Bang, Bang, Bang



Bang, Bang, Bang


107 Mins

New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Eddie Powell

THEMES: Gang Bangs, Strippers


STARS: Charley Chase, Lana Violet, Katie St. Ives,


This movie features three mini-gang bangs and all of them are fucking hot. Great looking girls in sexy group action are the order of the day. All three of them have different vibes and that makes them fun to watch. Katie St. Ives is super cute and flips the whole pizza delivery guy thing. That cute vibe stays with her throughout the entire scene and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Charley Chase follows that with a bang in the garage to get her car fixed. I love the set up here and how she looks in shorts and a tank top. I know, I’m supposed to focus on the hot sex that follows, but the set up works for some reason and I fucking loved the scene. The pay off is as good as the set up. Lana Violet is probably my favorite girl in the movie. Her scene is very good, but has a few flaws. The overdone gagging was a bit of a turn off and the longer shots are bunched towards the end taking away some great eye candy for much of the fucking. It finishes well though and is still a hot scene. All three scenes are worth watching with great looking women and hot sex. Tough to beat that. If you’re into small gang bangs then you won’t be dissatisfied with this at all.

Katie St. Ives

The pizza delivery guy bit gets flipped in this first scene. Katie shows up with pizzas and one of the guys recognizes her as a stripper from the local club. They insist on seeing her moves and she is happy to break them out. The dance sequence is kind of glossed over, but Katie is naked and servicing the four guys quickly enough. She’s a very cute girl with perky boobs and the girl next door freshness that makes her really fun to watch. One guy takes her from behind while she orally services the rest. There are some nice ass shots provided by this position and Katie is wonderfully vocal while servicing the four guys. I’ve never had a pizza delivered by such a cutie, and I hope the guys tip Katie well for her efforts. The action here is pretty solid and the guys never let Katie get bored. She shows off her body nicely during reverse cowgirl as she bounces in a lucky lap, shaking her tits and getting her fill. Katie goes to the floor and jerks the first dick off until he explodes on her tongue. That sets of the second guy who sprays her face. Already dripping, she takes the final two loads on her smiling face. Katie gets totally covered and still as cute as can be.

Charley Chase

Charley shows up looking for her car and she is super pissed off. Even angry she’s fucking hot with her tits popping out of her little pink tank top. Finally dropping the magic words “who’s dick do I have to suck to get this done” Charley launches us into a hot group effort. The guys gather around her and she noisily sucks each dick like she loves them all. Bending her over, the first guy goes nuts in her pussy, slapping her ass and warming her up for the rest. It’s a line forming at the back with each guy taking a few strokes while Charley keeps sucking. Once she gets going, Charley is in fire. She rides laps one at a time shaking her big tits in their faces and talking dirty the whole time. It is hard to beat the energy here, but it all looks really great too. The facial shots flow and Charley begs for seed in her wide open mouth. Great stream of shots here to cap off the scene and cover Charley in goo. This scene is just sexy hot from start to finish.

Lana Violet

A boring bachelor party for Chris Charming picks up quickly when little Lana arrives. In no time at all she has her mouth full of meat and is busy gagging on cock like it’s going out of style. The sex is fast and furious and all of that gagging is a bit of a turn off for a while. Eventually everyone settle sin though and she proves quite capable of handing whatever they have for her. Lana has a tight little body and the guys marvel at her oral skills. There are some great shots of her in reverse cowgirl, but overall we could stand a few more long body shots. We spend a lot of time up close on her pussy and her face. Not bad at all, but the longer shots help show off Lana. There are some great shots late in the scene with her on her back getting fucked while a second guy drops his balls right into her slutty mouth. They put her on her knees and have her tip her head back so that they can all shot hot loads into her waiting mouth. Lana gobbles up every drop she can and lets the rest decorate her pretty face. After a slow start this one got hot and the big finish is well worth the price of admission.

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