Road Queen 2


Road Queen Part II (2006)

Studio- Girlfriends Films

Cast: Deauxma, Angela, Brianna Love, Courtney Simpson, Danica, Jackie, Lilliana, Nicole Moore

Ok. I missed Road Queen Part 1 by Girlfriends Films and I really couldn’t get into this flick at all as far as storyline. I was hoping to see some real motorcycle mamas with tattoos drinking Jack and having arm wrestles in a Roadhouse biker bar.

Instead, in Road Queens Part Deux, the “road queens” meet at a clandestine cabin (not so far in the woods) or hotel, each arriving a pair at a time. The genre is older milfs with young hotties which I guess is kind of popular right now. That’s fine, there were some very hot chicks in this flick and everyone of them were fuckable (almost). The “acting” (I hate to call it acting, but well it is a film) was amateur at best and I felt I had walked into a lesbian soap opera (you know all that lame dialogue that is supposed to lead to a climax?). The chemistry to me was weird because I felt like they were “playing it up” for a camera (which they were), given scripts and told how to act. It was very forced and I had a hard time getting into any of the sex because of that.

The one thing I have to say about lesbian porn, is that it should be more than just genitalia. I am used to male porn being presented for the almighty cock (sucking and fucking), but want to see lesbian porn go further and seduce me. There was foreplay and necking (more so than in male-orientated porn) but what about the tits! Holy fuck! Most of these girls had amazing tits and there was barely an interested nibble or a fondle. Please put some tit action into your pornos Girlfriends!

Some of the scenes did stand out for good hot sex including scene 2 between Courtney Simpson and Nicole Moore (two blonde hotties) and the last scene with Danica and Lilliana (who were hot but lacked chemistry). Deauxma is the lead of the film and is a big faked titted milf. She was kind of scary to me and reminded me of an 80s lesbian porn I had seen long ago where this chick had “real” fake tit scars under her boobage and was spaced on something stronger than magic mushrooms for sure. It actually may be the same actress and it just gave me a weird creepy feel seeing her.

There are quite a few Road Queen films in the series, so maybe I happened upon the cheesiest of the group. I’d certainly be willing to give them another try, but hope that the later versions get a bit more realistic and not so soap opera-ish. I know a lot of girls love Girlfriends’ films so I will probably be SLAMMED for this this review. But, wholly fuck. I want real, hard, motherfucking raunchy sex, not lesbian romance! That’s just me. And, please… don’t forget about the tits!

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