Who Stole Roger Rabbit



Who Stole Roger Rabbit


167 Mins



THEMES: Cartoon Characters, Parody


STARS: Stacey Saran, Jasmine Black, Cindy Behr, Kit Lee, Kat Lee, Rene Richards, Ramona Ryder, Tia Lane, Paige Ashley, Anamarie, Lily Love, Emma Butt, Ebony Goddess, Natalia DiAngelo,



This is one of the movies that I looked at during nomination time and I kind of liked it. It was clever, sexy and packed with pretty hot girls. Now that I’ve had some time to really sit down and give it a harder look though, it’s a mess. It’s sort of a Roger Rabbit parody which is kind of a cool idea. It blends a bunch of other elements as well and sometimes they work. (Sometimes they don’t.) Technically it’s choppy, poorly lit with special effects that are sometimes cool, but mostly fall flat. All of this could be excused if it were good sexually. It’s not. At least not overall. There are some flashes of strokeable heat to be sure. Jasmine Black is smoking hot especially if anyone has a Minnie Mouse fetish. Stacy Saran plays Jessica and she carries most of the sexual weight. She’s not bad, but not exactly the sort of girl you built a whole movie around. Too many of the scenes feature multiple couples forcing the action to be choppy and less interesting than it should be. I liked Kit and Kat Lee, but their scene is chopped to hell. The Adams Family stuff is just strange and the cartoon character action gets old kind of fast. I wanted to like this movie because it’s rather original and has a few hot chicks. It just goes on for way too long and ends up a sloppily lit mess with not enough hot chicks to carry it through.

Stacy Saran

Sexy blonde Jessica loves her rabbit (vibrator) and enjoys the sexy things it does for her. Demonstrating its powers with a bunch of computer animated characters around her, she fucks her pussy in a brief opening round of solo fun. She follows that up with a sexy nightclub act only to find that Roger is missing. Someone stole her dildo, what will she do?

Jasmine Black & Stacy Saran

Jasmine, as a squeaky voiced mouse, and her partner show up to investigate the crime. I can’t tell if Jasmine is making the high pitched giggling noises or if it is some audio trick. Either way it’s oddly cute. The detectives question a cowboy and Jessica, searching their persons for signs of the missing rabbit. Jasmine is really pretty and shares the scene with Stacy who is a little hard looking, but has a nice smile. They move quickly to the fucking an the action switches back and forth between the two couples so rapidly that it really isn’t all that great. The lighting doesn’t help either. Though there is plenty of good stuff here, the constant cutting and inconsistent lighting make it hard to really love it. It isn’t hard to love the shared facial though. After Stacy takes one on her own, she shares the other with Jasmine.

Kit Lee, Kat Lee & Cindy Behr

Kit and Kit are dominatrix cats who are uncooperative at first. Cindy is “Indy” complete with a whip. While she distracts the cats’ slave, our hero feeds the hungry kitties to make them more docile. It’s kind of a crazy set up that unfortunately leaves us jumping back and forth again. Kit and Kat are cute and their costumes add some heat. Cindy is OK looking, but ends up being a distraction from the main event. While the blonde is using her shaved pussy to keep a cock happy, the two hooded cat sisters are the ones I really want to see. Lots of leather here to enjoy and the lighting isn’t so jumpy, but we are still stuck with the same issues we had in the last scene. Halfway through Indy wants to switch so she gets fucked against he wall while the slave goes back to serving his feline mistresses. Nice facial for Cindy and then Kit and Kat nearly fight over a load of their own.

Rene Richards & Stacy Saran

Jessica pays a visit to Cat Capone and gets jumped by two guys in gorilla suits. Yes, this is getting stranger by the minute, but it’s all in good fun. Rene has a mask on, but has a nice body and sucks a mean cock. The girls get bent over and fucked side by side by the gorillas. There is better lighting in this scene than in either of the first two and that helps a lot. The action still jumps back and forth a lot, but we’re used to it now so we can just enjoy Jessica taking a facial and Rene getting her body covered in goo.

Stacy Saran

Jessica wanders onto a set where Ben Dover is interviewing a rock star. They don’t have her rabbit, but are happy to give her what they do have. In no time at all she is naked and plugged at both ends by hard dick. Sucking away, this naughty blonde has plenty of room behind her for a thrusting rod. For the first time in the movie we don’t have to skip from one couple to another. Stacy really works the cocks, fucking with her whole body when she is on top. Ben flips her over and works that pussy hard and deep until he explodes all over her face.

Tia Lane & Ramona Ryder

Sexy blonde Tia Lane is the female half of a bumbling cop duo who can’t find a thing. They ask Ramona and a giant Sylvester the Cat for help. They pair off and decide to fuck rather than look for anything. The side by side sucking is pretty hot here. Both girls are easy on the eyes and do great oral work. I think I’m slightly more partial to Tia who is very hot as the naughty cop. On the other hand, Ramona has an amazing set of tits. She is also being fucked by a giant cat and I suppose that has some added kink factor. Both of them are vocal and energetic as they fuck and the combination of the two works this time. Tia and Ramona both take facials at the same time. Very nice work here.

Stacy Saran & Paige Ashley

Stacy ends up at clinic where she is hit on the head by a nurse and imagine a giant Tweetie Bird. The girls double up on the bird, sucking his cock until it throbs. Paige is really nicely built and looks good in her nurse uniform. She helps Stacy into the stirrups where she can pump up and down on his prick. As much as I want to like this scene, it’s blurry, poorly lit and really kind of a mess technically. I don’t know what happened, but any appeal Paige has is kind of overpowered by an inexcusable looking scene. The popshot on Paige’s pussy even gets cut short. Too bad.

AnaMarie & Lilly Love and Stacy Saran

In sort of an Adams Family thing, we see Anamarie in braided pigtails with a fortune teller or something. The action is pretty much a mess, jumping from one couple to the next. AnaMarie is cute and Stacy is dirty as ever, but there is little charm here. Maybe the movie has just gone stale because there really isn’t much heat here. If you have a thing for Adams Family sex play then you might get more out of it. The girls all do some cum swapping at the end. That’s kind of cool, but I think I’ve just run out of desire to see Stacy fuck anyone.


OK chalk up another one for weirdness. An Elvis impersonator leads the way for a big orgy that features most of the girls in the cast plus some new ones. Stacy is there again and so is Ramona. If the switching of action bothered you at all before then it will make you nuts in this finale. There are so many people running around that you aren’t going to get much of a chance to enjoy anyone. For anyone still sticking around, there is a Wizard of Oz thing going on here. I suppose Ebony Goddess is worth a mention. She’s pretty hot even in the middle of this mess. With only a few flashes to enjoy, this becomes a really long orgy scene with some costumes, nice individual shots and not much else to crow about. I’m just done with this movie. Another choppy, oddly lit group scene just doesn’t bring enough to the table to make it worth sitting through.

Bonus: Popshots, Positions, Trailers, Stills


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