All Star Big Boobs


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All Star Big Boobs


123 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: Big tits, Natural Tits, Thick Women


STARS: Domino, Sharon Pink, Jasmine Black, Sensual Jane, Jessica Moore, Christina Jolie,


This is another of Digital Playground’s Euro flicks. In this case, that’s even better than usual. When you want naturally busty babes, the talent pool seems to be deeper across the pond. Nothing against the fine busty babes of the US, Canada and all of our awesome neighbors to the south, but one look at these girls and you might be stamping your passport for a trip abroad, to Boobyland. Jasmine Black is really fucking hot. She starts the movie and sets the bar high. There are some bigger boobs that follow, but few (if any) of the girls combine her massive charms with the sort of great looks and sexual energy that make her worth watching. The only one who comes close is Jessica Moore who pops up late in the movie for a blistering three way. This scene is big boob goodness at its best with a fine mix of pure sexual filth. The other scenes are pretty good as well. In fact, if you are looking for bigger tits, then Domino is likely to rock your world. If she doesn’t then Sensual Jane will. Christina and Sharon double up for yet another good scene. I really liked this movie from start to finish. It is a nice balance of boob footage and hard sex with a great cast. Perfect cast if you like big boobs and really great even if you judge a woman on sexual energy over mammary magnificence. Really nice work here and I’m suddenly craving dairy.

Jasmine Black & Mugur

Busty Jasmine kicks things off with some nice looking tease footage. The camera looks up at her lovely set while she rubs her pussy and shakes her big jugs. Mugur comes out and slides his finger into her pussy. When he finds her wet enough already he helps her to her knees and puts his dick into her mouth. Her big tits fit really well around his cock, but her lips do an even better job. Tit lovers will have fun watching her bounce her set in her hands as he bangs her on the couch. In between each position she gets her tits back around his dick to really keep things focused on the right stuff. Even during the anal she is working to keep her boobs shaking with every stroke. At one point Magur shoves Jasmine‘s tit into her own mouth while he drills her butt. She finishes with some hot tit fucking and by making a target of her big knockers. Mugur unloads all over them while she rubs it in.

Domino & Kanil Klein

Domino gets all clean in the shower, rubbing her enormous tits against the glass as she lathers up. All clean she shows up in a tiny bikini top that barely keeps her boobs in once Kanil starts kneading the tit meat like clay. This thick chick does a great tit fuck from her knees, making his meat disappear into the massive valley between her utterly delicious mams. She’s also good with her mouth and looks at his dick like she really can’t wait to feel it inside of her. Rolling onto her side she gets exactly what she wanted and them some. She is really thick in the middle, but in this position her tits are so well displayed that it is tough to notice anything else. I love the doggy footage here and if you dig big tits (Which is probably why you picked up this movie) you will too. After using her tits for great tit fucking for the whole scene she holds them up and lets him shoot all over them. This is a big tit lover’s dream scene.

Christina Jolie, Sharon Pink & James Brossman

We get two busty babes this time. They show off individually and then warm each other up before James comes in to finish things off. The girls love big things and take James to the couch to share his big hard on. They pass it back and forth, letting their big tits dangle as they lean over his lap. Sharon uses hers to keep his dick happy during some kneeling it fucking. Christina takes a ride in reverse cowgirl and has those fantastic fun bags flopping like crazy. Sharon grabs the dick and shoves it into her mouth until she has cleaned off all of the juices. Great looking tit play when they roll into spoon and fuck just inches away from Sharon who is busy playing with her own set. When he shoots his big load, the girls rub it all over one another, really playing up the boob fun at the end.

Jessica Moore, Choky Ice & Frank Gunn

Incredibly built blonde Jessica gets stuck in the rain and finds shelter with Choky and Frank. Frank questions why she is dressed in such a tiny outfit and finds out that she was trying to surprise her husband with something sexy. Rather than letting it go to waste, she shows them how good she looks in it. That’s really all it takes because this blonde is stacked, ready to play and looks spectacular. She lets the tits out to play and the guys just go nuts for her. They hurry to get her into doggy on the couch so that one can fuck her from behind while she bobs her head on the other like a vacuum. This is great looking footage from a woman who is going to have a ton of fans soon if she doesn’t already. In addition to the great boobs, Jessica has a nice ass that gets shown off quite well as she rides in cowgirl. When she turns around though, the tits steal the show as they bounce invitingly with each slam of her curvaceous hips. When they get her into doggy, the guys go ahead and fuck her pretty ass, completing a three whole tour that puts Jessica at the top of the must-see list in this flick. Jessica lines them up behind her for some hot DP. This girl really does anything and everything. Jessica presents her tits for the finish and gets them covered in two hot loads of cock cream. Do not miss this scene.

Sensual Jane & Chris Hott

We finish with a thick brunette who sports huge natural knockers. She and Chris start off with a long kiss and some mutual feeling up that is pretty damn sexy. The outdoor fun is good, but they move inside to a nice comfy couch to get things into high gear. She gets her pretty mouth around his cock and sucks like she is never going to let go. Keeping the tits in the center of the action, Jane shows good energy in spoon and doggy. Those are some really big tits she has so be ready for a lot of swaying. When she really gets going on his lap, Jane grinds her hips and sticks out her ass like she wants one in there was well. When Chris turns her around, she guides his dick back there, slipping it into her ass until he can take over and give her full thrusts. The big tits continue to sway as she gets nailed in the ass harder and harder. Jane takes over with RCA and takes every inch up inside of her. They finish out with a big sticky load all over her boobs. Those glazed fun bags are a perfect way to end this movie.

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