South Beach Cruisin’ 3


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South Beach Cruisin’ 3


111 Mins

Justin Slayer International


DIRECTOR: Josh Stone

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Asses, Outdoor Sex


STARS: Anastaysya Benz, Cynthia Bang, Isis Taylor, Fransheliz Vasquez, Esperanza Gomez with a cameo from Kara Tai


Josh Stone and his friends are on the streets of South Beach looking for hotties. They find them of course because it’s a porn flick. The women in this movie are very fucking hot. Playing off the Florida sun, curvy Latinas and semi-public action, this movie is strong. It is a little rough around the edges at times, especially in regards to the camerawork. However it makes up for these rough spots with great looking women, high sexual energy and fun. Changes are pretty good that you haven’t seen these women in a bunch of other movies either. They are curvy, fresh and ready to fuck. Some of the scenes start outside and work their way indoors. Others just stick with the fun in the sun theme from start to finish. Enough about the camerawork and the sun, what about the babes. Wow is the best way to describe them. All of them have nice, big asses and they know how to show them off. Anastaysya does her posing outside and even gives a little head before going into the house. Cynthia Bang and Fransheliz Vasquez are the two stand out asses in the group. Fransheliz shows off in tight shorts and then fucks at the shore in some outstanding outdoor fun. She also throws in some serious dirty talk in Spanish. Cynthia give the best ass tease of the movie. Her cheeks are pretty awesome. The hottest two women in the movie are Esperanza Gomez and Isis Taylor. They are both fantastic looking women with killer bodies. Esperanza and Justin Slayer have a ton of fun teasing each other and then she just fucks like she can’t get enough. Great find here. Isis is really pretty, built for fun and seems to have the best oral skills of the movie. (Oh to find out if that’s true) She is worth the price of the DVD all by herself. Don’t miss this babe and don’t miss this volume of Stone’s fun in the sun interracial fuck fest. It’s definitely worth a look.

Anastaysya Benz & Asante Stone

Asante has found a hot one and calls Josh over to pick them up. Anastaysya isn’t at all shy and shows off in the car on the way to a semi-private location where she can really get going. She poses a bit in the dried leaves, but Asante isn’t going to let her just sit there looking good. He gives her a cock to suck on and she loves every inch of it with her mouth. She bends over next to the car and rubs her clip while he slides right into her hot slit. The cramped quarters limits the angles a bit, but Anastaysya is easy on the eyes and loves cock so much that the scene works anyway. She seems at her best when she is sucking the cock and the semi-public nature of the scene makes it fun to watch. They finish up with a shot on her face. This girl is seriously hot and has a really good time in the South Beach sun.

Esperanza Gomez & Kara Tai and Justin Slayer

Josh spies these two hotties walking back from the beach. He offers his friend Kara a ride and she introduces him to her super hot girlfriend. The girls have un in the back of the Jeep as they cruise the streets. Great kissing and some hot finger play in the backseat make this a wild ride. That only serves as a warm up for a scene between Esperanza and Justin. He put her up against the wall and takes a step back to just admire her long legs, firm ass and succulent skin. There is a lot of mutual teasing here as they play around. This adds some heat, but it runs a little long so you may want to skip ahead to see her on her back with the long legs up in the air. Justin power fucks her tight pussy and in no time at all he is spraying her belly with his first load. Not about to stop, he puts his dick right back into her and keeps going. Her tits get fucked this time around and she is happy to throw a leg up over his shoulder to give him super deep access. The eye candy is extremely high from every angle because Esperanza is just so well built. When she is on top, her body is perfectly shown and she really gets off, pumping up and down the full length of his cock. The long second round is easy on the eyes and ends with a shot on her face. This girl is just smoking hot.

Cynthia Bang & Carlos

Josh and Carlos find Cynthia out on the streets. She looks super fine as she climbs into the back of the Jeep. Showing a little skin in the car, she saves the real fun for later. Once behind closed doors, Cynthia shows off her full tits and monster ass. This girl has the goods and she knows what she wants. She wants a hard dick for her mouth so that’s just what she gets. Occasionally wrapping her big tits around his dick, this girl pleases for a while and then gets up to tease. She turns around and works that big ass as she wiggles out other panties. Backing up onto his lap she lowers her pussy onto his dick and slams that ass into him. Carlos takes her from behind, fucking hard enough to make her moan and to get her big ass jiggling like Jell-o at a July 4th BBQ. If you like big Latin asses then this scene will have you going nuts. Cynthia mounts up and her huge cheeks fill she screen as she fucks like a girl intent on getting her nut. Carlos gives her the dick until he can’t hold out any longer and just has to unload all over her big beautiful tits.

Fransheliz Vasquez & Lucas

Then the guys roll up late. Fransheliz gives them an earful. She gets in a better mood quickly enough and leads then down by the water. Great shots of her sexy ass in some tight shorts as she heads down the sand. This babe is all ass and has a great face as well. After posing naked on the shore she drops down to suck his cock. Though the camera moves a bit too much for my taste you have to love the beautiful outdoor action and the way she locks onto the camera as he fucks her pretty mouth. She mounts up and that ass is right there for all to see. I love outdoor sex, especially near the water so this one really has me interested. Fransheliz is a rather energetic girl who starts talking dirty in Spanish when things really get intense. She spins around and takes a big load on the face. Things look a little out of focus here at a bad time, but this is still a crazy hot scene.

Isis Taylor & Carlos

The rain has Isis Taylor in a bad mood when she gets into the car, but damn she looks so fucking good in a bikini. We follow her as she shakes her ass in shorts on the way to the apartment. Time for tease is over because this girl wants a dick in her mouth. Isis is very pretty, spits on the cock to lube it up and then sucks his big dick really deep. The blowjob is so good that it is tempting just to finish without letting them go any further. When she teases Carlos about not doing any more he says he would just nut anyway thanks to her pretty face. They do move to the bedroom though and Isis shows off her ass for a long time. Oiling up her body she writhes on the bed and makes us all want to fuck her blind. As good as this footage is, she looks even finer riding his dick. Great ass shots and her sweet pleas of “fuck me” are just too much. More than just a pretty face and a killer body, Isis fucks with a lot of energy and gives back as much as she gets. The popshot lands all over her perfect tits as she seems to do everything she can to keep her face out of the way of the spray. More Isis, now please.

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