Violation of Amy Brook



Violation of Amy Brook


118 Mins.

JM Productions

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Big Toys

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers


STARS: Amy Brook, Missy Woods, Kita Zen, Chastity Lynn, Angelina Valeinte, Heidi Mayne,


Sober living and reality TV get run through the JM meat grinder in this latest version of the Violation of series. Amy Brook is thrown into a house full of recovering sex addicts. She doesn’t think she should be there and you know that is going to cause problems. The pre-violation scene between Chastity Lynn and Kita Zen is very hot. They look great together and set the stage nicely. These movies usually run around 75 minutes, but this one is over two hours. What adds to the running time is the extensive dialog involved here. We get the full therapy circle stuff that makes reality TV fun. I liked watching, but you may want to skip ahead from time to time get to the meat of the matter. Once we get there, Amy gets slammed silly. The girls hold her down, tie her up and just ravage her holes. The big girl bang is rough with huge toys and all the things the core audience expects. It is too long for my taste, but I loved the first scene and the parody aspects to still enjoy this movie. Amy will probably never be the same, but her cell phone trick at the end will probably live on in porn infamy forever.

We get to meet each of the girls as Dr. Drew tells us about the perils of porn for

Chastity Lynn & Kita Zen

Putting two sex addicted porn chicks together in the same room is just asking for trouble. Kita and Chastity find out that they have a lot in common and before you know it, they are trading small talk for sweet kisses. It’s so romantic when two lost souls find one another and can share some hot lesbian sex in rehab. It gets even hotter when Chastity breaks out her smuggled sex toys. Now the girls can play together and fuck one another silly with more than fingers. Kita puts her new friend on all fours and fills that little blonde pussy with a toy while Chastity reaches around to finger bang her own asshole. It doesn’t look like this little slut is too anxious to kick her filthy habits. She seems quite content having a stranger shove something into her holes. Returning the favor, she works a big rabbit dong into Kita’s hot pussy. This sexy thing looks really hot with her ass up in the air. What girl (or guy) wouldn’t want to staring right in there like Chastity is going as she licks Kita’s ass. Great close up shots here with some hot spanking. I really love Kita and her sexy as is as fun to watch as her pretty face. The girls end up sharing a two headed dildo for some hot clam bashing that has them both screaming like the cock addicted little prick pleasers they are.

Amy Brook, the Violation

Amy doesn’t believe she needs to in rehab. A court order brought her to the house and she is filled with rage, attitude and a serious sense of superiority that we know is going to get her royally fucked by the other girls in the house. With so many amped up porn girls around her, some of them really trying to get help, Amy is primed for a violation of epic proportions. It takes a long time to get there, but the dialog is interesting for anyone who likes funny reality TV parody stuff. When Amy finally crosses the line with Dr. Drew and all of the other girls, they turn on her and we get what we knew was coming. The girls tape up the doc and make him watch. The take Amy down, taping her up as she fights them every step of the way. Using big wands they have her writing and nearly squirting in no time at all. The usual violation action follows. The din from all the girls screaming gets annoying really quickly, but you wouldn’t expect this to be a nice polite thing where all the girls take turns speaking. They hold Amy down and give her some face sitting therapy that leaves her out of breath and well trained. No violation would be complete without some insane sex toy. This time it is a dildo on what appears to be a power saw or something. Whatever it is, it stuffs Amy’s pussy in a way she won’t soon forget. Of course there is plenty of good old fashioned strap on fucking here as well. All of Amy’s holes get filled with plastic and rubber dicks so she is unable to move or speak. That seems to be way her housemates like her. The toys get bigger and bigger until there is no joy left in the action at all. That pretty much signals and end to the bang and to Amy’s prospects of ever shitting normally again. They cap it off by shoving her cell phone (in a baggie) up into her goodies. Is that supposed to turn us on?

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