

Gangster Orgy

Joker introduces his laughing gas to the crime syndicate. They are hesitant at first, even when he delivers a docile Bat Babe (Isis Love) as a party favor. The whole room gets a dose of the spray and breaks out into a sexual frenzy. The lighting is harsh and some of the camera angles are a little odd, but there is plenty of fun stuff to go around. They may have missed the boat a little on the captive Bat Babe angle by throwing her into the mix with a massive orgy, but I the action that is here is very good. I’m not a huge fan of big group scenes, but the big facial finishes are well worth it and everyone is convinced that the Joker can deliver when he drops his cream all over Bat Babes pretty masked face.

Madelyn Knight

Kat Woman and her assistant handle the Mayor and the Police Commissioner with some gas and then some pussy. They have the horny men eating out of their hands and eating their precious snatches as well. Madelyn is a perfect costumed villain, with a great set of tits to pop out of her costume and a hungry mouth eager to devour hard flesh. There is some great side by side fucking that includes a whole lot of spanking. These naughty kitties know how to get the job done and Madelyn stays in her hot costume for most of the action. (I know that is going to thrill a lot of people.) Kat Woman takes the load on her big tits while her naughty assistant gets a face full of man milk to make her purr.

Stripper Orgy

Joker uses his spray to subdue Kat Woman and turn a strip club into a sex club. The strippers get crazy under the flashing light and we end up with another scene that is wall to wall fucking and sucking. The heavy shadows and quick cuts kind of kill the heat for me, but everywhere the camera points we get something pretty good. As before, add some bonus points if you like orgies. This assault on the eyes includes some really nice doggy ass shots and plenty of horny strippers showing you what can go on in the VIP Room when a maniacal genius unleashes a powerful aphrodisiac. Brooke Banner looks really good here and Brooke Haven is busy handling two dicks at once. The facials are a really nice way to cap the action.

Sugar & Spice

Two-Face normally has to choose between Sugar and Spice, but the girls want to share him today. They show him that both sides can be fun and that he is man enough to give them both what they need. The girls pass the cock back and forth and also entertain one another. As is the case with most of the movie, the action is very dark here. I know it’s a look, but the heavy shadows definitely take away from the strokeability. The contrast of the outfits is fun and Sugar’s white gloves and lingerie really stand out. I really like the dirty talk and the way the girls play off their characters to have fun. They end up sharing a big load at the end.

Joker’s Orgy

After a really cool fight between Kat Woman and Robina (Krissy Lynn) it’s time for another group scene. Joker oversees everything including some hot action from Bobbi Starr. Overcome by the love spray, Krissy spreads her wings and goes from hero to slut in seconds. Kat Woman gets fucked in costume again, but the group nature seems to have taken away some of the really fun energy that should be here between the two combatants. Krissy is really hot here and fucks like she can’t wait to get off. Mixing all the other girls in adds some interesting eye candy, but it really fucks with the flow. If you’re OK with this, then you get what we have had from the start. Great orgy action. But if you want to see Robina and Kat Woman sharing a cock without cutting away, then you’re going to be disappointed. Joker enjoys corrupting the young heroine, and then has his cock sucked by Kat Woman even as Bobbi Star gets drilled hard from a few feet away. Facial around this time including one for Kat Woman and one that Bobbi shares with Krissy.

Poison Ivy Orgy

Tory Lane plays Ivy and she does so quite nicely. She traps Bat Fuck, Robina and has plenty of botanical beauties around for yet another orgy. Tory takes cock really deep into her throat and then is quite vocal as she gets nailed from behind. Krissy is sucking off Bat Fuck and once again this seems like a missed opportunity for something very hot. Switching back to Tory is fine, but everything just loses a little steam every time they do that. Ivy trades places with Robina and lets the henchmen fuck the Girl Wonder. Tory gets rimmed and then stuffed hard while she grinds on one of her girls. Between Tory’s filth and the way Krissy loves getting banged, there is plenty to enjoy here. Nice cum shots here at the end including a big one that covers Krissy’s sexy chest and tummy. Tory of course eats her load.

Bat Babe Orgy

While messing around with an antidote, Bat Babe sprays herself, the doctor and nurse. Enter three horny guys and you have yet another group grope scene. I’m definitely over this dynamic, but there are some hit moments anyway. The sexy blonde nurse really has her hands full with a big cock and Isis is even hotter this time around as Bat Babe. Six people makes for a smaller orgy, but we still cut away from something hot in mid stroke and that’s just enough to slow things down too much. I would much rather have just seen the nurse fuck or watched Bat Babe take on three cocks. The cum flows, but I’m just kind of bored to death with group scenes.

Final Orgy

Yes this movie just has to end with a massive orgy. That would actually make sense but we have seen so many that it loses its impact. Krissy steals the show again, sucking like crazy. Bat Babe swallows all of Bat Fuck’s meat with ease. The rest of the girls try to get attention, but we keep going back to Krissy. The costumed Bats fucking is also very good, but we keep cutting away from them. The impact of their paring is largely lost. Kat Woman joins the fun and does some impressive oral tricks. There is plenty here, but it’s just a little too much of the same old stuff. They have a Sybian in the mix as well keeping the girls going when they don’t have a cock. Babe Babe gets a shot all over her mask, Katie Kox gets sprayed and Kat Woman eats a big Bat Load.

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