Movie Type: Straight

94 Mins.



Director: Eon McKai

Themes: Magnifying Glasses, Pale skinned girls

Condoms: No


Stars: Aiden Starr, Charlotte Vale, Katie St. Ives, Kitty McMuffin, Violet Monroe

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Eyelashes is all about using a magnifying glass while filming. It’s not the couples that utilize the glass, but the cameraman. While I appreciate Eon McKai’s hopes of giving the audience something different, the magnifying glass doesn’t enhance the viewing experience at all. In fact, it does just the opposite. The glass only succeeds in worsening the picture quality, which is already poor as it is. The lighting on the set doesn’t help things either. Speaking of the set, every single scene takes place in the same setting, so there’s very little variety in that regard.

The first couple features Katie St. Ives. She’s got very nice, plump breasts. This cutie is paired with Dane Cross. As she blows him, the sound is pleasing. You can tell she’s incorporating a lot of saliva into the sucking. After he gives her some oral and fingering, the sex commences. Katie takes a fairly hard pounding, but doesn’t seem at all put-off by it. The cumshot here is a disappointment where editing goes. Dane’s not quite done ejaculating when they suddenly cut to the next scene.

In terms of the alt look, Kitty McMuffin’s got all these girls beat. She’s got long, purple hair and a waifish look about her. After Sherwood finishes fingering her box, they go straight into reverse cowgirl. Visibility of the action is poor since she’s still got her panties on. The do it in missionary and, in a very anticlimactic moment, he cums inside her. She pushes out the sperm, but this too is anticlimactic. With a little more sex done, it’s time for another cumshot. Sherwood says, “Let me fuck this pretty face.” He moves into position and the scene suddenly comes to an end! This is nothing, but a horrid scene. Each time they got into a position, it didn’t last long. Fortunately, the remaining scenes aren’t as bad.

Charlotte Vale is perhaps the most normal looking of these girls. She’s got nice tits and the oral she bestows upon Dane Cross is also pleasing. She’s not afraid to go deep and gagging is commonplace. There’s a little face-fucking thrown into the mix. They hit both cowgirls and missionary. While in doggy, Dane places a foot upon her head, but she doesn’t look resentful of this. With some additional missionary completed, he comes on her face. Because of the lighting, it’s not easy to assess the size of his load.

Aiden Starr might just be the best looking girl on Eyelashes. She looks hot in the corset that seems to enhance the size of her chest. Her blow is an energetic one and sees her end up doing a lot of gagging. The sex here, which takes place in mish, both cowgirls and doggy is spoiled by Aiden’s loud mouth. Her groaning, moaning, sighing and squealing is nothing but a complete annoyance. She’s constantly playing to the cam and easily comes off as the most insincere of all the girls. Dane drops an ample load on her mouth to end it.

The final couple is Violet Monroe and Vin Vericose. Her body is a bit frumpy, but if you’re into sloppy blowjobs, she outdoes every other girl on this release. A lot of mucus ends up dripping out that young mouth before all is said and done. There’s some doggy, then mish and a very brief bit of cowgirl. There’s also some doggy anal, but that too is very short-lived. Some vaginal mish leads to a good facial.

I couldn’t help getting the impression that very little money was budgeted for this release.

The picture quality is poor and, as mentioned previously, worsened by the usage of the magnifying glass. McKai doesn’t constantly put it in front of the camera, but he does it often enough to spoil the views. Again, it’s nice to see someone try something different in porn, but I wonder if any thought was given to whether the magnifier would actually improve things. The sex isn’t anything to rave about and a bonus scene that features Tori Black won’t improve the rating any. This is the worst release I think I’ve seen this year. Even if it’s only available for a few bucks, avoid it.


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