Asian Booty


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Asian Booty 2


199 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Asian Girls, Interracial Sex, Anal Sex


STARS: Asa Akira, Max Makita, London Keyes, Jasmine Leih, Kaiya Lynn, Kita Zen,


This is a movie I have really been looking forward to seeing. LT has shot some great stuff recently and for some reason I thought I might enjoy it. It might have to do with the fact that LT is a great director who knows how to make great movies. Then again it could be the fact that I just really dig hot Asian girls. Let’s just call it a little of both and kick off a review of one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. With a great cast, good tease and super hot sex, Asian Booty 2 is just about perfect from start to finish. It begins with Asa Akira who is so fucking hot it’s almost unreal. For a petite girl, she has a seriously great ass. She looks fantastic from start to finish and turns in a white hot, semi-submissive scene that includes some ass play. Max Makita doesn’t play around with the ass, she just gets her fucked raw and hard. This is some of the best anal action you will see this year. London Keyes shakes her ass a lot, but keeps the cock out of it. That doesn’t keep her from giving one hell of a hot scene. Jasmine Leih gets off to a slow start, but she ends up giving us a spectacular anal fuck. The finale is a great thee-way between veteran Kaiya Lynn and super sexy Kita Zen. The pace is perfect and Kaiya provides her ass for some serious deep dick action. Three ways don’t get much hotter than this. Overall this is a great stroke flick with hot chicks and even hotter sex. If you like Asian girls with sexy asses, some of them even well-fucked then this is a must-see flick for sure.

Asa Akira

You really can’t do much better than to open a movie with Asa Akira. She comes into the bedroom in a hot little outfit and thigh high black boots that make her legs look even hotter than usual. Asa settles in on the bed watching a copy of Asian Booty one and rubbing her tight little pussy. Her little toy gets her warmed up, but LT has something bigger for those horny holes. As he works down her body and licks her pussy, Asa reaches back to finger her asshole. Damn that thing looks tight. When she moves her mouth to LT’s cock, Asa reaches back and puts her toy in her ass. They move out of the bed and fuck against the wall. We get some great low angle shots as he pounds her. Asa drops to the ground, puts her ass in the air and screams while he slams her. In full submissive mode, Asa crawls around, sucking his cock as they move to couch where they turn the heat up even more. Asa alternates between fucking that big cock and sucking it while stroking with both hands. He finally shoots a huge load into her mouth and we get to watch as Asa spits it into her hands and licks it up. The bar has been set incredibly high.

Max Makita

Sexy Max knows a thing or two about teasing. She gets undressed slowly and rubs her pussy with her fingers, circling that cit until she looks ready to explode. LT walks in with his cock wagging and she just starts sucking it. Max is a very sexy girl who gets gently face fucked without every missing a beat. Max turns around and bends over, giving him a clean shot at her ass. He slides that cock right in and goes balls deep. The ass shots are tremendous and she gives a very energetic anal performance. Once he has given her all he has to give, she gets on top, spreads her legs wide and pumps. Watching her use that tight asshole to jerk him off is just fucking incredible. This isn’t just some gentle little ass fuck either. She gets on her back, holds her ass open and just has him pound it until she looks ready to burst. If that doesn’t get you going then you can wait around for her to get on top and just ride in RCA like she’s scratching the deepest itch. He finally shoots a big load all over her open mouth. She keeps encouraging him as he dumps that load and lets her eat it up. Now the anal bar has been set REALLY high.

London Keyes

London calls up LT for a little fun. While she waits we get to watch he strut around in a little pink dress that doesn’t hide her full sexy cheeks at all. When LT arrives she has that ass all stuck out so he just shoves his tongue right in there and starts licking. She stays bent over as he slides his cock right into her wet pussy. After that hard and fast fuck, they move downstairs where she gets her first taste of the meat. Sucking it as she stares up into his eyes, London makes a very pretty picture. Great blowjob footage here, but check her out up on top of that dick. London spreads her legs wide and grinds her hips until every black inch is deep inside of her horny hole. LT flips her over, watches her rub her pussy for a while and then drives home his dick as hard as he can. When he releases her, LT dives after the ass again, licking and spanking it some more. Man she is an energetic girl when she is on top. London is very energetic and happily gets down on her knees to take a big load of cream all over that pretty face. That’s three scenes so far and three awesome fucks.

Jasmine Leih

This is a booty movie, but Jasmine really like showing off her firm titties. They might be her best feature, but her butt is pretty nice as well, especially when she is on all fours to show it off. Jasmine takes that fine ass and those fresh tits inside and LT samples it all. She samples his long cock, showing off her full lips as he reaches down to play with her nipples. There are some great ass shots as she rides his lap. After three home runs this one takes a slight step back, but it is still very well shot and features some nice reach around anal fingering. I like the eye candy here as much as the booty shots. Moving from pussy to ass he works her cheeks. Though she isn’t as crazy for anal as Max, Jasmine takes it all and then cleans him up with some A2M. Good close ups during the RCA make for some really hot shots. By the time he is done pounding her flat into the couch I’m almost ready to take back that part about her not being quite as crazy for anal as Max. He pulls out and shoots all over her face and tits. This one isn’t too bad either.

Kaiya Lynn & Kita Zen

Kaiya makes the call and then finds Kita masturbating. They are both dressed in full porn glam outfits so you know they are going to get royally reamed. First Kaiya wants to sit on Kita’s face and take full advantage of that pretty little tongue. Great kissing and hot pussy licking her. Kita likes to spit on slit and then shove toys in for good measure. LT comes in while the girls are enjoying themselves and just folds right into the action. Kita sucks it first with Kaiya stroking it into her friend’s mouth. That shit is super fucking hot. Great action here. Kaiya knows how to make a scene hot and she knows how to make it nasty. With Kita being fucked from behind, she jerks him again and lends her talented mouth whenever his meat pops into the open. The girls switch off and the heat stays high. Kaiya really loves that big cock and rides hard in reverse cowgirl. The boots and thigh high fishnets add to a great looking scene as Kita drops her head in there and licks the dick clean. The anal finally comes in late with Kita watching as Kaiya opens her cheeks and gets rammed from behind. The spoon is good, but doggy is even better with Kaiya burying her pretty face between Kita’s spread thighs. Her ass really looks good in cowgirl too. LT slides her up and down on his meat and lets her get off for some hot and dirty A2M. The girls get their faces in close as he unloads a big was of cream. Most of it gets on Kita’s face, but the girls kiss and swap so it all evens out in the end.

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