Brand New Faces 25

Brand New Faces 25


124 Mins.


THEMES: New Girls, Big Cocks, Facials


STARS: Daisy Strong, Taylor Woods, Shayne Ryder, Daisy Belle, Kristine Cream, Trent Tesoro, Voodoo & Alex Gonz

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B Skow has been bringing us the very best in new girl porn for a few years now. His Brand New Faces line is a great way to get to know fresh talent. The interviews are long and usually interesting. The girls have occasionally be A listers from the jump. Other girls have been hot and gone on to big things. Some have been one and one, but they all have fun. This time around there are five new girls to enjoy. None of them jump out at you at first glance and this could easily turn into a forgettable new girl movie. Instead we get some natural girls who come to life on camera and give us plenty of reason to stroke ourselves silly. Taylor is a sexy girl with just a hint of white trash sexiness. Shayne is the prettiest girl in the movie and she really shines. Daisy Belle is a surprising girl with a great smile. I expect a lot from this series these days and this volume was a pleasant surprise.

Daisy Strong & Alex Gonz

Daisy is brand new and ready to impress. She has taken some private nude photos, but never done anything like this. He has her slowly strip down and show off a very impressive set of natural boobs. Her panties are just tight enough to give us a little cameltoe action. The pussy is nicely shaved and Daisy doesn’t seem at all intimidated as she rubs it with the camera just inches away. I wouldn’t say she is drop dead gorgeous, but this woman is attractive, natural, not overly made up and has a really great smile. Getting her first taste of on camera cock, she does a pretty nice job. Laying back on the bed, she looks relaxed and confident as she sucks and strokes his meat into her mouth. He pulls her on top and slides her up and down on his rod. Nice ass shots here as she learns to take cock on camera. The energy level is good, especially for a brand new girl. Daisy is out of breath as she takes his load on her face, but still smiling and ready for more.

Taylor Woods & Trent Tesoro

Busty blonde Taylor is from rural Ohio and has an infectious laugh. There is something very girl next doorish about Taylor and with her top off she is a pretty damn impressive specimen. It is tough to focus on what she has to say in her interview when she has those twin cannons staring us in the face. Some of her strip club stories are hilarious. We learn that she had made out with a girl, cheated on past boyfriends and that she has made guys cum from lap dances in less than a minute. During this long interview Taylor became more attractive than she was at first glance. There is something fun and sexy about her that come through when she’s talking and laughing. There is also something hot about the way she sucks cock. When she looks right into the camera you just have to love the mischievous grin as the cock slips past her lips. It slides just as easily into her hot and juicy pussy as he gets into spoon. Taylor doesn’t fuck like a new girl and they even get her to squirt a bit. That seems to really loosen her up and sends her into a fit of serious reverse cowgirl. They finish up with a nice facial. I didn’t think I would like this scene all that much, but I ended up really enjoying it. Nice work.

Shayne Ryder & Voodoo

This girl is the cutest of the movie and her little outfit doesn’t hurt that any. B Skow is impressed by her ass, but it’s her face that is making me nuts. She doesn’t really want everyone at home to know what she’s doing, but that’s going to happen soon. She says she loves big cocks and would love to try one that is too thick for her fingers to get around. By the time she is done talking I am more than ready to watch this hot girl fuck. She wanted a big one so they let her have Voodoo. Impressed by his size, she drops to her knees and starts sucking it. The new girl even questions him on skills. Check out the confidence on this babe. Stroking that big thing in her hand, Shayne shows some talents of her own. As his cock grows so does Shayne’s smile. She can’t wait to feel that thing inside of her. Voodoo rolls her onto her back and feeds the meat into her tight hole an inch at a time until she’s writing and working her hips like she has found the perfect prick. They get into spoon and she smiles right into the camera. It would be easy for a new girl to be overwhelmed by a dick like this, but she handles it well. The energy level is excellent and she takes a big facial at the end.

Daisy Belle & Voodoo

Daisy has a smile you can’t miss and an ass that is pretty damn impressive. Apparently she was in a Disney parade as a character, but won’t reveal who. (What is it about chicks who work at Disneyland?) That makes for a great bit of story telling during the tease. Daisy’s pussy gets nice and wet while she tells it. This girl has a great personality and apparently a nice tasting pussy. Voodoo enjoys his time between her parted thighs and she clearly digs what he’s doing to her. Rolling her over, he spanks that pale ass until it is pink as can be. Since she is already bent over, he finds it easy to just slip his cock right into her pussy from behind. When Voodoo pulls her on top, Daisy gets to show off that sexy ass as she rides. Apparently he is hitting all of the right spots because she throws her head back and fucks him like she loves it. Great energy in every position and this sexy little thing sucks a big load right out onto her hot face. I love her personality and enjoyed watching her fuck.

Kristine Cream & Voodoo

Pretty blonde Kristie admits to being very nervous during her interview. According to her interview she has only fucked six guys before today. Though she is still a bit shy, Kristie shows off her body and is really damn hot with the clothes coming off. B Skow tries to get her to talk dirty, but she really isn’t playing along during the interview. With the interview over, Kristie shows really good oral skills. She takes that great big dick in her hands and expertly strokes it up into her mouth. Mounting it takes a little bit of effort, but she bucks her hips and does a pretty great job taking it all. It seems to stretch her quite nicely, but she adjusts and does a decent job for a while. Daisy was able to take it better and Kristie kind of ends up looking like a slightly overwhelmed new girl. (Which she is.) There is just enough energy to get us through to the shot across her lovely breasts. Not a bad debut, but Kristie comes up a little short.

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