Pornstar Superheroes


Pornstar Superheroes


220 Mins

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: William H & Graham Travis


THEMES: Super Heroines


STARS: Asa Akira, Kristina Rose, Sadie West, Tori Black,


I just finished watching this movie and I’m so damn impressed I don’t know where to start. OK yes I do. Let’s start with the great cast and amazing sex scenes. Much of the rest of this summary will be about the story, the costumes, the mythology and how freaking cool the movie. First though, the sex. There are five scenes here and four of them are absolute home runs. Tori Black opens the movie with a great scene featuring her hot body, some black leather and a ton of energy. Asa Akira follows that up with the sort of hard pounding eye candy we have come to expect from her. Throw in Kristina Rose a gun toting superhero slut and you have the makings of a great stroke flick. Asa and Kristina team up for the fourth great scene. Sadie West is nothing to sneeze at in the other scene either. Great sex aside (And we shouldn’t put is aside, this is a porn flick after all) Pornstar Superheroes is a ton of fun. There is a great mythology set up here and a plot that makes me anxious to see what they will do with part two. (Oh yeah, it’s a “to be continued” adventure for sure.) The fight scenes are very cool and the dialog is crisp. It has action, a plot, guns, fight scenes, hot chicks and best of all, great sex scenes. This is a very solid feature that is bound to please the comic book/super hero fans out there. Mark this down as on of the best movies so far in 2010.

Tori Black & Michael Stefano

Mike has a crazy story to tell. After breaking down in the wrong neighborhood he is roughed up by some thugs. Out of nowhere comes Tori dressed in black, kicking ass and looking to fuck afterwards. She slides all over his body like a cat before taking his cock into her mouth. This is great tease that they worked into the feature quite nicely. Once the cock is hard and wet she bends over and we see a strategic opening in her black costume that allows for entry from behind. Great looking eye candy as Tori takes him back into her mouth between each position. Her ass is only slightly exposed by the garment adding some serious costume fetish appeal to an already hot stroke scene. The ass shots are great and lead us to a special moment as Michael’s cock splits her cheeks. This is a beautifully show anal scene with Tori talking dirty, providing eye candy and just setting the bar so high that I can’t imagine anyone topping this one. He finishes with a perfect shot right on her gorgeous face

Asa Akira & Mick Blue

Asa is a super hot kick ass girl who clears out a room while wearing a short plaid skirt. With all of the bad guys gone, she and Mick celebrate. She looks amazing down there and opens wide to get face fucked. Nice mix of POV (which is stunning) and side shots of the action. How he holds off I have no idea, but Mick bends Asa over and fucks her tight pussy from behind. He turns her over on a barstool, eats her pussy and then slam fucks her with her legs up on his shoulders. I know I just said that no one could measure up to Tori, but Asa hangs right in there with some great ass shots and hungry oral in between positions. She looks especially good on her back with her legs pulled up past her shoulder so that her whole sweet body is on display while Mick bones her as deep as he can. He pumps until he is ready to explode and then leaves it in and on her mouth. OK we are two scenes in and already we have witnessed a pair of blistering hot stroke scenes.

Kristina Rose & Anthony Rosano

Anthony rolled over on a crime family and is about to be tortured to death. Kristina Rose shows up looking super hot in white. She uses some amazing marksmanship and a dose of telekinesis to wipe out the whole fucking lot of them. She saves Anthony, but is planning to take him in to complete her mission. Before she does that though, she takes him inside, slowly peels off her suit and gets down on her knees to suck his balls. She mounts up and does what Kristina always does, she rocks the fucking house. She rides his dick and rubs that clit until she sounds like she’s ready to explode. There are some nice ass shots as he takes her from behind. Really great dirty talk as she gets spanked and fucked about as hard as he can manage. They crank up the heat one more notch when she mounts for RCA. Kristina is the perfect girl to follow Tori and Asa because it is impossible not to love her when she gets going. He fucks that ass like crazy and then shoots a big load all over her asshole.

Sadie West & Manuel Ferrara

Sadie is on the run, chased by a killer who has powers beyond her own. They share a past and the passion comes rushing back when she is cornered. He stuffs that big cock right down her throat until she just can’t take any more. The sex in this scene is a little more frantic (and that’s saying a lot) and considerably more claustrophobic. They are in cramped quarters and the shots are necessarily tight. Sadie gets back down on the ground and stuffs that dick to the back of her throat. The intensity can not be questioned here, but it just doesn’t feel as sexy or as complete as the other scenes. Sadie is out of breath and sweaty as she jerks his load all over her face.

Asa Akira, Kristina Rose & Steve Holmes

Kristina is still hunting down supers and comes head to head with her old friend Asa. They may be at odds now, but they once shared a special friendship. On that includes slow motion romps through the grass and sharing a big cock in a masked tryst reminiscent of “Eyes Wide Shut.” The girls put their asses together so he can rub his big dick on it. Then they move into another room, remove their masks and slowly join their mouths at the head of that lucky rod. Asa picks up the pace and then passes the meat to Kristina so she can squat over Steve’s face. There is some great footage of Asa going own on Kristina while Steve sits behind and holds the pussy open for the beautiful Asian babe. The girls look amazing, but their intensity is really what makes this scene special. While Asa gets railed from behind Kristina is seeking out her friend’s mouth to kiss her as she cums. They love the big cock, but this really seems to be about two hot chicks who are totally hot for one another. The eye candy in this scene is fantastic. Asa stands and sucks cock while Kristina buries her face in her friend’s pussy. I dare you not to stare at that for a while. When Asa rides the big dick she pounds her hips down hard while we get to watch her pussy lips stretched around the fat cock in her. There is a lot of ass licking, keep throat fucking and eventually a big load that the girls share and swap as they kiss.

Bonus: Running Audio Commentary, Featurettes (BTS, Mythology Story, Kristina Rose Interview, Director Interview), Bonus Scenes (Kristina Rose from Sporty Girls, Asa Akira from Bootylicious Girls, Tori Black from Pornstar Workout and Sadie West from Glamour Girls 2) Bloopers, Trailers

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