Montana Fishburne

Montana Fishburne

MOVIE TYPE: Celebrity Sex

67 Mins.


THEMES: Celebrity, Interracial Sex, Squirting


STARS: Montana Fishburne


When it comes to celebrity sex movies, Vivid has taken the lead over the rest of the industry. This latest effort is stretching the word celebrity a bit. Montana Fishburne is a beautiful young woman famous for who her daddy is. That may to qualify her as the next Pairs Hilton, but it’s not like Kim Kardashian was a household name before sucking dick on camera. So now Montana is giving it her shot. I was all set to hate this movie for all the usual reasons. Trouble is, I can’t hate it. In fact I kind of loved it from the start. Montana is great looking from head to toe. She has a pretty face and one of the best sets of boobs you will see. She also gives phenomenal head. Not just for a celebrity, but compared to any girl in the business. This babe is already a top notch oral artist and her BJ’s make this DVD worth checking out. Much of the fucking in this movie comes in cramped quarters so it is technically shaky as all such movies are. I’m not sure if Montana plans to do more porn or not, but after this one I will be in line to buy whatever else she’s got coming.

We start with Montana strolling through the mall. It’s; a little too up close to really appreciate her body, but they try for some ass shots as she tells us that she likes black panties and thongs. Nothing more than just a little flashing happens in the store.

The flashing picks up a bit as Montana drives. She gets felt up and takes her tits out as she cruises down the street. It gets her so hot that she has to pull over and give some head. As celebrity blowjobs go, Montana‘s front seat knob polishing really stands out. She’s super pretty and smiles as she takes dick in her mouth. It is so good that she repeats this action after driving a few more blocks. This is seriously good head. Not just for a celebrity, but in general. Montana smiles, makes eye contact, uses her tongue well, takes it deep and pretty much does everything you could ask. She also doesn’t stop until he shoots his load in her mouth. That’s always a plus.

The first load is just the start. They slip into the backseat and she mounds his cock. The POV footage is shaky and the quarters are cramped, but there is plenty to love about this. Her tits are fucking amazing and her pussy keeps squirting every few strokes. It isn’t easy to shoot this, but the raw energy really makes it work. This is like early gonzo porn with some lighting and space issues, but so much good sex that you overlook it. They get out of the car and go for some standing doggy and then more mish. If you like the close up shots of the action and a pretty smiling face, then this will give you all the angles you need. I love what we get here, but every time the camera focuses on her tits things get even better. They finish with a second shot on her boobs. This is easily some of the best celebrity fucking I’ve ever seen.

The second round kicks off at home. Montana is sitting on the counter and uses her pocket rocket to warm up the pussy. When that isn’t enough she shoves a few fingers up in there and really gets everything going. The camera gets in close while she rubs her fingers against her clit and her meaty lips. She starts squirting all over the place. Her body looks fantastic and the guy holding the camera reaches up and grabs her boobs for a while. Montana gets horny and has to put her mouth around his cock. She looks up into the camera and jerks him off while taking it as deep as she can. Once again she shows the sort of oral skills that really could make her quite popular in the porn world. They move out of the bathroom and she gets on all fours so we can see glimpses over her ass as she sucks. He turns her around and fucks her from behind, enjoying that pussy while we get to watch her body. There are some lighting issues as they work in mish. Once those are taken care of we get some really nice shots of that hot body. Montana is seriously a well built woman Good sex here and she slides off to take his load on her face. She holds her mouth open and loves the taste.

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