Janine & Jessica’s Dirty Desires



Janine & Jessica’s Dirty Desires


90 Mins.

Low Art


THEMES: Arty Porn, Lesbian Sex


STARS: Janine Lindemulder, Jessica Jaymes, Dylan Ryder, Sandee Westgate,



This is a movie to grab for a lot of reasons. First of all, it’s the only thing Janine has shot in a while. That is reason enough for some people. She hooks up with Jessica Jaymes in a couple of hot girl/girl scenes and offers a fantastic solo. If you’re at all into Janine, then the rest of what I have to say about the movie wont’ matter. You need to grab it no matter what. Jessica Jaymes is also heavily featured sexually. Her G/G scenes with both Sandee Westgate (Yum) and Dylan Ryder are very hot. The sexual intensity here is very good. It’s all girl on girl and solo so you obviously have to dig that a little to get much out of it. Beyond the sex appeal, Dirty Desires is pretty cool. It is shot by Oren Cohen who has delivered what they promise is the “prettiest filth, period.” It hits the mark in this regard. It is gritty, visually interesting and well shot. It doesn’t have the pretentious feel of most “alt-porn” projects, but offers some of the same edge that makes them interesting. It’s very pretty and rather filthy, making it a worth while movie to pick up if you like interesting, naughty, hot porn. Think Andrew Blake with a serious edge.

Janine & Jessica

From the opening frame, it is obvious that this is not your ordinary flick. The make up and lighting give the whole thing a unique look. Janine has Jessica at her mercy, rubs black roses all over her big tits and slowly licks her way down her body. Janine knows her way around another woman’s pussy and teases Jessica until the busty brunette is out of breath and ready for the next step. They get on the floor and writhe around. The sex here is solid if you like genuine heat in your lesbian action. The visual style is very interesting. It has sort of a high glam look against the stark dirty set. Janine and Jessica provide sexual heat so we’re off to a good start.


Janine opens the next scene on a mattress in what appears to be a freight elevator or an old warehouse. She’s got long striped socks on to give her that alt/punk look to match her ink. Slowly stripping, Janine reveals more of her body, putting on a great show. Her panties get pulled up between her lips for a while as she teases herself. When they are out of the way, she is free to play with that pussy and just enjoy herself. Driving herself crazy on that dirty mattress, she proves that filthy can be hot and that a great solo scene can take place anywhere.

Janine & Jessica Jaymes

Hooking up for a second time in the first three scenes, Janine and Jessica come into this one already wet. Literally wet with water dripping onto them as they share a passionate kiss. Janine takes charge, sucking Jessica‘s nipples, and massaging her tongue with her own. The sensuality is impossible to miss and if you enjoy the visual style so far then you’re going to love the way this one is lit. Locking up in 69, these two women provide great eye candy as they strive to drive one another crazy. Jessica crawls up between Janine‘s legs and proves that she knows how to make another girl feel pretty good herself. Riding Janine‘s face, Jessica shakes her tits and seems to be enjoying herself. Janine eats pussy and sticks fingers up her own ass while she pleases her friend.

Jessica Jaymes & Dylan Ryder

Jessica keeps going even without her partner in crime. Now she gets to take charge a bit. Dylan holds perfectly still while Jessica teases her, gently chokes her and tweaks her nipples. This one develops slowly and features lingering shots of the lovely flesh on display. Ramping up the heat, Jessica slips a finger into Dylan’s pussy and getting her all juiced up. Once they both get going, Dylan proves that she can give as good as she gets. There are some really nice shots here featuring the lovely women sucking nipples. If you’re into boobs at all, add a few bonus points for this one.

Jessica Jaymes & Sandee Westgate

Jessica likes pussy so much that she needs another one. Sandee is one of the prettiest women in the business so naturally Jess digs playing with this beauty. There is oil at play here, keeping everything slippery and adding another visual layer to the mix. I like oil, but I like Sandee and Jessica even more so this is a really fun scene to watch. Lots of great looking pussy licking here as these girls seem to forget there is a camera around and just devour one another.

Jessica Jaymes

Having licked every vag she can find, Jessica still needs to take care of herself. The camera takes long lingering looks up and down her body. This is pretty straight forward stuff. Jessica pulls her tank top and panties aside to play with her naughty bits. As much as I enjoy the style of the movie, this one is a little more stripped down and it’s super hot.

Bonus: 3 Bonus Scenes (All featuring wet action with one B/G in there.) BTS and Trailers.


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