Butt Licking Anal Whores 15


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Butt Licking Anal Whores 15


Movie Type: Anal Sex

Minutes: 132

Pariah Pictures

Director: Khan Tusion (Interview with Khan Tusioin

Themes: Female Degradation, Filth, Misogyny

Condoms: No

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Ally Ann, Ally Styles. Amy Brooke, Blue Angel, Carla Cox, Eva Ellington, McKenzie Banks, Misty Love

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

Each of the four scenes in Butt Licking Anal Whores 15 features two girls on one guy. Usually, one of the ladies is the designated butt licker. The other, of course, is the anal whore. In this first scene, Eva Ellington is the licker while Ally Styles is the whore. Christian XXX is the lucky fella that’s grouped along with them. As you might expect, there’s very little vaginal sex here. Ally’s ass is tapped in several different positions and some of her gaping is downright nasty. You’ll have no problem seeing this girls insides when her cheeks are held open. As for Eva, she’s willing to lick asshole, but by no means does her tongue ever go deep. She probes the edges of Ally’s anus quite lightly. There are times where she wipes ass juice, off both the cock and asshole, before getting anywhere near it. She gets a little cum in her mouth, swallows and does a little more asshole licking to close it. To me the sex action is secondary to all of Khan’s (Interview with Khan Tusioin commentary. There are racist jokes, but they don’t seem quite as bad as some of the questions that poor little Eva gets asked. Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin wants to know how she can be in porn with her background. Her father is successful and she attended parochial school as a youth, so he figures it‘s a question worth asking. You’ll have to watch to see how Eva responds.

Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin continues to combine Eurobabes with American gals by pairing Blue Angel with Amy Brooke. We get to know Amy quite intimately in this scene. She has no problem admitting that her father is the VP of American Express and openly talks about how her family members react to her being a porn star. She also mentions that she’s drank her own piss. How appetizing. Both girls eat each other’s asses and Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin forces the issue by pushing Blue Angel‘s face deep inside Amy’s ass. He also steps (lightly) on Amy’s puss, but she doesn’t mind it at all. Rocco Reed gets to fuck Amy in both cowgirls before he taps her ass. Throughout the action, Blue Angel does an excellent job of staying busy. ATM is no problem for her and the same goes for puss and ass licking. What makes this scene additionally nasty is that Amy lets Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin spit right in her face. Blue Angel‘s willing to let him spit on her too, but on her tits instead. A girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere, right? Rocco cums on Amy’s face and Blue Angel‘s there to lick it on up.

The ladies are at their youngest when Misty Love and Ally Ann get together. The opening questions here are really pretty amusing. “Would you eat your own mom’s pussy?”Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin doesn’t stop there and also asks whether the girls would do their dads. The answers they give are very interesting, to say the least. Ally spends some time tasting asshole before Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin has some fun of his own. He spits on Misty and spanks her quite a lot. Later on in the scene, he twists on Misty’s breast in a not-so-friendly fashion. Ally lets him step on her pussy before Joel Lawrence shows up. For this scene, Misty is the one that’ll be doing the anal. All the munching comes courtesy of Ally. What makes this scene great is Ally’s enthusiasm. Despite all of Khan’s (Interview with Khan Tusioin talk, throughout the entire endeavor, she puts out a good effort. Even though she doesn’t do ATM, her ass eating isn’t at all shabby. Misty’s quite the anal trooper, too. The ass-fucking isn’t at all easy for her; they actually have to stop shooting at one point because she’s so pained by it. The finishing touch is a large cumshot to Misty’s chest.

More so than any of the other scenes, this last one has a lot of tension between the girls and Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin. They’re clearly not liking his style, but they are being paid and Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin is very quick to remind them of this. When he tells Carla Cox to refer to herself as a piece of shit or a whore, you’ve got to admire her for refusing. More than once, she playfully lets Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin know that he’s number one in her book. Rocco Reed will be tapping Carla’s ass and a girl that’s clearly quite new to the scene, McKenzie Banks, will be there to sniff and suckle ass. Rocco lets Carla explore his own ass when she inserts a finger inside it. The chemistry between the two of them is perhaps the best you’ll see on the entire release. When told to say, “I love you”to Rocco’s ass, McKenzie refuses. She explains her reasoning, saying, “I don’t love asses.”Like Carla, she also won’t say that she’s a piece of shit, but she is willing to suck shit off a schlong. Carla’s prepared to do the same and there are times where Rocco’s none to gentle with her butthole. McKenzie shows her lack of experience when Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin tells Rocco, “OK, one more position and then you can pop.”McKenzie is confused about what the term “pop”means, but Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin lets her in on the porn lingo. Unfortunately, the ending doesn’t go according to plan. After Rocco comes in Carla’s ass, it’s supposed to be forced out into McKenzie’s waiting mouth. Carla tries to finger the gelatinous goo out, but there’s still nothing in sight. She says it must be somewhere in her stomach. Khan’s (Interview with Khan Tusioin none too happy about this, but it was still an amusing scene.

Having watched this stuff, I can only feel as if it’s less about sexual pleasure and more about sexual tension. Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin consistently fucks with these girls’ heads. He really tries to push their buttons and you come to realize a lot about them while watching this stuff. Sad to say, but you find out just how low these girls are willing to go for a paycheck. They allow Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin to belittle and make fun of them, but I must say that it’s the conflict created that kept me glued to the tube. At times, I was cringing inwardly while Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin talked his shit, but enthralled at the same time. I have to admit that I found myself eager to hear what filth would come out of Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin‘s mouth next.

Combine all of that with the foul nature of the anal sex and butthole sampling, and you’ve got quite an interesting piece of work on your hands. Keep in mind that this one’s not for those that are easily offended. There are a few racist jokes and the women aren’t placed on a high pedestal. At one point, Khan (Interview with Khan Tusioin says, “I hate women!”And I don’t think he’s entirely joking around when by stating this. That said, there are instances where he’s (slightly) apologetic for his remarks. For those that find porn has gotten to be a bore, this might just spice things up for you.


Overall Rating: A-

Female Looks: B-

Male Looks: C-

Picture Quality: B

Extras: None

Plot/Acting: N/A

Sex: B

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