Arrangement, The


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Arrangement, The

Movie Type: Straight

Mins. 89

Cal Vista

Director: Gerard Kikoine

Themes: Classic Porn, French Porn, Hairy Muffs, Story Porn

Condoms: No


Stars: Jane Baker, Laura Clair, Marilyn Jess, Sophie Duflot

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

The Arrangement is an old French porn flick about a young girl, named Alisa, that wants more attention from her father, Paul Pasquier. It turns out that daddy has a very interesting sex life. Though unmarried, he’s gotten involved with both his maid and his secretary. He eventually finds himself thrust into a sexual escapade at the hands of his daughter and her shady friends. As the movie progresses, Freud’s Elektra complex comes into play. The story is emphasized over the sex. Most of the sex scenes are less than five minutes, but the plot is surprisingly engaging. A second viewing is well worth it, as it reveals a lot of subtleties. There’s an element of mystery that’s more gripping than I first anticipated. There’re also a lot of big pubic bushes on these gals, so if that’s a turnoff, steer clear. If all of this sounds at all fascinating, you may not want to read the final few paragraphs of this review, as they’ll spoil the ending.

The opening scene is quite interesting. I’d never seen a girl masturbate with a vacuum before, but that’s exactly what this chick (the maid) does. She works over her tits before going down on her pussy, which actually gets pretty wet from all the sucking.

The next scene features Paul and his blonde secretary, who has a considerably nice rack. She gives an average blow, gets her clit licked, and has missionary sex on a desk before he blows his load on her muff.

Now we get our first scene with the young and blonde Alisa. Her friend Bertrand is involved in film production and she seems to be one of his favorite subjects. They end up having sex while in an old Caddy that’s on the set. She gives a rather deep blow before being subjected to a speedy face fuck. After that, they do mish and it looks like he cums on her bush.

Meanwhile, back at Alisa’s house, the maid is having some fun with the vacuum again. This time, she’s using it on Paul’s dick. His limp noodle is being sucked by the tube when Alisa sneaks a peek as she cracks open the bedroom door. With a hint of jealousy on her face, she leaves the pad, slamming the door behind her. Hearing the noise, the couple’s playtime is briefly interrupted. They get back to business once they realize it was just Alisa leaving. Paul turns the vacuum on the maid’s cooch, then fucks her in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and mish. If I had a maid, I’d hope she was something like this one, because this brunette does a nice job of riding cock. To close the scene, she gets her face fucked and a load of cum on her mouth.

In a tizzy, Alisa heads goes to see her friend Collette. These two blondes look pretty similar and this is an important aspect of the storyline. After bitching about the relationship between the maid and her dad, there’s a really brief lez scene between the two. While in 69, Alisa eats Collette’s vagina and gets part of an apple plugged into her own pussy. Apples also prove to be a significant part of the plot.

Alisa and Collette decide to visit Bertrand at the movie studio. They’re decked out in tight leather outfits and have sunglasses on that make it difficult to tell one from the other. Bertrand has a field day with these girls by getting up close and personal with their pussies. He breaks out a magnifying glass and examines them closely, as if to decide which pussy he’d rather fuck. He decides on Alisa and does her in reverse cowgirl. Collette keeps things interesting by positioning her box over his face and fucking it with the handle of the magnifying glass. Alisa has sex in cowgirl and then Collette jacks him off onto the lens of the magnifying glass. With dick in hand, she rubs the cum all around the lens and licks some of it up.

While at work, Paul Pasquier receives a call from a mysterious lady. He’s encouraged to visit her and ends up having sex with a well-disguised woman. There’s really no telling who it is and he never unmasks this chick. He gets blown as he’s laying on a float in a pool. Then he taps away at her from behind while the two stand up in the pool. What’s noteworthy about this scene is the way the sex is shot, with an underwater camera. The cumshot is also filmed in the same way. They get out of the pool and the sex continues in mish. Pasquier tries to find out the identity of his fuck buddy, but fails.

Alisa and Collette make plans for a sex party. They want to include some hunky bodybuilders into the orgy and figure they’ll find some at a gym. The girls, once again dressed in their leathers and glasses, find a buff dude and end up blowing him at the same time. Then, another guy enters the scene and he gets blown by Collette. Both girls get screwed, simultaneously, in doggy and then in mish. The guys drop their loads on the ladies’ shades.

The girls convinced the bodybuilders to attend their orgy, but really want to put on a show for Paul. He ends up returning to the same mysterious house he visited before, along with his secretary, his maid and Bertrand. This sets us up for the final, and longest, scene. Everyone’s sitting poolside and has had a few drinks. The secretary blows Paul while the maid blows Bertrand. The clock strikes midnight and one of the girls that set up this shindig enters in grand fashion. She’s being carried in by the two bodybuilders from the last scene, but we can’t tell who it is because she’s wearing a mask.

All of the participants head indoors, except for the maid. The masked lady strokes off and blows both of her buff friends while the others watch. Then, one of the bodybuilders gets the secretary into doggy as she blows Bertrand and the second muscle-head. Paul’s left watching until the masked mistress goes over and blows him. The dude that’s tapping away at the secretary cums on her ass and the other guys shoot their seed on her tits. Bertrand, having had his fun, sees Paul being blown by (presumably) Alisa. Realizing the wrongness of this, he tells her to stop and calls out her name in the process. Paul is understandably concerned that his own daughter has been sucking away at his dick. He returns home and finds Alisa there. She acts as if she’s been out with Collette, but we know better.

I really enjoyed this movie. The storyline was much more engrossing than I thought it’d be. The sex was fascinating because it was different. Watching the vacuum cleaner action was intriguing and the underwater shots were kind of cool, too. The magnifying glass also kept things interesting. By today’s standards, the picture quality on this one sucks, but you expect as much going in. The dubbing and music made things hilarious for me. Some of the lines are so bad that’s it hilarious. Same goes for the ridiculously cheesy music. If you want to see what porn was like about thirty years ago, this is a great place to start. Even though the sex action was way shorter than I expected, the story was intriguing. There are more than a couple companies making story porn that could learn a thing or two from this release. And if 89 minutes aren’t enough for you, there are four bonus scenes and some trailers that should keep you occupied.

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