Black, Down & Dirty



Black, Down and Dirty


136 Mins.

Ghetto Flava


THEMES: Black Women, Soap Play


STARS: Candice Nicole, Barbie Banxxx, Niki Vonn, Vanessa Wett, Sensuous, Bryon Long, Tyler Knight,


I don’t know if there is a big market for soap suds porn or not. I know that the soap massage things are popular, but that isn’t even what’s going on here. It’s just soap dripped all over chicks before and during sex. It’s kind of interesting, but not enough to make the whole movie worth watching. There are some good moments here, but overall this is forgettable porn. The camerawork is OK, but needs work. The girls range from pretty good to not so great. Candice is really sexy and the rest of the girls just can’t quite measure up. Barbie is good if you like curvy women and then things go downhill from there. Some of the scenes are decent, others are boring. The only thing holding it together is the soap stuff. If that isn’t enough to hold your interest then there are much better options out there.

Candice Nicole & Tyler Knight

Smoking hot Candice looks great in her bikini and Tyler makes sure that we get to see her from some nice angles before he pulls her bottoms aside and licks that sweet little box. The clothes come off slowly so we can really enjoy her lovely curves. The soap comes out and he gets her ass all sudsy while she swallows his rock hard dick. Nice looking head here. Tyler pulls her on top of him and keeps rubbing the soap all over her body. I like the way her ass looks bouncing up and down on his dick and the soap play is kind of fun I guess. Nice energy and a bit of dirty talk as he fucks her from behind. Moving back around in front he lets her suck again in between positions. This time we get to see her look right into camera as she inhales his rod. Reverse cowgirl and spoon feature her body from the front with continued application of the suds. They clean up in time for a shot right in her pretty mouth. Nice scene and good use of the soap play.

Barbie Banxxx & Guy DiSilva

Barbie’s got some nice big fake boobs to match her homegrown curves downstairs. While waiting for her man to arrive she soaps up in the shower. The white suds on her dark skin are nice and then she uses the slick soap to help stroke Guy’s cock when he arrives. Apparently it tastes OK because she pops the dick into her mouth and gives it a little head. Guy enjoys her neatly shaved pussy and rubs he face between her wet thighs. After another blowjob he lies on the floor and lets her squat over him to fuck. Barbie is a thick sista with strong thighs so she can drop that big ass up and down like a champ. She rolls over and lets him do the work for a while. This isn’t the most figure flattering position so the suds help her out a bit. I like the standing doggy and the way she grabs for his cock whenever it pops out of her. Nice energy from start to finish from Barbie. There is a bit of tit fucking and Guy leaves his load all over her rack as she continues to stroke that throbbing pole.

Nikki Vonn & Tyler Knight

Nikki is a very tall girl with a small chest, nice ass and long legs. Tyler admires the legs for a long time as he kisses his way up to her butt. They 69 for a while before the suds come out. This time they feel a little out of place. While it worked in the shower now it just seems like a mess and something that gets in the way of a scene that was already underway. Tyler has fun soaping up her ass and then slides into her pussy from behind. There is nothing wrong with it, it just seems kind of out of place. There isn’t a lot of energy here. Both Nikki and Tyler seem to be going through the motions and unless you’re really into soap there isn’t much to recommend here. To make matters worse the scene goes on and on until he finally shoves his soap covered cock into her mouth the pop shot. The cum play isn’t bad, but this scene is just boring.

Vanessa Wett & Byron Long

Vanessa has a banging body and a nice face other than the massive gap between her front teeth. I hope she’s going to use her porn money to fix that thing. Byron shows us her tits for a few seconds and then gets busy soaping up her ass. With her hot curves all sudsy she starts sucking his cock, remarking how big it is as she puts her full lips to perfect use. She does a good job with her mouth and then is very vocal as he pounds into her pussy. The energy makes this work, but her hot body is reason enough to keep watching. Great looking doggy. This girl’s ass and thighs are really sexy and the suds are unnecessary, but can’t hide just how hot she is. Byron steps away and has her spread her cheeks, rub her butt with soap and tease for a while before he sticks it back in. Everything is great until the popshot. When Byron shoots on her closed mouth, Vanessa looks like she has been hit in the face with acid. She tries to fake a smile, but clearly doesn’t want the goo near her lips.

Sensuous & Tyler Knight

Sensuous is a thick girl with tats everywhere, fried hair and much needed braces on her teeth. She’s not exactly the prettiest girl in the movie, but does have a nice pink little pookie. Tyler sucks on her boobs and makes her smile as he examines her body. The suds come out and at least they cover the bad body ink. Look folks, this scene just isn’t any good. Even the big ass shots aren’t that great. Unless you’re really into the suds thing then do yourself a favor and go back to watch Candice.

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