Shameless Amateurs 4


Shameless Amateurs 4

Movie Type: POV Blowjobs

235 Mins.

Shane’s World

Director: Uncredited

Themes: Facials

Condoms: No


Stars: Amy, Arielle Alexis, Brie, Chayse Evans, Jana, Jen, Jaylynn Sinns, Kayla Carrera, Roxy, Rucca Page

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Having never seen previous editions of Shameless Amateurs, I came with hopes of seeing some nasty newbies. Instead, all I got were a bunch of blowjobs from girls that have already established names for themselves in the business. They’re consistently blowing the very same guy and the oral is shot POV style for the entire movie.

The first blower is Rucca Page. She gives the cameraman a blow in the bathroom of a plane that’s airborne. This scene doesn’t last long since they’re slightly concerned about getting caught in the act. There’s nothing particularly impressive about Rucca’s oral skills. Rather, her big, natural tits are what makes her appealing. He cums in her mouth so as to prevent Rucca from returning to her seat with a spunk splattered face. This is the type of scene you might be able to get into if you’re into sex in risqué locales.

Arielle Alexis is into surfer dudes. Luckily, it just so happens that surfing is a hobby for the cameraman. In this scene, there are actually two blowjobs. The first takes place in a garage. It’s obvious that Arielle knows how to pleasure a man’s schlong. He drops his load in her open mouth. The heat of the garage is a little stifling so she decides to take a shower. The blowjob resumes in the tub and then in the bedroom. Arielle’s got some nice moves. She sticks her tongue out while blowing and also moves her head nicely while sucking away. For the other cumshot, we get to see a bit of a facial. This scene gets pretty boring since it lasts a good 35 minutes.

Next, it’s a girl by the name of Jana. She’s the most amateurish of any of these girls and doesn’t seem particularly big on blowing. This scene could be troubling for some to watch because the cameraman isn’t overly safety conscious. He basically conducts an interview while driving and also gets blown while behind the wheel. Fortunately, he parks it for the cumshot. They arrive at a house, she masturbates, they hang on the beach for a bit and he eventually gets another blowjob. Jana’s not enthusiastic and quite boring to watch. This is another long, drawn-out scene at 37.5 minutes.

In terms of looks, there’s a highpoint with Amy. This longhaired blonde has a fluffy looking bosom and might very well be the cutest girl on this entire release. Her blow’s nothing special; the upside is that we finally get some exposure to pussy. The cameraman thumbs her cooch as she’s sucking him off. He finishes off by dropping a fairly sizeable load on her chest.

Jaylynn Sinns and Rucca Page arrive at the airport. The man behind the cam is more than happy to give them a ride to their hotel. Rucca proceeds to the bar, while Jaylynn provides the oral in a bathroom. If you’re into the alt look, this is the gal for you. She’s got more than a couple tattoos and a bit of a punk rock look. Her oral is some of the most enjoyable to watch. She emphasizes sucking on the head of his dick and uses her hands quite well while doing this. Jaylynn also does a little spitting and makes a good effort of taking him deep. For her hard work, he deposits his seed in her mouth. She swallows it all down.

I really like the look of this next chick. Kayla Carrera provides more than a little Latina heat and has a lovely boob-job to boot. The cameraman drives her to his friend’s pad. He’s supposed to feed the cats that live there. Kayla’s got a good sense of humor and her oral is pretty good, too. After they arrive, he gets sucked off in the open air. They head indoors and we get to see if Kayla’s got the goods. She takes the cock fairly deep and licks shaft delightfully. She also uses her tongue well, although she often has a mouthful. He ejaculates in her mouth and the scene quickly comes to a close.

Brie partakes in what is perhaps the most boring blowjob of them all. Unlike most of the preceding scenes, there’s no setup involved. Brie’s on her knees and wastes little time in giving a decidedly bland suck-off. It’s too bad since she’s actually rather pleasing to the eye. There’s a resounding lack of chemistry between these two. He cums on her chest and, mercifully, the scene fades to black.

It could be that the best-known girl here is Chayse Evans. She’s driven to what is presumably the cameraman’s home. While on the way, she exposes her breasts and fondles her clit. She expresses concern about being seen while they’re driving, but keeps masturbating anyway. They get to the house and she works away at his pecker. She kneads his schlong with enough gusto and also takes him fairly deep in the process. He cums in her mouth, but we don’t actually get to see any sign of his sperm. She battens down the hatch and makes a beverage out of it.

There’s very little preamble, which I find likeable, before Roxy starts blowing. She’s got an ample rack and a fun personality to go along with it. The braces on her teeth manage to up her level of cuteness. This scene suffers from both poor lighting and positioning. Roxy’s hair often blocks the view. Considering how nice her breasts are, it would’ve been nice if they were captured in a better manner. Apparently, Roxy’s doing something right while sucking away, as she gets the guy to come in twelve minutes.

If you thought the last scene was short, this next one lasts a mere six minutes. Jen is a petite and attractive brunette. Her energy level is high enough throughout the scene. Her style centers on knob polishing, but this scene is more of a handjob than a blowjob. A load of cum is what she gets on her chest to end things.

Last up, it’s Rucca Page. Yup, she’s back yet again, but this time we get to see her in a less confined area. After she shows off her long overgrowth of a pubic bush, which the cameraman loves, she sucks dick (mostly) in a kitchen. Unlike the first time around, we’re exposed to some deep sucking that leaves a nice sheen of spittle on the schlong. The dude asks her where she’d like the cum. She says she wants it in her mouth and that’s precisely where she gets it. Afterward, she swallows every last drop.

I’m not particularly big on amateur flicks. But if I was and I picked this up, I think I’d be a little upset. The majority of these girls, if any of them, aren’t amateurs at all. What’s worse, this movie’s exclusively about POV blowjobs. There’s no vaginal sex whatsoever. All of this begs the question – Why call this Shameless Amateurs 4? That title’s more than slightly misleading. For what we’re given, there’s nothing genuinely great about this movie. None of these blowjobs could be considered intense or nasty. There are enough good looking girls, but they’re not especially grand in a performance sense. There are no extras here. Since this is a nearly four hour affair, I don’t mind that so much. My suggestion to Shane’s World would be to name their titles more appropriately in the future. It’d also be nice if they could get the girls to give better blowjobs, as the ones on Shameless Amateurs 4 aren’t often great.

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