Partly Stormy


Party Stormy


87 Mins.


DIRCTOR: Stormy Daniels



STARS: Stormy Daniels, Brooke Belle, Lily Paige, India Summer, Marcus London, Eric Masterson, Sascha, Aaron Wilcoxxx


Story wrote and directed this movie and she did a nice job. One problem though. She didn’t give us enough of her in it. There are some decent looking women, but when your director is also your main attraction, saving her for the end isn’t a great idea. The story here is simple and effective. Stormy is a weather girl having a few really bad days. She loses her job, her man and her lunch early in the movie. Can she get things together? Of course she can. This is porn and happy endings are sexier than stark reality. While we watch her struggle, we get to watch Brooke Belle and India Summer in decent sex scenes. Lily Paige also shows up and when she isn’t sucking cock she finds a way to light up Stormy‘s day. After getting warmed up with a girl, Stormy closes the movie with a really good boy/girl scene. More of Stormy would have been good, but that’s just my opinion. A decent story with passable sex scenes makes this worth watching if you like light features that won’t scare away the ladies.

Brooke Belle & Marcus London

While Stormy is stumbling home drunk looking for a place to puke, Marcus is busy with Brooke. He’s got his head buried between her legs and his finger working her pussy until it is nice and wet. She returns the favor with a sleepy, mostly hands-free blowjob. This is a very pedestrian opening scene. Nothing wrong wit it, but it’s kind of forgettable from the start. The best footage comes when she sits straight up and bounces on his dick. Her body looks pretty good here, but there just isn’t much energy coming through. Marcus pulls out and shoots onto her ass.

Lily Paige & Sascha

Back home where she belongs Stormy interrupts some fun for her roommate. After rushing off to work she leaves them to finish what they started. Lily spins around so that she can 69 her man and ends up swallowing pretty much all of Sascha’s hard cock. She gets all ramped up and ready to fuck. Sasha pounds her pretty hard, working that pussy and folding her up like a rag doll. This isn’t a great scene, but it is better than the opener. He dumps his load all over her pussy and belly.

India Summer & Aaron Wilcoxxx

India already has Stormy‘s job and now she gets her man as well. That really doesn’t seem very fair. At least the scenes are getting better as we go. India opens her mouth and bobs her head double time on the cock. I would guess she made her way up the ladder one dick at a time from her knees. Or maybe it’s just her on camera weather skills that did the trick. After a good blowjob she throws one leg up onto his shoulder and lets him pound away on her for a while. He pulls out and paints her face with a very big load of hot ball batter. She looks happier about the new cock in her life than the new job.

Lily Paige & Stormy Daniels

Lily really wants to help her friend break the blues. No better way to do that than to have a little lesbian sex right? It has been a while since they have played, but they don’t forget how. Lily drops to the floor and has Stormy bent over above her as she samples the goods. Stormy puts her friend up on the counter and digs in for a serious round of pussy smacking. This kind of fun may not totally fix Stormy‘s life, but at least it helps her relax a little.

Stormy Daniels & Eric Masterson

An unfortunate accident lands Lily in the hospital where Stormy runs into Eric. The guy who got her home safely is a doctor and in no time at all, her new love interest. Good things keep happening to her and she celebrates by trying out her new boyfriend’s oral skills. He does a nice job so she gets busy returning the favor. Nice looking blowjob with some good shots of Stormy‘s big tits dangling down as she bobs her head. His dick is standing at attention as she gets on top and rides his cock. Nice ass shots here, but the best looking action comes in spoon and mish when she looks at him and rubs her clit while he pounds and makes her big boobs shake. He pulls out and blasts his load all over her belly, leaving her smiling. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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