Hometown Girls



Hometown Girls



Movie Type: Straight

141 Mins

Hustler Video

Director: Jimmy D.

Themes: Small Tits, Young Girls

Condoms: No


Stars: Ami Emerson, Gracie Glam, Jackie Daniels, Jessica Valentino, Malia Kelly, Prinzzess Sahara, Tanner Mayes

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Hometown Girls feels a helluva lot like a Barely Legal release. The only differences are a greater emphasis on plot and the length of the scenes, which run a bit longer than those from a BL feature. The acting is lousy and the stories behind each coupling are pretty bland. Small boobs and young girls are a recurring theme. This is an entirely boy-girl endeavor until we get to the last scene. One thing that really perplexes me about this release is the music on the main menu. There’s a lot of sappy violin playing that just doesn’t fit with the overall premise.

Johnny Castle is shopping for some jewelry in a store where Jessica Valentino happens to be a clerk. The attraction between them is clear and they soon end up in a bedroom. Some tender kisses are exchanged before she starts blowing him. She really uses her hand on his cock, but doesn’t inject any real energy into her oral. He does some equally light pussy eating, then starts spooning her. When they get into reverse cowgirl, the action picks up a little. The last position is missionary until he cums over her waiting mouth.

Chris Cannon is in a Chinese restaurant that looks more like a diner. Jackie Daniels is his waitress and they begin flirting. She sits down in the booth and Chris reveals his longing for her pussy. Turns out she also likes him a lot and they head for (what is supposed to look like) a storage room in the restaurant. A little kissing is followed by Chris Cannon’s pussy eating. You can hear him slurping away at her slit and he also fingers it deeply. He works his way south, munches on her asshole and then gets a poor blowjob. Chris turns it into a bit of face fuck, then thrusts away nicely in doggy. They get into reverse cowgirl and follow that with mish while she’s laying on her side. Chris is looking pretty limp by this point and spurts a really weak cumshot onto her tongue. The ending of this scene is especially stupid. They cut to a shot of Jackie, with a big wad of spit (no cum) hanging from her chin, saying, “Chris, you’re my favorite customer.”

Gracie Glam‘s out shopping for flowers while Frankie Young lurks among some of them. Apparently, Frankie’s a shy guy and has never had the guts to tell Gracie how attracted he is to her. He somehow manages to get invited to her place. When he arrives, Gracie shoves him down onto her bed and mounts him. Frankie lays kisses all over her body and lovingly eats her pussy. The blowjob is equally as loving and too affectionate to have any intensity. Fortunately, things get better. The sex starts in cowgirl and gets progressively faster. While in doggy, he’s pounding away at her cooch when – in an awkward and poorly filmed moment – he almost cums. The missionary sex is hard and Frankie seems to have a good time of it. He cums over her pussy to end it.

And now for the girl I had the most fun watching: Malia Kelly. Like Jackie before her, she’s working in a restaurant when an admiring customer comes in. This time though, Chris Johnson is a photographer who wants her to do some modeling. He gets her back to his studio and, after she gets some pictures taken, he succeeds in scoring a little pussy. This scene is amusing because Malia loudly giggles throughout all of the pussy eating. She just can’t stop laughing as he’s sucking and I found this aspect of her personality refreshing. Her blowjob is pretty good. She goes deep often and moistens up Chris’ cock before they get into 69. Although she doesn’t laugh during they sex that takes place in reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy, I continued to enjoy this chick. Chris does a nice job of stroking away, with some hard banging on his part. He fucks her face for a while before letting his cum dribble over her cheek.

Tanner Mayes and her tiny tits are brought to the same set Jackie Daniels had sex in. I guess we’re supposed to believe a storage room serves as an apartment for Pike Nelson. He convinced Tanner Mayes, who plays a book worm, that he has quite the collection. Turns out he meant porno mags, as there’re a bunch of Hustler mags strewn about a table. There’s some brief pussy licking, then Tanner blows him. She does an admirable job of trying to go deep. The sex first takes place in spoon and it looks like he has to work his way in slowly, as Tanner‘s kind of tight down there. The reverse cowgirl shows off her nice figure and riding skills. The cowgirl also sees her grinding her hips into him. The cumshot is actually kind of funny. Tanner strokes him off while he’s laying down and she’s got her face perched above his dick. What little cum he has just dribbles down her hand and she says, “Is that all you have for me.” He laughs it off, but she’s right in mentioning it.

I was surprised to see this flick end with a lez scene. Ami Emerson works at a barber shop and is cutting Prinzzess‘ father’s hair. The old man doesn’t realize it, but Prinzzess is flirting with Ami as she’s chopping away. We cut to a living room and the girls together on a couch. There’s a lot of boring tit play before we finally see some puss from Ami, who’s definitely not the best looking girl on this release. Prinzzess thumbs her pussy at first, then works a couple more fingers in. Ami sits on Prinzzess‘ face and there are close-ups as she licks and sucks away. Ami grinds her cooch into Prinzzess‘ face before the tables are turned and Prinzzess does the same to her. At this point, the scene improves greatly. Prinzzess is much easier on the eyes and we get a good view of her bod. She gets tongued deeply and seems to genuinely get off on it. Ami‘s no looker, but she does a good job of getting her partner wet. It was fun to watch Prinzzess cum and they end it with the typical lesbo kiss.

Hard not to think of this as a Barely Legal release since all the girls are young and thrust into all these different situations. This is really pretty average stuff. The first two scenes were nothing special, but Gracie and particularly Malia, upped my interest. The former girl and Frankie seemed overly romantic at first, but picked up the pace and improved their scene. Malia was a blast to watch because she brought something different to the table. I liked Tanner and could tell she had fun with her scene. Thank goodness Prinzzess was in the final pairing, ’cause Ami just didn’t appeal to me. I was surprised by how poor the acting was here. It’s pretty obvious that people are being fed their lines when they cut to a shot of an actor/actress and they suddenly have something to say. Anyone familiar with Hustler releases will know what to expect with this one. I can’t recommend it because the sex is just too spotty. Malia was the one bright spot in a film with mostly middling performances.



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