Love is Blue

Love Is Blue

MOVIE TYPE: Adult Comedy

1 hour 34 minutes

Wicked Pictures

DIRECTOR: Cash Markman

THEMES: Straight, deepthroating, some footplay, cumshots



STARS: Katie Morgan, Tommy Gunn, Reno, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Shy Love, Rita Faltoyano, Eva Angelia, Candy Manson

Reviewed by: Lisa









A quick description on the movie:

Randy spears shines as he plays himself in this hilarious mockumentary of his living. As the always popular, yet often lonely porn star, randy struggles with his uncertain enjoy living and is haunted by the belief that he’ll never find his true enjoy. May he find his excellent mate? Or will he continue to find that enjoy is blue?

The first scene opens with Randy Spears and Eva Angelina shooting for another porn. You’ll see some cameras and the ?director? makes small commentary about the cameras. Spears spews some cheesy lines about love before him and Angelina do some seriously noisy kissing. I find that a huge turn off. Spears eats her pussy, Angelina’s moans are really fake througout this until she comes, then she sucks his dick. There’s some deepthroating and ballsucking. Randy finally fucks her, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and then on top before he unloads on her stomach.

The scence closes with Spears commenting on how Angelina’s name always escapes him and he and the other two men working the cameras on the scene chat about how men need to do manly stuff. Spears then begins to worry about how his life isn’t romantic enough. The director and Steve, random guy, discuss their worries about spears’ performance. Spears then goes home and watches himself in Sex Trek, throwing a pity party shortly after. He also involuntarily eavesdrops on his neighbors having sex.

Spears’ neighbors are played by Tommy Gunn and Candy Mason. They do a short fuck scene, maybe about 5 or more minutes long. They try a variety of positions but I think what shines through in this scene is the deepthroating and the buildup right before the cumshot. It was pretty medicore, just like the first scene Candy wears her heels through the whole thing.

After some more whining and flipping through his black book, Spears ends up on a date with Michelle West, played by Shy Love. The date is interrupted by a creepy old man that’s the “biggest freaking Randy Spears fan in the ENTIRE WORLD”. He ruins the date and Love throws food and wine on him. If I was Randy, I’d punch the guy in the face. After going home, Spears gets a call from Love who gives him a preview of some “real sex” with Reno. Curiously enough, Randy doesn’t hang up, and the next sex scene starts while Randy watches an old porn he was in.

The scene starts off with a blowjob, deepthroating and ballsucking. It’s pretty sloppy and a lot nosier then the others, not in a good way. Sounded like a cat puking. Or a twisted version of Donald Duck. The pussy eating scene is pretty generic but at least Love appears to actually be into it, unlike Angelina. First scene without heels. They fuck on the couch, first Love ontop then bottom, and it finishes with a facial and a frustrated Randy on the other line. Personally, this scene didn’t do it for me. If you’re a fan of Sky Love, I apologize, but I don’t find her attractive.

Spears is desperate and decides to go and try speed dating. There’s some OK acting from the extra here and some awkward tension. Another speed date follows with an old granny whose tit is hanging out (baaad acting) while the first date blows on Spear’s ear. Then Spear’s bigggest fan walks in and once again ruins another date. The first girl in the background is really annoying trying to act suprised while she randomly gropes his dick. Finally, Spears’ has one more date but this time meets an extremely hot girl named Rose who apparently didn’t hear Spears’ biggest fan shouting about the size of his dick. She’s played by the extremely sexy Katie Morgan, her acting is pretty good, of course, she is after all, the star girl of this movie.

Spears gets to go home with Rose. The best part of the movie, in my opinion, is when Spears asks Rose if he can see her tits. Katie Morgan gives a stellar performance, and the description of a nymph given to her at the beginning of the movie seems to fit well. Randy eats her pussy and recieves a blowjob, as seems to be the format in the movie. She doesn’t do deepthroating, however. Otherwise, she’s really into the scenes and makes the girls fucked before seem like amatuers. After switching positions several times, Spears takes off one of Morgan’s heels and cums on her foot.

The two cuddle in bed and Spears’ leaves her to go take a shower. Whilst he’s in there, Morgan searches through his backpack and finds his porn magazines. With him in it. In a hilarious scene following, Morgan beats Spears with the magazine and kicks him out.

The infamous Evan Stone (the Good Captain on Pirates) eavesdrops on a conversation between Spears and the director about Spears’ night with Morgan. Stone is just as good at acting as he is fucking, he has a hilarious interaction (“Wake up and smell the scented lubricant, you can’t have a normal relationship…”) ending up really pissed off and starking off screen.

Spears chats with Rita Faltoyano, a porn star on the set for the shoot, and finds out she’s attracted to him. And that she has a cute accent but still manages to act out the scene pretty decently. The shoot has Stone fucking her, apparently Spears gets sloppy seconds.

Stone shoves Spears off stage and is already horned up and ready to go. He starts off eating Rita’s pussy, getting a blowjob afterwards with more deepthroating and ballsucking. They fuck on the couch while Randy enjoyably watches. Rita takes off one heel during a position switch. This scene is like the first where the cameramen and cameras are shown throughout. There’s an interesting position as well, where Rita sits sideways on Stone, her legs closed on his cock. Stone finishes with a facial.

After Stone departs with a rude entrance and Faltoyano flips him off, the scene jumps to Stone and Faltoyano actually being together. He’s all happy until he looks through Faltoyano’s bag and finds out she’s actually not so normal… In fact, she’s been obessing over him almost as bad as his creepy number one fan. He finds her scrap book where she pasted his and her face over a bunch of screenshots from pornos. Including a girl girl one where Rita is licking a girl out and Spear’s face is over the other girl’s. Ha ha.

Overall this is a good movie. It’s a very vanilla movie, especially since there’s not even anal, might be good to watch with a spouse. The sex scenes were repetetive though, eat pussy, blowjob, fuck in a million different ways. That and the weird sounds that are sometimes made during oral are really the only problem I have. I’d recommend this porn for anyone looking for a couple of laughs as well as some decent get off material.

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