True Interracial Whores: Cuckold Queen Candy Monroe


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True Interracial Whores: Cuckold Queen Candy Monroe


160 Mins.

Dogfart Productions

THEMES: Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Cum Eating


STARS: Candy Monroe, Ace, Ice Cold, Dick James, Jason Brown Review


OK guys, this one is very niche specific. The guys from don’t really do subtle IR sex to begin with , but Candy Monroe is a bit extreme. This is serious cuckolding with humiliation, racial interplay and cum eating by the dudes. Know that going in so you can avoid it if isn’t not your thing. It’s not really my thing, so you may need to adjust the overall rating. Candy is attractive in a tattooed, punk rock, pin up girl kind of way. Her main asset though is her attitude. She plays this role so perfectly that one has to wonder if it’s an act at all. She is verbally humiliating, keeps the action going and is a pretty good performer. Every scene in this DVD pretty much follows the same format. Always one guy, always Candy as the only girl and always a white cuck somewhere in the room. (Cage, corner, at her feet etc) So if you’re looking for variety, don’t look here. The BBC is plentiful and the cumshots end upon her ass, tits or pussy with a guy right there to clean it up. You’ve been warned folks. Candy Monroe is not for everyone, but if you did it, grab this DVD and then try to keep your hands clean enough to visit for the rest.

Candy Monroe & Ace

Candy has a “gimp” for this scene. He’s a poor white boy who has to crawl in and kiss her feet while admitting that he is just not worthy. Once he is all locked in his cage, she starts sucking on a big black dick. Candy plays to the camera as her gimp whines and begs. Lots of racially specific cuckold talk They give the gimp some panties to suck and the fuck in doggy on top of his cage. Candy stops talking and Ace takes over. Candy loves the cock and pipes up every now and again. How much you enjoy the action will depend largely on how much you enjoy the guy doing the talking and the wimp crying from the cage. There are some nice ass shots during the cowgirl and then a big load all over Candy’s tits. Her wimp cleans it up though only after a cut so I can’t authenticate the full nature of his duties. She does let him cum into a glass dish and then feeds it to him before sending him back into the cage.

Candy Monroe, Ace & Frankie Jay

Candy tells Frankie that he can’t satisfy her because she is a size queen. She invites Ace over and he has what she needs. They immediately go inside where Frankie gets to watch his girl make out with Ace. The cuckold talk during the BJ includes some references to Candy’s daddy not being too pleased with her choice in sexual partners. Frankie has to help Candy get undressed so she can finally be fucked. Bent over in her man’s lap she is penetrated hard by the black cock. Ace has Candy do a lot of the talking, confessing her love for black cock as she rides hard in reverse cowgirl. When Ace cums al over her ass, Frankie has to lick it from her ass.

Candy Monroe, Dick James & Billy

Billy is a whiny little loser who has to be dragged along while Candy goes hunting for black cock. She pulls him into a porno bookstore where she rubs her pussy and strips while waiting for a big black cock to come rescue her from boredom. One finally comes through the glory hole and Candy lights up as she goes after it. With the guy on the other side of the wall, Candy gets to do all of the talking. She looks into the camera and makes sure that her words sting Billy at every opportunity. She bends over and backs up against the wall, fucking that big cock. It is tough to get good camera angles with something like this, but they do a pretty good job here. Candy keeps talking until it’s time for the guy to cum. She has to jerk him off for a long time before finally taking the load on her tits. Billy has to lick her boobs clean before she will get her clothes back on.

Candy Monroe, Jason Brown & Billy

This time around Billy plays horsey while Candy rides him. When it is time for sex she finds his cock far too small and needs to call in a real stallion. Billy is gagged and watches as his cuckolding cowgirl gets a taste of BBC. It barely fits between her lips, but that never stops this dick starved size queen. Jason doesn’t have much to say. He just lets her suck and occasionally plays with her nipples. This scene features some of the better oral footage of the movie with great eye contact from Candy and a big dick stretching her bright red lips. He enjoys her mouth, but moves to her pussy, pushing her leg up in the air and getting a very vocal response from the dirty blonde cock socket. There is less talking in this one, but the sex is great. Candy keeps her cowboy had and boots on while she gets railed. He finishes on her ass and in true cuckold queen style, she makes him lick it up.

Candy Monroe, Ice Cold & Cuckold Phil

Phil is your basic member to and even as he tries to heap praise on her, she is putting him in his place. He gets to stay and watch while she takes on Ice Cold. He also appreciates Candy, but has the sort of cock she craves so he actually gets to feel her lips instead of just her scorn. She works that big thing with her mouth, mostly in silence. The cuckold aspects are a little less obvious here, but the sex is spot on. Candy gets pounded into doggy and has her pussy tames by long strokes and solid smacks to her ass. Ice just fucks the hell out of her until he is ready to spray it all over the couch and her well fucked hole. You know that the cuck boy is going to be on clean up duty.

Candy Monroe, Ace & Les More

Les gets the full cuck treatment from Candy. He stands in the corner while she mocks him for his tiny dick, his tan lines and his pathetic lack of game. She bends him over for a spanking and then puts him in panties so he can watch Ace fuck her. If you are really into the cuckold aspects (and if you weren’t, why would you be this far into the DVD) then this scene probably has exactly what you want. It’s got Ace talking shit, Candy talking shit and hard aggressive fucking and sucking. All while Les stands in the corner like a pretty little girl. Ace fucks her from behind and then in mish until he leaves a huge load all over her tits. Les is brought in to clean it up and gets even more verbal abuse as he does.

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