Rebelle Rousers, The


The Rebelle Rousers (2006)

Director: Octavio Arizala aka Winkytiki

Studio: Vivid-alt

Cast: Kimberly Kane, Lexi Bardot, Page Morgan, Mysti May, Angie Savage, Masuimi Max, Nadia Styles, Smokin’ Mary Jane, Dragon Lily, Mr Pete, Tyler Knight, Damon Pierce, Barry Scott & Devon Savage

Category- Altporn, hardcore, gonzo

Features- Behind the scenes doc, gallery, trailers, choose your position clips.

Octavio Arizala is a well-known pin-up photographer who also goes by his pseudonym, Winkytiki. He is known for creating kitschy alt-retro imagery featuring models like Masuimi Max (hot!), who by the way, is featured in this film’s end credits. I saw Man’s Ruin (2007) when it first came out and although I am a huge fan of Octavio’s photography, didn’t find his style translated well into that film.

However, The Rebelle Rousers (2006), his first film, really is a perfect match for his style. The film is shot in the 50s sexploitation “grindhouse” style, but has a modern alt-porn feel to it (think Russ Meyers and Quinton Tarentino make a porn together–SaWeet!).

The script revolves around a group of Rebelle Rousering chicks who feed other’s addictions for sexy lingerie, like slutty smut garment pushers. Silly scenario, but somehow it works, as there are many aspects of this film that are just goofy and designed to make you laugh your way to orgasm (if all else fails). Thankfully, it also delivers on some awesome hardcore fucking action, some crazy fetish scenes with lots of imagination, and hot girls who put in some academy performances.

“Sub-Deb” with Nadia Styles and Kimberly Kane

Nadia is a frilly Pin-up goody-two shoes gal and Kimberly is Switchblade Molly, the leader of the Rebelle Rousers all-girl gang. The scene begins solo with Nadia dancing and showing off her frilly panties to rock-a-billy music. BTW- The music in this film is amazing and really sets a tone. Soon, Kimberly arrives after Nadia’s phone call demanding she come and hit her up with some granny panties. Kimberly is not at all impressed and shows Nadia who’s the bitch, stuffing panties in her mouth, spanking her ass and pussy, and sadistically roughing her around. Then, the scene gets really wild, as she ties her up with the phone cord, and straps a stiletto in her mouth while fucking her vagina and ass with fingers, hand, phone, a glass dildo, and anything else she can find handy. Kimberly next makes Nadia eat her out and fuck her and Nadia gets real nasty trying to stick the stiletto in Kimberly’s ass. All I can say after a scene like this, if wholly-fucking-WoW! This scene rocks with hardcore, authentic, raw kinky, lesbo sex. Hottness!

“Apologies are for Squares” with Lexi Bardot, Mr. Pete and My Other Brother Darryl

Lexi is pretty hot to trot in a short skirt and these stylin’ leopard-print half-leggings, her hair done up all Andrew Sister’s Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy-style. She goes to a shack and meets up with two guys who look like they may have come out of the pages of Deliverance: Mr. Pete (hot, bald, alt, tattooed guy) and his hill-jack twin, “My Other Brother Darryl”. Lexi double-times the boys sucking cocks like she’s playing dueling banjos on their peckers, each gobble getting more frantic and competitive. She gets fucked by one and then the other, back and forth, various positions, vaginally and anally, ending in a dp, and double facial whammy. I’ve seen more enthusiastic cock-sucking and better performances by Lexi, by she does get merit for stamina.

“Ritual of Tiki Island” with Dragonlily and a Bondage Rigger

Exit Stage Left, and we arrive on Tiki Island for a very strange, yet cool bondage ritual. First we see the lovely Asian pornstar, Dragonlily, doing some kind of tribal dance, showing off her large dragon tattoo. Next, the scene dissolves and we find her getting bound in suspension bondage by a rigger, with one leg pulled high into the air to spread wide her tender pussy for punishment. Now helpless and exposed, she suffers breast smacking, foot whacking, oral/finger penetration, and pussy finger-fucking. The bondage position dissolves into another and she is brutalized with a glass dildo, while having clothespins applied to her tits, and a metal gag in her mouth. The camera kind of spins and sways, until you feel a bit seasick as she struggles in her restraints and slowly swings around. Finally, Bondage Rigger is back and smacks the clothespins from her breasts leaving nasty little pinch marks. Some excellent Shibari rigging in this scene. If you are into bondage, you will appreciate that it was included.

“Hillbilly Swingers” with Angie Savage and Devon Savage

This scene is Ode to Hillbilly Trailer Trash starring Angie Savage, a busty blonde, in hot Daisy Dukes. Her man is trying unsuccessfully to work on his muscle car as she saunters half-dressed and lures him inside the trailer for some hog-wailing action. And, if you like watching pigs fuck, this might turn you on. Okay, it wasn’t nearly that awful (my bad), but it was a fairly mediocre scene of the old in-out/-in-out, and that’s all I have to say about that! Fast Forward.

“The Deliverer” with Pace Morgan, Misti May and Tyler Knight

This scene is definitely the most fun and action-packed of the bunch. Pace is hilarious as she rides Tyler’s cock reverse cowgirl hoot’n and holler’n like a–well, a crazed cowgirl in heat. Lots of eager cock gobbling, every position you can pretty well imagine: oral, anal, foot fucking (oh yeah!) and even a stuffed alligator gets in on the action (don’t ask!). Let’s just say lots of imagination for this scene, enthusiastic performances by all, and some serious hot sex action, double-time, despite the alligator incident. Oh My!

“The Perfect Pin-Up” with Smokin’ Mary Jane

This scene is the striptease finale with Bettie Page look-a-like Mary Jane, who strips down to stilettos, black stockings and garters and struts in front of an old TV set. Obvious attention is paid to her legs and feet as she lays back on the TV, doing various pin-up style poses. To end, she slinks off her nylons (very sultry), and rubs them over her body and mouth. This scene is pretty hot for only a strip-tease, with no actual sex or masturbation.

Bonus Ending

During the end credits the uber hot Masuimi Max dances topless, showing off her hot tits, cool tattoos and sexy kitten pout. Meow!

All around, this is one killer bitch’n hot alt-porn retro artsy weird kinky gonzo kitschy fun film. It is certainly something I would watch again and again, kind of like a bad cult B-movie that only gets funnier and better over time. Creatively, it is genius. And, the sex is pretty rad too, even more entertaining than taking a flying fuck through a rolling Hula Hoop.

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