Buttwoman Vs. Slutwoman



Buttwoman Vs. Slutwoman


190 Mins.

Elegant Angel



THEMES: Big Asses, Tease


STARS: Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Asa Akira, Gracie Glam



Mason should get some kind of an award for just putting these two women together in a star vehicle. OK maybe that’s too much praise. It isn’t exactly rocket science to put them together. On the other hand, shooting them this well and letting Alexis and Kristina just be themselves is really impressive. Before I even get to the fantastic sex and outstanding chemistry in this movie, let’s talk tease. Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman features some of the best tease footage I have seen all year. Both Alexis and Kristina know how to show off their bodies before and during their sex scenes. The sex scenes themselves are pretty damn hot. Alexis and Kristina team up three times in the movie. Watching them fuck Mark Ashley is always a treat. He seems to really enjoy them. The girls break in Asa Akira really nicely and then help Gracie Glam learn the ropes in a hot three on one. Kristina gets a one on one scene and is fantastic. Alexis is equally stunning when she gets to fuck Erik. Whether you are a Buttwoman fan or in Slutwoman’s corner, the real winner in this match up is the audience. This is a nicely shot movie featuring two of the hottest women in the business doing what they do best. Bring on round two.

Alexis Texas & Kristina Rose

The gauntlet has been thrown down and the stars are ready to shine. The tease that follows is simply fantastic. Alexis shakes her ass in a way that doesn’t seem humanly possible. Kristina struts around, showing off her fine form until it is time for the girls to come together. These two stunning young ladies put their naked, oiled asses together and the result is out of the this world. Taking it beyond tease, the girls make out and start to finger one another. Kristina works a toy into Alexis and licks her clit while fucking her with the faux fuckstick. Returning the favor, the sexy blonde bends Kristina over and plays with her asshole while sliding the dong in and out of her pussy. This is great girl/girl warm up.

Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose & Mark Ashley

Now that they are all juiced up and ready to go, the girls share a cock. They stretch out and get comfortable as they pass Mark’s dick back and forth. It would be impossible to pick a favorite at this point. Both women have gorgeous faces and suck with incredible energy. Alexis climbs up on top and shows off her great ass as she pumps up and down. Screaming out in pleasure, she works those cheeks while Kristina busies herself with finger play and by riding Mark’s face. Mark keeps the cock in Alexis as they move to the floor, pumping her pussy from behind while she and Kristina are locked in a passionate embrace. The energy stays high as the girls trade places and Kristina gets a chance to be skewered by that hard, thrusting pole. What makes this scene work is that the women keep the pace going. No one sits around watching and it is a high-energy threesome from start to finish. When Alexis is being plowed hard, Kristina is right there to finger her asshole. While Kristina get boned, Alexis slaps her friend’s tits and chokes her. The load goes into Kristina’s mouth and Alexis decides to finish her off with some near fisting to “keep her slutty.” We’re really only one scene into the movie and already I can’t wait to add it to my collection.

Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose & Asa Akira

We learn a little about how these two friends met and then watch as they put things in their butts. Not the holes, just between the cheeks. It takes a special butt to hold a lighter or a candlestick. They break out the workout clothes and watch Asa Akira stretch invitingly. The girls introduce Asa to some fun new toys and she fits right in. She appreciates their effort and is big on kissing the other girls as they play with her. Kristina helps bury Asa’s pretty face between Alexis’ big cheeks during some very hot ass eating. Kristina helps out until it is her turn to lean back and get all of the attention. Once she gets warmed up, she takes toys in both of her tight lower holes. The girls don’t forget about Asa, turning their attention to her some serious choking as she cums on a bib vibrator. As a fan of all three women this scene just rocked my world.

Alexis Texas & Erik Everhard

As if we hadn’t already seen enough fantastic ass tease footage, this next scene features Alexis shaking her cheeks in a thong as water is poured all over it. Though I could watch her shake her ass all day, Erik has other things in mind for Alexis. After he eats her. Erik turns her around and slides his dick in between her cheeks. That’s a pretty damn nice fit, but he decides to put it into her pussy and Alexis repay him by going nuts on his meat. Great energy here as she gets everything she needs from him. In between positions she offers up her mouth and cleans off the throbbing rod. He gives it to her hard and she takes every inch, even begging for fingers in her pussy at the same time. After shooting a big load all over her pretty face, Erik goes back to work and has Alexis literally screaming out as she has her final climax.

Kristina Rose & Alex Gonz

After Kristina breaks out her best in another stunning tease scene, she hooks up with Alex in a hanger right near the plane. She kisses him on the mouth and then drops to suck his cock with such intensity that she might just break it off. Climbing on top she rides for a bit, but he wants to full speed slam Slutwoman’s hot twat. There are some great shots with her face down and her ass up. (Just a note, Alexis may be Buttwoman, but Kristina has a great fucking backside herself.) That floor can’t be comfortable, but she fucks him like she loves every thrust. She fucks with great energy and works up a sweat in no time. He stand her up and bends her over the wing of the plane. This gives him a chance to pound and gives us some great views of her legs and ass. His meat slides right into her ass and that sends Kristina into hyper drive. Alex doesn’t stop until his cock is ready to explode and Kristina drops right to the floor to catch every drop with her face and mouth.

Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Gracie Glam & Michael Stefano

It’s time for the finale. I would think that bringing Alexis and Kristina together and letting them go at one another would be the perfect climax. Mason has other plans though. She has the girls together with another hot young thing, Gracie Glam. All three girls get together in lingerie and dance. If you’re a fan of asses, please have lots of tissue and your phone next to you while watching. I’d hate for you to ruin your carpet or slip into cardiac arrest while enjoying this piece of assliciously perfect tease. The girls stop teasing long enough to please one another for a few minutes. They keep playing together even after Michael shows up to add some meat to the mix. Three on one scenes are always tough because there is only one dick to go around and the pace can sometimes be a mess. No problem with that here. There is enough energy to keep things going. Kristina takes the dick first, riding it while she kisses Mike. Gracie keeps herself busy by letting Alexis ride her face. Gracie gets to be the center of attention when she gets fucked from behind by Michael. Kristina shoves fingers into her new friend’s ass and talks dirty until she cums loudly. This is a very loud scene with Kristina asserting herself as the sluttiest girl in the room. Alexis steps up her game as well, showing off that ass as she rides him in cowgirl and really makes us want some of that super shake. All three girls line up to take their share of the load and then they kiss to make sure it swaps properly.

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