Field of Schemes 7

Field of Schemes 7


140 Mins

Girlfriends Films

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Older Women/Younger Women


STARS: Brenda James, Darryl Hanah, Prinzzess, Yuri, Juliana Jolene, Kimberly Kane


Can I just say that I love this movie even before it starts? Of course I can, this is my web site. The reason for my early adulation is the music played on the main disc menu. It is a very recognizable version of the Police’s “Walking on the Moon” which just happens to be one of my favorite songs. OK silly reason to be amused I guess, but it worked for me. The four sex scenes also work. As usual Girlfriends Films puts a lot of effort into making the lesbian action genuine, sexy and visually appealing. The opening number with Brenda James and Darryl Hanah was my least favorite. It is well shot and sexy, but I’m not really into either woman. The exact opposite can be said about the Prinzzess pairing with Yuri. Both of them are gorgeous and they really enjoy one another. That scene alone is worth the price of admission. Kimberly and Juliana are very loving and their scene is fun to watch. The finale had Darryl back, this time in a submissive role with Prinzzess. I loved this scene because it really explores the sexuality beautifully. If you like the lesbian action offered up Girlfriends Films then this should give you plenty of reason to buy a field level seat for this episode.

Brenda James & Darryl Hanah

Darryl drops some concert tickets off for Brenda and then talks with her about a donation to the University’s softball team. They hit it off and get back together a night later to celebrate Brenda’s decision to donate to the team. They end up making it to the bedroom where they remain dressed and kiss for a long while. Keeping the pace nice and slow Darryl gets on top of her new friend and lovingly sucks her nipples as she works her way down. Brenda doesn’t just lie there and take though. She helps Darryl out of her clothes and shows that she knows what to do when the time comes. I like the sensuality of the scene a lot more than I like either of the women involved. The sex is nicely shot and the genuine connection works for me as a viewer, but overall it leaves me a little cold and kind of bored.

Prinzzess & Yuri

Darryl wants to hire Prinzzess as her assistant. First they have to get her into the university. As luck would have it, Yuri is getting a job at the admissions office and has a crush on Prinzzess. That works out well. What also works out is the fact that Yuri is a cheerleader who comes to see Prinzzess in her sexy little uniform. They retire to the bedroom where sexy little Yuri gets really nervous around the girl she lusts after. The kissing is very sexy and this scene has me absolutely glued to the screen because both women are just drop dead gorgeous. I love the way Prinzzess takes her time stripping Yuri, leaving her partially clothed as she pleases the pretty brunette. She finally turns her new friend over and drives her crazy with slow and gentle finger and tongue attention. The eye candy factor here is insane. Yuri is so fucking pretty and Prinzzess thoroughly enjoys make her squirm and squeal. Not at all intimidated by the tall blonde, Yuri returns the favor with great skill and confidence. Prinzzess loves her tongue, but also wants to play with Yuri’s incredible big boobs for a while. I could watch these two go at it all day.

Kimberly Kane & Juliana Jolene

After a nice long solo in the shower, Kimberly gets a surprise visit from Juliana. Returning home after time with her family Juliana is anxious to make up for lost time with her girlfriend. They are loving and gentle with one another, kissing, touching and behaving like two lovers who genuinely miss one another. Kimberly looks great as she always does and plays into the vibe of the scene perfectly. After kissing, the girls hump one another face to face and provide the sort of intimate lesbian sex that makes Girlfriends Films projects stand out.

Prinzzess & Darryl Hanah

Coach Darryl has been doing some bad things and now that Prinzzess knows all, she is prepared to spill the beans. Using her newly found information to win a spot on the team she goes for some bonus prizes by taking control of her coach for a while. Darryl gets spanked, is ordered to strip slowly and masturbate while Prinzzess watches. Great switch on the older/younger dynamic here while the action still stays loving and sensual. Darryl plays submissive perfectly and the scene becomes a sexy tangle of long legs and probing fingers. Prinzzess finally has Darryl go down on her and she doesn’t let her new coach up for air until she has done a very thorough job of orally pleasing that pretty young pussy. This scene is really hot and totally fun to watch.

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