Field of Schemes 8


Field OF Schemes 8


147 Mins.

Girlfriends Films

THEMES: Lesbian Sex


STARS: Alexis Texas, Allie Haze. Ariella Ferreira, Bobbi Star, Juliana Jolene, Lux Kassidey, Magdalene St. Michaels, Tori Black


It is time to visit Thornhill Academy one more time for a closer look at their world famous softball team. The women who play on this team know how to keep up morale. Even when they are hazing one another they make us smile. For this volume, Girlfriends Films has added three of the hottest performers in the business to the fun. Alexis Texas welcomes Tori Black to the tennis team by making her break into a professor’s house and get naughty. Their scene is beautiful, hot and totally worth the price of the DVD. Tori comes back for a three way with her professor and another student. This scene features some strap on play and plenty of eye candy. Bobbi Starr has fun with Juliana Jolene. The final scene was just a little odd for me. I like Allie Haze, but she seems scared, bored or something worse throughout the whole scene. Overall this is a really good movie. I’m still not the biggest fan of all-girl movies, but watching Girlfriends Films projects is always fun. The women are beautiful and seem genuinely interested in sex with other women. If you’re a bigger fan of the genre than I am then will really flip for this latest Thornhill softball adventure.

Tori Black & Alexis Texas

Tori is new to the team (Not the softball team apparently) and as part of her initiation, she is ordered to break into a professor’s house and follow Alexis’ orders. First she has to take some revealing pictures of herself and send them via phone to Alexis. The photos become more revealing and include some shots of the beautiful brunette fingering her tight pussy. Tori has to let Alexis in and then the fun begins. Look folks, this is one of the most appealing combinations of female talent in the industry today so it’s bound to be good. Putting these two women together in bed makes for great eye candy. It also pairs two of the best performers we have ever seen. Tori falls right into the spirit of things, worshipping Alexis’s big ass before slowly working her tongue around her new friend’s slightly parted lower lips. If you enjoy watching two women together, there is no way you won’t love this scene. After pleasing Alexis, Tori leans back and gets to see what three year’s of experience on the tennis team has taught the sexy blonde. Tori loves being eaten but wants that big ass on her face so she begs for some 69. Great eye candy, energetic sex, kissing and even a generous helping of hot dirty talk. This scene has it all.

Ariella Ferrara, Lux Kassiey & Tori Black

Not out of the woods yet, Tori has to stay behind and snap some pictures of the professor if she wants to make the team. Lux has come to the professor for some help with her Spanish. Ariella helps her, slowly playing the seduction game until she plants a kiss on the young blonde’s willing lips. Tori gets caught in the house and tries hard to talk her way out of trouble. Ariella takes her to the bedroom and has her kissing Lux even as she keeps trying to negotiate her way out the door. Lux doesn’t mind having another pretty girl in the bed and Ariella gets to direct the action. For a second time in less than an hour Tori finds her self licking a new pussy and she takes to it like a duck to water. The professor breaks out a strap on and gently slides it in and out of Tori. Making the two students kneel in doggy side by side and kiss while she chooses which one to fuck, Ariella is clearly enjoying her position of power. Having dished it out, she leans back in the bed and lets them service her for a while. Tori licks her while Lux rides the face of her favorite professor. This is a great scene from star to finish with three lovely women who appreciate what they can do for one another.

Julianna Jolene & Bobbi Starr

Bobbi is supposed to deliver the pay book to Julianna, but she doesn’t have it. Delivering bad news is not Bobbi’s favorite thing and it is not well received. Julianna takes Bobbi to the bedroom and wants to know who ratted them out. It is sweet torment for the pretty brunette as her nipples are teased mercilessly. This leads to some intense kissing and full body contact rubbing. Forgetting all about the information she wanted Julianna turns her attentions towards getting off. Bobbi focuses her attention on the busty blonde’s pussy licking it dutifully until all Julianna has on her mind is cumming. They grind together nicely with Bobbi holding on to Julianna and humping her until they both scream. I don’t think Bobbi Starr knows how to make a scene that isn’t great. It just doesn’t seem to be in her. This one is very hot and ends with a sweet kiss.

Allie Haze & Magdalene St. Michaels

Allie faces a tough interview to get into the school and onto the squad. Her mom helps, but Magdalene and Darryl really make it hard on the young cutie. After a closed door talk, Allie agrees to do more than just talk. Magdalene enjoys the position of power and orders Allie to strip. She licks the young girl’s perky nipples and helps her get over her initial shyness. Allie looks unsure for a while as she is eaten. I’m not sure how sexy that is. To me it looks like someone who isn’t happy, but I think she’s just playing her role as budding young lesbian. Things pick up a little when Magdalene switches places, but the whole thing feels sleepy enough to be a little eerie. Maybe I’m missing something here, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

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