Stoya: Workaholic (Blu-Ray)



Stoya: Workaholic


188 Mins

Digital Playground


THEMES: Eye Candy, Infidelity



Stoya, Carmel Moore, Angelina Valentine, Vanessa Leon, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Mick Blue, Tony De Sergio, Ben English & Derrick Pierc


It’s hard to believe that Stoya has already left our little business. It seems like just yesterday when she was everywhere, winning awards and the hearts and minds of porn lovers everywhere. This little flick shows her at her very best. She gets to act a little, be cute a lot and fuck like crazy. Carrying the sexual action for this movie Stoya gets to play shy, be a dom and a sub in the same movie. She does this with ease and a natural grace that helped make her so much fun to watch. Oh yeah and she’s got a hot body and a great face too. All of her scenes are good, though the first one really kind of stands out because she plays the part of innocent girl stumbling into something naughty so well. Hardly the only hot girl in the cast, Stoya is joined by Carmel Moore, Vanessa Leon and Angelina Valentine. They are all really easy on the eyes, making this another great piece of eye candy that is even hotter on Blu-Ray. Great looking women, energetic sex and a hint of experimental kink make this a movie worth working overtime for.

Carmel Moore & Tommy Gunn

Caremel is on the clock and helps Stoya settle in for a few seconds before returning to her client. She treats Tommy rough which is just the way he likes it. While he is tied up she rubs her huge tits all over his face, teasing him mercilessly. By the time she takes his cock out it is throbbing and ready to be sucked. Carmel happily take that big thing between her lips and sucks it deep. As always, she provides a fantasic bit of eye candy as she mounts the cock and rides it in reverse cowgirl. Carmel is usually a super hot dirty talker and she does eventually get around to this, but she is a bit more sedate in this scene that usual. Tommy pulls her up onto all fours and grabs that big ass while pounding away on her pussy. He leaves his load on her ass and Carmel catches a glimpse of Stoya watching from the doorway.

Stoya & Evan Stone

Thrust into the role of mistress of the house, Stoya has a hysterical exchange with a groveling client played by Evan Stone. Stumbling at first, she picks things up and uses his naturally submissive ways to get into the spirit of things. He eats her pussy and has her giggling and smiling by the time he takes his cock out. Stoya looks super cute here. She has just enough wide-eyed innocence to to pull this off even as she expertly takes most of Evan’s long cock down her throat. Working her way down to the balls, she licks and strokes and sucks them with the same devotion she showed his cock. He begs to fuck her so naturally she agrees. Now fully into the spirit of the action, Stoya takes every inch of dick and shows off her thin pale body as she gets drilled. He gives her a quick boff and leaves his load all over her bush.

Vanessa Leon & Ben English and Stoya

Learning her lessons quickly, Stoya sets up a hot schoolgirl play between Vanessa and Ben. Watching from the bed, she helps direct the action os Ben punishes the naughty young thing with his big cock. Great eye candy with Stoya masturbating in the background as Vanessa bends over and gets spanked at the foot of the bed. From this position she can easily take the big cock from behind and stare up at her mistress. Stoya eventually grabs the money and leaves the room, letting Vanessa move to the center of the bed where she can perfectly ride Ben’s dick and shake her tits on every stroke. This girl is very loud, especially as the scene progresses to cowgirl. Ben spreads her ass for the camera, but she is fucking and moaning like she just wants to get off. Her body looks really good in just about any position, but it’s the energy that makes this scene strokeable. Ben pounds that pussy and she takes every stroke until it explodes all over her pretty face. Just another satisfied customer.

Stoya & Derrick Pierce

Continuing to hone her craft. Stoya wears black leather as she gets spanked by Errick. She waits patiently for the cock and then lets him grab her hair and guide her up and down on the throbbing shaft. Some of the cute bounce is gone as Stoya focuses on being a true sub for this client. I like the way she changes her energy somewhat in different scenes without every losing her the overall heat. She bounces in Derrick’s lap, sucks him clean and then bends over to get taken hard from behind. He pumps a big load all over her face. She is ready for whatever comes next.

Stoya & Mick Blue

What comes next is a submissive Mick Blue waiting to serve his mistress. He is bound and blindfolded and Stoya seems to still be a bit of a noob when it comes to playing dom. She has an adorable grin on her face as she learns what really makes this guy tick. When she removes the blindfold she instructs Mick to lick her pussy which he is only too happy to do. By the time he is done his cock is hard so she can easily put it in her mouth and suck it deep. She spins around and gets fucked hard from behind, taking the cock well and letting him grab her sexy ass as he drills himself home. Great eye candy here as well. Stoya‘s pale skin against the black boots she is wearing makes for nice contrast. Mick shoots his load all over the black leather boots.

Stoya, Angelina Valentine & Tony De Sergio

Tony has a nurse fetish and two lovely caregivers to attend to his needs. The fetish costumes are cute and the girls even break out the latex gloves as they pass his cock back and forth. Stoya takes a back seat, maturbating while Angelina deep throats the cock with ease. Great looking oral here as his balls bounce against her lips. Angelina throws her feet back behindher ears to get eaten before climbing on top to fuck. Don’t you just love a flexible girl? As they fuck, she throws one leg over his shoulder to give him deeper penetration. The rubber cloves are still in play so anyone with a latex glove fetish will want to take notice. It would be nice to have Stoya in the finale, but Angelina looks great in fishnets, is a wild, vocal fuck and takes his load right in her wide open mouth. You can’t ask for much more than that.

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