River Rock Women’s Prison


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River Rock Women’s Prison


119 Mins

Triangle Films

DIRECTOR: Kathryn Annelle


THEMES: Women in Prison, Strap Ons, BDSM


STARS: Dia Zerva, Justine Jolie, Claire Adams, Jada Fire, Adrianna Nicole, Melissa Monet, Ariel X, Marie Luv, Syd Blakovich,



This is not your typical adult movie and you can tell that from the first few seconds. The way River Rock is edited is bound to catch your eye. The story of a harsh private prison run by a sexually sadistic warden and jailhouse politics is thin, but intriguing. It’s told in short dialog snippets and character studies that keep you glued to your seat in between the scenes. Sexually this movie is both very porn and not porny at all. There is a feeling of genuine lesbian lust in some of the scenes and then some downright fetish friendly craziness. The style and camerawork won’t be for everyone. This is not your typical gonzo, I found it visually stunning and interesting from start to finish. The sex scenes are both more tender and rougher than usual. There is some serious and kissing going here. There is also some toe sucking, serious strap on play and some downright strokeable lesbian sex. Throw in some rough sex and a truly brutal round of BDSM for Dia Zerva in the finale. All of the scenes are worth watching, but each has a different feel to it. Claire Adams is really good as the creepy warden who fucks Adrianna Nicole in the opener and then opens up a can of whoop ass in the finale. Melissa Monet is really good as the experienced jail house tough girl who has her way with cute fresh meat Justine Jolie. Jada Fire dishes out some seriously angry strap on action with Syd Blakovich. That one serves as a great warm up for the climax. I’m still smarting a little from watching Dia strung up and covered in clothespins. Serious nasty stuff here that works in a big way. It isn’t often that an all-girl movie is this impressive. River Rock is edgy, sexy, cool, interesting from start to finish and just sexy enough to make me recommend it even if you aren’t usually a fan of the genre. Great work on all levels.

Adrianna Nicole & Claire Adams

Tensions are high between the Warden (Claire Adams) and a guard (Adrianna Nicole) who has it out for Zerva. It’s nothing a little office sex can’t fix though. They strip slowly and Claire focuses a great deal of energy sucking Adrianna‘s beautiful natural breasts. Working slowly sets the mood, but the Warden has a strap on cock that is thick enough to keep her guard in line. After fucking Adrianna‘s face for a while she crawls between her thighs and fucks the blonde guard right on top of the desk. The intensity is pretty good here, but there is a still a nod to the more sensual sex that the target audience is looking for. This includes Adrianna lovingly sucking her boss’ toes and quaking through a hard climax. Claire finishes up by power fucking Adrianna from behind with the toy.

Melissa Monet & Justine Jolie

Young Justine is just new meat to Melissa, but she knows just how to handle her. They get to know one another late at night in their cell. Justin resists at first, but gives in as she realizes she needs Melissa’s protection and her touch. There is some gentle spanking that has Justine‘s pale asscheeks glowing. After taking the first ride, Justine is in the proper frame of mind to please her older companion. Working up a sweat as she licks and sucks toes, Justine proves to be quite good at pleasing a woman. This is definitely the sort of scene that true lovers of woman on woman sex are going to enjoy. The heat, the seat the unconventional (for porn) angles and positions all add up to something unique and hot.

Marie Luv & Ariel X

Marie and Ariel prove the racial harmony can exist behind bars. They strip one another out of their white T-shirts and find a way to be comfortable together on the cot. Marie, always good with her mouth, spends a great deal of time letting Ariel know just how much she enjoys the taste of pussy as she fingers her cellmate to a loud and writhing climax. In return, Ariel rubs Marie‘s pussy and sucks on her nipples until they are hard enough to cut glass. There is some very sexy 69 and both women put their focus between the other’s legs until neither can take another minute. This one really gets fun as the girls go for a second, more intense round of do me, do you.

Jada Fire & Syd Blakovich

Things go bad and Jada isn’t at all happy. She corners Syd in the bathroom and takes control. She gropes and slaps the tattooed white girl before making her get on her knees where a black strap on is waiting. Things are a little rough, a little messy and quite foot oriented for a while. There is some hot, intense strap on action as Jada bends the pale prisoner over and fucks the shit out of her. When that isn’t enough she switches to the ass and grabs onto Syd like she’s never going to let go.

Dia Zerva & Claire Adams

The set up and pre-scene action here is slickly edited, disturbing and quite hot. Once the Warden finally gets her hands on Dia, she doesn’t let up. She attaches more clothespins to the blonde’s breasts, face and vagina than one might thing possible. With the pins still on, Claire fucks Dia from behind with a big strap on. This isn’t at all gentle and includes some serious hair pulling. Claire continues to abuse the prison, fucking her face and slapping her way all the way down Dia‘s back. This is clearly a scene that mixes the BDSM elements with the lesbian sex in a way that isn’t all flowers and rainbows. Dia starts to respond, riding the fake cock and bucking her hips until they both collapse together in a sweaty heap.

Bonus: Behind the Rock (12 minutes BTS), Fresh Fish (2 Minute Make Out Clip), Tour the River Rock, Photo Galleries, Trailers


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