I Can’t Believe You Sucked a Negro 7



I Can’t Believe You Sucked a Negro 7


107 Mins

JM Productions


DIRECTOR: Grip & Cram Johnson

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Cuckolds


STARS: Natasha Nice, Kendra Secrets, Charley Chase, Amber Rayne, Missy Woods, Layla Rivera, Julius Ceazher, Jon Jon, Devlin Weed, D Snoop and Ace.



All oral interracial cuckolding. Yeah, this is what happens when slice and dice porn into sub-niches. It’s a effective line that hits all of the bases nicely. It features a bunch of white wives cheating with black dudes. They verbally humiliate the audience, playing up a number of different cuckold angles. The final piece of the puzzle is that all of the action is oral. The girls are pretty good at sucking cock and deliver solid BJs throughout. Natasha Nice is probably the best of the lot. She is cute, looks great naked and sucks cock like it’s her favorite hobby. Layla Rivera is pretty fun as well. Charley Chase is always awesome and really loves the big meat in her mouth. Amber Rayne is typically slutty and Kendra Secrets learns to love it. A couple of these scenes have been in previous volumes so it looks like they are mixing in cold with new here. If you like POV cuckold videos with white chicks sucking black dicks and laying down the filthy humiliation talk then you’ll love this.

Natasha Nice & Julius Ceazer

We enter with Natasha dressed on the couch and her mouth around Julius’ dick. After letting her man know that he is disgusting and she needs bigger dick. Natasha returns to sucking. She is very enthusiastic and literally bounces right out of her clothes. The dialog is funny as they talk about pawning her wedding ring to fund a drug deal. There is something very sexy about Natasha The humiliation flavored dialog is strong and her oral skills are fun to watch. Down on her knees, she flips us the bird as she eats his load. Hot BJ, nasty talk and Natasha‘s great tits make this fun.

Kendra Secrets & Jon Jon

Kendra found a black man at her husband’s request and she doesn’t seem too thrilled. Starting off in jeans and her bra, she talks about it being awkward, but warms quickly to the size of his meat in her mouth. Learning to love it, she frees her tits from the bra and then lets Jon slide her out of her jeans. As she gets comfortable on her knees, Kendra starts to get meaner with her talk. Hubby is getting more than he bargained for and she is getting her throat filled with black meat. Great dirty talk and kneeling oral as she sucks and strokes him until he cums in her mouth. She holds it there long enough to show the camera and then swallows it.

Charley Chase & Devlin Weed

No slow start for Charley. She is in full bitch talk mode, blasting her husband for being useless, having a small dick and being a “white nerd.” All the while she is filling her mouth with black dick. Apparently it should come as no surprise to him that she would end up this way. Charley is naked with her big tits hanging over his lap while she sucks. The talk in this scene is very direct and almost as Devlin cracking up as she throws down a mess of trash talk. Devlin jerks off all over her waiting tongue. If you like big tits or dirty talk this one will do it for you.

Amber Rayne & Jon Jon

Amber explains to her man that she needs to suck the black penis just to add some spice to their relationship. She needs it to keep things fresh and wants a big cock in her throat since he isn’t cutting it. The BJ starts out with Amber dressed but she loses her clothes as she gets more into the fun. Keeping up the dirty talk, Amber shares with her husband her love for black cock as she verbally abuses him. As usual, Amber gives a filthy hot blowjob and takes the cum in her mouth.

Missy Woods & D Snoop

Missy‘s husband surprises his wife and her new friend. They burst out laughing at him and Missy orders him to stay and watch. There is a whole lot of talking going on as she weaves a story about Snoop’s street cred or something. Other than a lot of talk Missy doesn’t offer as much as some of the other girls. She’s not bad looking, but is rather average in the blowjob department. Showing off her ass, she bends over and lets Snoop spank it. He leans her head backwards over the couch and fucks her face. The sex is just too sleepy to really matter here. The talk is dirty, but I got really bored. He shoots his load on his face, but it’s too little too late for me.

Layla Rivera & Ace

Layla picks things up a bit in the final scene. She has some news for her husband. The little ED issue he has is bothering her and Ace is going to help her get what she needs. While still dressed, the sexy wife happily gobbles his knob and is impressed by the size and stiffness he brings to the table. She kneels and licks his shaft, slobbering as she gets fucked in the face like a pretty little trophy wife should. They do plenty of talking to the camera, but the oral action is considerably better than it was in the last scene. Layla uses both hands to work him over and sucks like she is rapidly falling in love. When she drops her head over the edge of the couch, she looks right into the camera while he bounces his balls off of her nose. Her teasing and mocking are fun, but in the end it is just the great head that makes this one worth watching. Her mouth is wide open for a big load that she eats with a huge smile on her face. Stick around for this one.

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