Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes 4


Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes 4


67 Mins

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

CONDOMS: None Noted

THEMES: Outtakes




This is a long BTS reel featuring one of porn’s greatest melt downs. It’s over an hour long and could easily be used as a case study in porn insanity. Tanner Mayes has a freak out of epic proportions. What makes this train wreck to interesting is that you could see it as an example of a spoiled drunk girl ruining a set or of a girl fed up with being treated like shit. She is out of control from the start, flashes between fighting mad and mugging for the camera and has everyone on set rolling their eyes. This BTS reel takes up most of the DVD. There are two other BTS reels to enjoy and the end result of the whole Tanner fiasco. It is not your typical porno flick, but I’ll bet you can’t stop watching once you start.

Lesbian Bukkake is the sort of line that one would imagine is wide open for crazy BTS. Tanner Mayes stars in this crazy reel. She starts off just a little feisty, blasting on another production company and making excuses for being late. Things take a turn for the worse when one of the other girls calls Tanner out for some strange sores on her thighs. That sends her into a serious tizzy and she is ready to walk off the set. The tantrum grows as she wanders around the scene, quits over and over and seems ready to fight anyone who gets in her way. After busting on her assistant, she wanders around looking for her cell phone. They find the phone and she seems to have calmed down just a bit though she is still ready to rant about the girl who set her off at the drop of a hat. Some of the girls get to squirt all over her and then she blows up again. This time she is ranting about the time and just rants for fifteen minutes. After finally storming off the set, she goes back looking for a bunch of shit that she left behind. That leads to a serious confrontation between Tanner and Johnny Thrust that makes her so mad that she starts breaking shit on the way out. This is a classic melt down from start to finish.

Bonus: There is an edited version of Tanner in Lesbian Bukkake here as a bonus. Lots of squirting here and a scene that is one third the length of the BTS that spawned this DVD. Also included are previews and Bonus Outtakes from Girlvert 17 and an American Gokkum shoot with Brooke Scott.

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