Cougar On the Prowl


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Cougar on the Prowl


190 Mins.

Notorious XXX

DIRECTOR: Bob Sherman

THEMES: Cougars, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Big Toys, Food Play


STARS: Anjanette Astoria, Kira Silver, Sean Michaels, Kaydence Skye, Amber Chase, Jay Lassiter,

This title really is appropriate. It provides an apt description of the star of this movie. Anjanette Astoria really is a cougar on the prowl. She’s an experienced woman with a fantastic body and a huge sex drive. This movie features her in five scenes doing all of the nasty things she loves best. OK, maybe not all of the things she loves best, but some of them at least. She does girl/girl sex and shows off her talent for taking really big things in her tight holes. Cocks, of course fit well, but she also proves that vegetables are good for more than just dinner. The opening scene has Anjanette taking on Sean Michaels with some help from Kira Silver. Great three-way scene here with some super sized anal from Anjanette. It takes us a long time to get to the next boy/girl scene so enjoy it. In between, she goes nuts of pussy. Amber Chase serves her nicely. Kaydence and Anjanette do mutual masturbation in a very creative way. I loved that scene as well as the food solo. The final boy/girl is really energetic and shows off Nanette’s flexibility. If there is an issue with this movie it would be that the camerawork and editing are a little ragged at times. It gets in the way of the heat from time to time, but not often enough to take away from the obvious appeal. Anjanette is indeed a cougar on the prowl and she’s a damn hot one at that.

Anjanette Astoria, Kira Silver & Sean Michaels

Sean works for Anjanette and was supposed to procure two women for her to play with. He failed and as punishment he must fill in for her. He did manage to score Kira Silver for his mistress and she’s a fine looking blonde. Though nervous at first, Kira likes what she sees when Anjanette bends over in front of her on the table. Sean pours champagne over her pussy and has the sexy blonde lapping it up in no time. Sean takes out his big cock and has the lady of the house sucking on it while their guest plays with her pussy. Anjanette has a super fine ass that Sean plays with, rubbing the rack and teasing her holes. Kira has warmed to the action as well and is happy to find her new friend’s tongue on her clit. The girls keep a toy handy to stuff pussies. Kira throws her legs back and does some serious deep dicking on herself as Sean stuffs Anjanette. Moving on to anal, our starlet proves that her great ass is for more than just show. She takes Sean’s huge rod back there and loves every inch. They share a facial and then Kira does down on Anjanette to get the cream all over that well fucked pussy.

Anjanette Astoria & Amber Chase

We already know that Anjanette has a taste for pussy. Now we get to see that in action with no dicks to get in the way. (Not that dicks get it in the way.) After a rough day as the boss, the pretty cougar needs to unwind. She chews out one of her guys on the phone and then enjoys her assistant back at the office. (Or home I can’t tell which.) Amber looks to be ready to do anything her boss tells her to do and starts by sucking on those big firm titites. When the girls get into 69 there is a great shot as Amber sucks Anjannette’s pussy lip, showing her sweet pink insides. Great energy here as the girls break out toys and work one another over. When Anjanette stands and throws one leg up on the counter, it leaves her wide open for some toy insertion and ass licking from her young assistant. Not one to be selfish, Anjanette returns the favor, licking Amber first and then sharing the double headed dong with her sexy young friend.

Anjanette Astoria and Kaydence Skye

More pussy for Anjanette and this time it comes in the form of barely legal (with braces) cutie Kaydence. She looks very nice in a number of outfits during the tease and then does a little acting on the phone. She misses her boyfriend in Iraq apparently and makes him a video. Anjanette sees it and just has to have some of this sweet little muffin. We watch as Kaydence rubs herself with sticky sweet stuff. Lots of food play appeal here as she gets really, really messy. Nice solo play here from Anjanette as well. She is watching and not messy so there is an interesting mix. I love great solo so this works. Kayence is all sticky, but her pussy is almost too tight for her toy. On the other hand Anjanette is busy working a baseball bat into her hot hole. I wish the editing was a little less quick-cuts so we could enjoy the super sized toy play but it’s still pretty great.

Anjanette Astoria

When her boyfriend refuses to come over for fear of getting caught, Anjanette fucks herself with dinner. Yep, she finds some veggies that fit nicely into her pussy. Once again we get to enjoy her body as her fingers and the food do all of the work. With the help of some salad oil, she slides corn into her ass and then her pussy. The unusual use of food is interesting here, but it’s still all about our star. Anjanette knows how to put on a show and she knows we all over looking at her. Once again the tight shots show just how pink the inside of her slit is. She proves that she doesn’t need a guy, just a cucumber and some corn.

Anjanette Astoria & Jay Lassister

It’s been a while since we have seen Anjanette take cock so she decides to finish the DVD with some hot one on one sex. He licks and sucks her pussy lips while she reaches down to stroke his hard cock. As good as this woman is at solo, she is even better with a hard cock in her pretty mouth. Better BJ footage would be nice. The angles just aren’t great. They are perfect however when she mounts up in reverse cowgirl and pumps his meat. That tight pussy takes his dick and coats it until she is ready to taste herself. He pulls her up until his cock slips in her ass and she continues to pound away. The ass shots are really good also. We need more of them though. Once again the editing is slightly intransitive for those who just want to enjoy Anjanette getting pounding. He rolls her over, pins a leg to her chest and fucks the shit out of her. Great high energy boffing here and with Anjanette showing off great flexibility along with her hot body. He finishes off by shooting his load all over her face. After watching this scene I really want more boy/girl from this woman.

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